Floyd is back! Is Cotchery next?


The New York Jets released wideout Jerricho Cotchery yesterday. Cotchery was Rivers teammate all four years at North Carolina State. Being born and raised in Raleigh, where N.C. State is located, I had the pleasure of watching the Rivers to Cotchery connection in person, many times. To give you all a little background, at that time N.C. State was vying for the ACC championship every year of the Rivers era. They didn’t win the ACC title but they did make a bowl game every season under Rivers where N.C. State won three of the four bowl games they played. On those teams Cotchery was the number one receiver. Despite being double covered and having coverage rolled to his side for the whole game, the two hooked up on big play after big play almost every game. We all know how Rivers loves the deep ball. The two went vertical often every game and many of those passes were caught. Cotchery was two time all-ACC and finished his career at N.C. State with 200 career receptions and 15 100-yard games. Cotchery has great hands and makes circus catches look routine. Only Torry Holt is ahead of Cotchery in the annals of N.C. State wide receiver history. Pairing Rivers and Cotchery provide instant chemistry as the two have remained close friends throughout their pro careers. There is no doubt Rivers mentioned Cotchery’s name to management as soon as the news of Cotchery’s release was official.

An unexpected twist came today with the signing of Malcolm Floyd. With the Chargers signing of Laurent Robinson and many teams making bids Floyd looked to be long gone. Like they did with safety EricWeddle, the Chargers upped the ante and reclaimed Floyd from the clutches of the Ravens, Cardinals and other teams making offers. Does this leave Cotchery out in the cold? The Chargers now have a fleet of wide receivers and solidified the one and two receivers slot. Is there any room left? Consider this. Cotchery has made his name as a possession receiver, one who goes over the middle and collects first downs. The slot is where Cotchery belongs. The Chargers already have Patrick Crayton and Kelley Washington to play the slot and both were great in the slot last season. Maybe the older Crayton, 32, would be sacrificed to make room for Cotchery who is three years younger. There are plenty of teams still looking for a solid number two wideout and Crayton showed us all last season he still has game. A better idea is sign Cotchery and keep everybody! Do we need to relive the nightmare scenario at wide receiver Rivers had to endure last season? At one point in the middle of the season Rivers had to go without Jackson, Gates AND Floyd. Just goes to show its better to have too many proven wide receivers than not enough. A couple of guys can be relegated to the practice squad and kept on standby in case someone gets injured. Brining Cotchery would make Philip Rivers very happy and a happy Rivers is a winning Rivers. I say sign him anyway, and I think you’ll agree after seeing his highlight reel. What do you think?