VIDEO: Shareece Wright Phone Interview: Bolt Beat EXCLUSIVE!


With the 89th overall pick in 2011 NFL draft the San Diego Chargers select Shareece Wright, defensive back from University of Southern California. So who is Shareece Wright and what does he bring to the team? Bolt Beat has all the answers for your questions as I personally got to have a 15 minute phone interview with our 3rd round selection.

Just after turning 24, University of Southern California defensive back Shareece Wright had his lifelong dream of becoming an NFL pro athlete come true. The San Diego Chargers selected him in the 3rd round, 89th overall in the 2011 NFL draft. San Diego won’t be a long journey from home as he grew up in Colton, California located in San Bernardino County. Here are come clip notes from my 15 minute interview with Shareece Wright!

When asked his first thoughts after getting that phone call on draft day“At that point in time, I’m happy and I’m thankful. And it was a dream come true, being drafted by the team that I have been wanting to play for, for a while now. You know, I’m just happy and excited that they trusted in me and they drafted me. It was one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever felt”

When asked about his injuries/suspension and how he overcame them“I just kept faith and that’s one thing I did do. I never gave up. That was the biggest thing. I could have easily given up after one incident then the next incident. But I just kept faith and it was that important to me to be successful and to make it to where I wanted to go and I knew if I just kept trying things would work out.” “I learned from everything that happened and it made me a better person and it helped me learn, it helped me grow as a person, as a player, as a leader, as a brother, as a son.”

When asked about his participation in charity/community events“It means alot just to be in this position that I’ve always dreamed about. Ya know I was a kid before and I was in those same chairs and I was in those kids shoes at one point in my life.” “I was never able to meet an NFL player or a college player or somebody who’s doing the things that I’m doing. Thats what inspires me the most is to give those kids something I never had”

When asked about his famous hit on Jake Locker.“I got the best of him. I will say I got the best of Jake Locker. You know, he got the best of me I should say” “I was just thinking either it was gonna be me or it was gonna be him that took the hard hit.”

When asked 3 terms to describe himself as a player“Passionate, hard working, and physical.”

“Bolt Nation”– Shareece Wright

After spending time talking with Shareece Wright and looking through his highlights I cannot wait to see him in action this season. Not many athletes coming out of college are this involved in their communities and working on developing themselves both on and off the field. With so many players in legal trouble today, the NFL is lucky to have athletes like Shareece entering the league. He is a stand up guy with a big heart both on and off the field. He plays the game with a passion and a fire that coaches will love, and the best part of all….. HE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A CHARGER! I would like to just say one more time Shareece Wright, welcome to the San Diego Chargers and keep up the hard work man cause it’s all paying off!BOLT NATION! Follow and communicate with Shareece Wright!