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That Belichick has been to seven Super Bowls, but I'm smarter.

Not to be a tool here, but there was a post over on Bleacher Report that mentions the Bolts should trade for Aaron Hernandez.

Here is the offer that Camden Pasch puts together for Bill Belichick:

San Diego Chargers Would Receive: TE Aaron Hernandez and Patriots’ 2012 Sixth-Round Pick

New England Patriots Would Receive: Chargers’ 2012 Third- and Fourth-Round Picks

The first thing wrong with this is that we are no where near the draft and BB has learned his lesson. Two years ago, the Patriots traded Richard Seymour to the Raiders for a pick two years out (2011) and his defense has been a sieve since. So, Belichick would never take a pick, that will not be made for close to a year, for an active player, unless there was the real possibility it would be a top 15-type, and would never accept a pick in the 90’s for Hernandez; whom he drafted with the 113th in the first place.

Additionally, the Patriots have taken a billion tight ends in the draft and they are not gonna deal one they finally got right. And, not to mention, the Pats and Bolts have been @ each other’s throats over the last few years and Belichick & AJ Smith are just gonna start wheeling and dealing? So, here is how the conversation would go:

Operator: New England Patriots, can I help you?

AJ: Hi, this is AJ Smith with the Chargers and I would like to speak with Coach Belichick. Is he available?

Operator: Please hold.AJ: (talking, under his breath, to Norv).. Watch me fleece Belichick. I am the best talent evaluator in the NFL. He’s a genius? My ass.

Operator: Mr. Smith, coach Belichick will be with you in a minute.

(10 minutes go by… 15… 30…)

Well, you get the point.. Belichick holds grudges and is beholden to the Raiders for some reason, so dealing with San Diego is not an option. Besides, unless Smith is willing to come to the table with more than a 3rd/4th, for a guy who just turned 22, then this is all just footy-pajama wearing fan stuff.

Don’t want Blog-on-Blog crime here, but really?

One more thing. Greg Manusky talked to Christopher Smith of Chargers.com this week about first-round pick Corey Liuget. What I found interesting is Manusky’s assertion that rookies are behind the 8-ball without a playbook and being able to meet coaches. That said, how can ANY rookie be expected to have an impact in 2011? This is precisely why you have seen a lot of “lottery” players stay in college, rather than head to the NBA. With an impending lockout there and, at best, a shortened season, they will not get enough exposure, or more importantly, money. Gotta think this is why Andrew Luck decided Stanford was better than conference calls with DeSmith.