Chargers getting the party started quickly


You’ll have to pardon me for coming in a day after the lockout ended but my legs are just now getting tired from doing my ‘The lockout is over’ happy dance. I’ve already posted my post-lockout wishlist (see last post) and the Chargers are already checking off one of the items. The item I mentioned was take care of your own free agents. The Chargers are already at it having resigned key offensive lineman Jeromey Clary, keeping last season’s offensive line completely intact. This is always a great thing because that group has bonded and will only get more solid the longer they play together. With Clary being the first major signing, its a great sign the Chargers know their priorities and the most important one is keeping Philip Rivers healthy and standing upright.

Another item has been achieved with multiple reports stating Vincent Jackson will sign his franchise tag and come in on time. Jackson had raised the ire of The Greg One by throwing his lawsuit in the mix right at the end of the lockout. He smartly rescinded his request a couple days later, no doubt after smarter people than he got into his ear. What good is seeking 10 million for damages when you’re going to get at least 11 million as a result of being franchised? DUH! He was going to get compensated regardless and now somewhere in San Diego you know Philip is doing his own happy dance because we’re going to have Jackson all season! There’s always the possibility he could be traded but the Chargers would get equal value in return (I’m still thinking straight up for Sidney Rice would be the best scenario) but the pieces are assembling and if Jackson produces the way we know he is capable, AJ will give him the long term deal he’s been craving for so long.Randy McMichael was resigned to a one year deal. Randy did a great job in Antonio Gates’ absence last season and San Diego is the perfect spot for him. He’s not the world beating tight end he was in his early days with the Dolphins but as a part of an arsenal of weapons he has proven he can still get the job done. he has great hands and keeps the chains moving.  The Chargers are loading up the roster by bringing in 19 undrafted free agents. The front office is moving at the pace of the lightning on the helmets and that has this superfan fired up! The Chargers will keep retaining their own, hopefully continuing their momentum by resigning the much sought after (especially by Minnesota) Eric Weddle, Malcolm Floyd, and Kevin Burnett. Lots of free agents have talked about wanting to come here like Steve Smith, Nick Barnett and Clinton Portis to name a few. They would all look good in Charger uniforms and so would a Cullen Jenkins, Lamar Woodley and Tamba Hali.

One of my favorite conditions of the new CBA deal is that every team has to spend 99% of their salary cap. This is a great thing for all of us as Chargers fans because more of those names will end up here compared to in previous years. AJ has no choice but to open the checkbook.When so many stars want to come here, how can you not listen? The Chargers go into the season with the number one offense and defense and can only get better. The super bowl is the only objective. Philip Rivers will be at the height of his powers for the next five years. Jackson and Gates are still young and in their primes. Ryan Matthews is not there yet but will be in another couple seasons as long as he can stay healthy. Just a couple of the aforementioned names coming to the coast would almost assure the Chargers of being the AFC representative in the Super Bowl. By friday when free agency signings can officially be announced The Greg One will be disappointed if Jackson, Barnett and Smith’s names haven’t all been announced as Chargers. Let’s get it done!