EXCLUSIVE Bolt Beat Interview: Donald Butler!


BOLT BEAT EXCLUSIVE: As Donald Butler prepares himself in hopes of a 2011 NFL season, he looks to show off the elite talent that got him drafted so high in 2010! I was lucky enough for him to give me a moment of his time and to answer a few questions for me in this 1-on-1 Bolt Beat exclusive interview. So who exactly is Donald Butler underneath the jersey, helmet, and pads?

He is one of the more interesting guys on the San Diego roster right now. If you aren’t too familiar with Butler here are some quick hit facts for you. He is a 2nd year linebacker out of Washington. The San Diego Chargers traded up 12 spots to select him in the 3rd round of the 2010 NFL draft. He was enjoying a productive off-season and preparing for 2010 when he tore his Achilles tendon, leaving him on the injured reserve list for the entire 2010. So this season will be his 2nd shot at a rookie campaign in my eyes! The Chargers have been in the midst of linebacker issues and have not been able to fill the void that Shawne Merriman left. Could the guy to step it up and be our big play linebacker be Donald Butler? Yes! He is a very diverse player who brings great talent, effort, and character to out defense.

So here is my 8 question interview to get to know our stud linebacker just a little bit more

1. Which Chargers player would be most likely to pull a locker room prank?“You can get a pranked pulled on you at anytime by anybody! Its all in good fun of course but wouldnt specify one person as the main culprit.”

2. If you could have an clear opportunity to knock the cleats off any current or past time player, who would it be and why?“Any one of the great runningbacks would be nice. Would always get pleasure from knowing that I smacked one of them on the field.”

3. What is your most memorable play in your football history?“In high school when i played RB I dragged a kid who was hanging on to the back of my jersey from the 10 yard line into the endzone. Local news had caught it on tape and everything.”

4. What do you feel is your strongest attribute that you bring to the Chargers?“My versatility. I can not only play any of our 4 linebacker positions if needed but be a major contributor on special teams as well.”

5. Who is your favorite all time NFL player? Why?“Ray Lewis. Hes been the best LB hands down the past decade. I want to be the best so look to the best to follow.”

6. Do you feel that the lockout will in turn effect the team’s performance this coming 2011 season?“I think all teams will be effected. As much as guys might not want to admit it the mini camps and OTAs help a teams chemistry and timing. Also helps to keep guys in shape and thinking about the game.”

7. With camp hopefully resuming in time, is there a favorite practice drill that you have? How about a least favorite?“(favorite)I always like to work on my footwork. Especially for a LB your footwork is crucial to your success on the field. One wrong step puts you a half a second behind and that RB out of your reach.(least)Any type on one on one drill with the RBs. Either route coverage or pass rush. Both aren’t responsible for either position because it rarely happens that way in a game.”

8. Last but not least. Coming into your 2nd season after missing your rookie campaign, what can we expect to see out of Donald Butler this season?“Expect big plays! Missed football for a yr and excited to get back out there. A consistent player who leads by example and helps the team win ball games.”

“Expect big plays!” – Donald Butler

I LOVE the sound of that! Can’t wait to see what this guy brings to the team!So what do you think of Donald Butler? Comment below your input!