Playing the Guessing Game: Where Do Chargers Free Agents End Up?


This lockout is ENDLESS and we are all growing impatient waiting for some sports action. For San Diego baseball fans, the football season could not get here fast enough. Once the lockout ends, there should be a free agent FRENZY on our hands. The Bolts have a lot of guys that are free to move around and I will play the guessing game to see where some of these guys will end up once things get kicked into gear:

Vincent Jackson – San Diego ChargersThank goodness for the FRANCHISE TAG or one of my favorite players on this team would probably be moving on somewhere else. He gets one more year here to try and convince AJ that he needs to stay here long term.

Malcom Floyd – San Diego ChargersMalcom’s best option is to stay in this offense with Philip Rivers as his quarterback. He knows our offensive system and we should be able to offer him a decent contract to keep him around. There will be some action for Malcom out there, but I think he stays.

Darren Sproles – St. Louis RamsThe Rams are looking for someone to give Steven Jackson a breather from time to time and they are looking for offensive weapons to try and help out Sam Bradford. Doubt to see him in a Chargers jersey again.

Jeromey Clary – Dallas CowboysWe have so many free agents that we need to bring back, that Clary may not have the patience to wait for a good offer from us. He may jump on some offer to play somewhere else and we will be left with Brandyn Dombrowski to start at right tackle and the rookie Stephen Schilling as the backup.

Eric Weddle – San Diego ChargersThis is me hoping! I could see this going in many different directions. Weddle will be a hot commodity once free agency starts, but without him on the roster we would have 2 injury happy safeties as our starters with Steve Gregory and Bob Sanders. That sounds like too much trouble to deal with. AJ likes his depth and bringing back Weddle makes more sense since the position is weak in depth.

Kevin Burnett – San Diego ChargersWe are bringing back one of the middle linebackers and it should be KB. He has become a force in the middle of the defense and continues to impress when given playing time.

Stephen Cooper – Carolina PanthersCoop has one of the best football IQs on the team, but his body is starting to catch up to him. He is getting injured more and is starting to slow down. Coach Rivera would love to bring Coop over with him to Carolina to help run the defense.

Where do you guys think that all these players will end up? These are my guesses.