Chargers Game Katy Perry’s (Hot and Colds)


Is Katy Perry played out yet? I don’t know, but the song still works out for the Hot and Colds of Preseason Week 1 and it is catchy! Maybe next week I can think of a different artist, but I don’t think my creativity can go past it. I will probably just call it the Katy Perry’s again and just put a different picture up. Just warning you!

Anyway, the Katy Perrys… it’s going to be a list of the Hots and Colds of the game. Lets just jump right into it!

HOT:Darryl Gamble: If you haven’t heard of this kid by now, then you have not been paying attention to Chargers football. He was all over the defense and lead the team in tackles and was making all kinds of plays in the Seahawks backfield. He picked up a sack on Tavaris Jackson by out-powering the blocker on the play. Larry English might just jump off the PUP list right now and get some reps in practice, because Gamble has come out to play!

Jordan Todman: He showed that he can handle the load if he is needed in the regular season. He can run inside and proved that he can make catches out of the backfield. The kid is real fast and could be our new Sproles.

Bryan Walters: 103 yard kickoff return to paydirt and sporting lucky number 13! He also made some catches in the game and has been impressive during camp. He keeps this up and he will find himself returning kicks on September 11 against the Vikings.

Backs Catching Passes: I was worried with the loss of Sproles that we may lose that option of dumping the ball off to our backs. Philip showed that he will trust in Mathews and Tolbert to catch passes and both did well last night.

Corey Liuget: At first, I liked when people said Too Legit To Quit, but for some reason I think it’s getting old. Anyway, this guys looks quick off the snap and looks like he will be causing terror in the opponent’s backfield. It’s just one preseason match, but I like what I saw.

COLD:Running Game: Other than Todman, there was nothing to see from our backs in the running game. Tolbert went backwards with -3 yards and Mathews had 5 yards. The line needs to create some holes for these guys and it will probably help to be more consistent in the attack.

Depth at corner: With Cason down we had rookie Marcus Gilchrist starting and Dante Hughes was in the nickel package but then after them we have… ummmm… not much!

Overall we looked good and we had NO MAJOR INJURIES!

What were your Katy Perry’s of the game?