the other new Chargers staff writer


Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m the other new staff writer here at the boltbeat. Killacam is my name. Fun, football, humor and rhyming is my game. Watching it, playing it or even talking about it. I love to do it all. I’m a natural jack of all trades. Born and raised right here in San Diego, I would have to give partial credit to San Diego and its atmosphere for some of my humor. As well as my humor, I love to rhyme. In time you will see this first hand. Its just something I find to be fun and I hope you will to. I’m very opinionated, I Will tell it like it is, whether it is good or bad. Been a Charger fan for quite some time, And I look forward to sharing my opinions and thoughts with you. Don’t be afraid to step up and chime in. I’m always open to a discussion

I First became a fan when i was around 9. Which was back in 95. The days of Stan Humphries, Natrone Means, Junior Seau, Rodney Harrison. You all Remember that year. It Just so happens the year i became a fan was the year they went to a Superbowl. As i Didn’t entirely understand the game, I was still a fan. Watching Rodney Harrison annihilate a back with his hard hitting style always made me smile.  When did everyone become a fan? I know I became a fan as a child and so will my kids.While I LOVE a good football game, I myself have played for years and continue to play, both offense and defense. We all love when the Chargers BLOW someone out, but When it comes down to it, the best games are always the close ones. The type of games that keep you on the edge, on the brink of a mental breakdown, because a player bobbles a ball or misses a crucial tackle. Your heart pounds with every play. Anyone share this philosophy? Anyone out there still playing football? Do you have a favorite play you witnessed or maybe even a favorite moment?

One of my favorite moments came a couple years ago, it was yet another close game for the Chargers. If memory serves me right I believe it was the 07 or maybe the 08 year. The Chargers Where facing out division rivals, The Kansas City Chiefs. On a side not you sorry suckas GOT LUCKY LAST YEAR. Yes we are coming for you this year. But that’s a subject for another post. As long as i have the boltbeat there will be plenty of Chief Bashing, as long as I’m around. Back to the story,The Chargers had just Scored but we were still down. With little time and the game coming down to the wire we had to onside kick. Now if anyone knows anything about football onside kicks have a very low percentage of working. The Chargers come out And line up. Nate Kaeding Pops the ball up high. The Chargers Come full speed at the Chiefs. Dwayne Bowe (WR) of the Kansas City Jumps up high and traps the ball in mid air in his arms. As he Comes down he gets stuck on top of a couple of his players as well as some Chargers. Which means hes not down by contact yet. Im not entirely sure who it was but a San Diego Charger, runs in full speed. He jumps towards Dwayne Bowe. Puts his head right on the ball and it Comes loose. The Chargers cover the ball we recovered. A couple moments later the Chargers score. Not only did the win the game but we wrapped a close division that year and took home another title from this game. Anyone have any memories that just make you smile and say, yeahhh its great to be a Charger Fan

My Fellow BoltBeat writer The Gregone made a very great point and i would like to reinforce his point before i wrap this up. For all you gentlemen out there find yourself a lady Charger Fan. They are in fact the best. There is nothing like a lady in a Charger jersey. They have it all. I say this cause i have found mine. Gentlemen out there, you cant go wrong. Just to touch the surface and to let you know. She is a 10, Smart and funny, USC honor Graduate, She is beautiful and gorgeous. And our Lady fans as well as mine are hardcore fans. not only is She the best She knows the NFL. She can speak about the Chargers and the NFL. she speaks our sports language. Now whats more attractive then that. Another reason I love this woman so much. So Find a lady that’s a Chargers fan and You will be happy. You can take that perfect 10 and make it infinite number, cause the number 10 just doesn’t capture what she is. If Anyone agrees with me Give me a shout out. Anyone have any stories about your current charger lady. Or maybe about the one that got away.

As Part of the Boltbeat now, Please dont hesistate to comment. Come on by and stop off enjoy yourself and leave your thoughts. Lets have Fun while we bask in The Sun of San Diego the greatest City With the Greatest Team. The San Diego Chargers!