Chargers vs Cardinals: Quick Thoughts


Here are some quick thoughts about Saturday night’s game against the Cardinals:

Darryl Gamble: How can we not keep this guy on the roster. He is around the ball all the time and finds ways to make plays. He recovered a fumble for a score to help lead the San Diego comeback! The other outside linebackers on the roster have been sidelined with injuries and Gamble has taken advantage of the playing time.

Bryan Walters: He just keeps making plays!! He made a sweet grab in the middle of the field to set up his touchdown to win the ballgame. He is definitely pushing his way onto the roster. Kelley Washington may want to recover from his injury a little faster because Walters may be pushing him out the door.

Stephen Cooper: I can’t believe this guy is out there working with just one arm, but I love the guts that he displays. I hope he makes it through and he can make things happen.

Corey Liuget: He just seems to be in the backfield all the time, flushing the QB out of the pocket OR causing the running back to drop the handoff. He was in the backfield so quickly it seemed that the Cardinal back didn’t want to take the ball because it would have lead to a bone crushing hit.

Secondary was burned by Fitzy: Larry Fitzgerald is ridiculously good and now he has a quarterback that can get the ball to him. He should have a good year and he BURNED our secondary.

Richard Goodman : He looks like the best option at returning kicks. He looked like he was ready to break a long return every time he touched the ball. I don’t know how many spots on the roster we are saving for wideouts, but these guys are really pushing to make the squad.

Run defense still has not impressed: Beanie Wells was getting big chunks of yards on our defense. Still waiting for them to make stops on some running backs! Wells averaged over 6 yards a carry and the backup had an even better average. Where is this run defense?

I want Shaun Phillips and Antonio Garay back on the field: I miss seeing these guys in the backfield and making some of the plays that we are used to seeing. We may not see either of the guys till September 11, but I still miss them. I want to see what the defense would have looked like with all our starters on defense in the game.

Another Fumble for Ryan Mathews: Mathews broke off another long run, but he did put the ball on the ground again. We recovered it, but that is 2 games in a row that our backs have placed that ball on the floor.