Today’s trolley adventures: Take your Raider noise somewhere else


After getting to see a advance screening of Thor, I was on fire last night. There’s nothing like seeing a movie where a God uses a hammer as a conductor for lightning. One of his many powers he uses to impose his will on his foes. Thor should be a mascot for the Chargers. His powers could be used to reflect the Chargers. He uses his hammer and throws is and it bull dozes people down (toldozer). Thor can use and aerial assault (Philip Rivers). He protects those that need protecting (Marcus McNeill). You see where I’m going with Thor (trust me i could keep going with powers and how they relate to the Chargers).Needless to say this story takes place on the trolley after the movie, for yet another trolley story for everyone. As I’m riding on the trolley, I hear a conversation right behind me going on. There are 4 guys talking football, two of which are full blown raiders fans (not too bright) and two somewhat new Chargers fans.

The reason I say somewhat new, is they moved here from England last year mid-season. They really didn’t know much about football till they were introduced to it by a classmate. The first game they watched all was the Colts-Chargers game, where we went into Indianapolis and served up a good old fashioned beating. The 2 youngsters fell in love will Shaun Phillps relentless play, Philip Rivers airing it out, and Mike Tolbert running over people. These two teenagers are freshmen in high school, so being new fans the knowledge just isn’t there.

As they are throwing arguments back and forth, these two older raiders fans are using their knowledge as leverage and not giving all the details. What really set me off and I really had to step in and help address the situation was when they said a couple things. First off they said “The Raiders D will run the Division”, next they said “Jason Campbell will be the answer to our problems.” Let me address both these statements, just as I did last night!

Let me get started by saying that your Oakland Raider defense is going nowhere. You lost two of huge pieces on defense. Nnamdi Asomugha is GONE, and then there’s Michael Huff (they are losing there best safety due to yet another contract stipulation). You resigned 3 guys to your defense and over pay them. Stanford Routt, who really did NOTHING last year (55 tackles, 2 int and 1 FF). You’re telling me that’s worth 3 years $31.5 million?

John Henderson at 2 years $8 million, for what!?!? 9 games started, 0 sacks and only 24 solo tackles! Richard Seymour 2 years $30 million, granted he is a play maker but hes getting old!! He’s the best d-line you got, but he only had 6 sacks last year. Not only that, but the Raiders did all this in 9 days (the signings i mean). That’s around 80 million for 3 players in 9 days (that’s using your head Al). I’m not smelling a Championship Defense.

Our two England Charger boys didn’t know we had the number 1 Defense last year, so I educated them and the Raiders fans, and those Raider nation smiles soon turned to frowns. Now since they tried to use Jason Campbell against us and what a stupid statement that was. You’re in San Diego, Philip Rivers country. Philip Rivers– 4710 yards, 30 TDs, 13 ints, 101.8 QB rating started every game. Jason Campbell– 2387 yards, 13 TDs, 8 ints, 84.5 QB rating 13 starts. Wait, the Raiders had 1 more QB, Bruce Gradkowski– 1059 yards, 5 TDs, 7 ints, 66.3 QB rating, 4 starts (Oakland combined, 3446 yards, 18 TDs, 15 ints). Both QBs together cant even match Philip Rivers, so you think Jason Campbell will carry your team? Don’t make me laugh anymore my stomach hurts.

This conversation was a true testament to how arrogant Raiders fans can be. I know you Raiders fans are going to fight what Ive said. I’m sorry the truth hurts (actually I’m not sorry, what I’m really sorry about is that you’re a Raiders fan). Thegregone opened the wound and now I’m pouring salt on it. Cant lie it feels great!!

So what I’m saying don’t mess with our younger generation, there is always someone who is going to step in. I was younger then both Raiders fans and I don’t have all the knowledge, but i will defend the Bolt nation when i can with what i know. If I don’t know, I will call someone who does. I have a whole staff of writers here at Boltbeat so someone will shut you down!

Thank you James Burgnewell, and Lester Wescoz for staying true to the bolt and blue. Doing your best when you only knew so much. THESE ARE TRUE CHARGERS FANS!

Side Notes: a couple of other things that were touched on in the debate. The Raiders didn’t address there needs in the draft instead they draft the fastest player in the draft. Not necessarily the best, but they drafted the nephew of one of the coaches for offensive line. Robert Gallery wants out of the joint. I hope the Chargers could find a means to sign Nnamdi Asomugha… Take that Silver and Black!! Get ready for the Thor (all the Chargers) attack.