Introducing the new Chargers staff writer!


Hello one and all, I thought I would take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Greg but when i’m online I go by The Greg One. The Great One was already taken by Gretzky so I figured close enough…I have been a devoted, fanatic and incurable Chargers superfan since I was a boy which got me thinking of my question to you all. When did you become a Chargers fan?

My story goes back to being a seven year old boy sitting on my dad’s lap as he watched the game with the guys at our house. We had one of those huge floor model Zenith color tv’s (remember those?). That was the 80’s equivalent of a flat screen today. Usually four to six guys would come by every week and they would eat chicken and slam beers while whooping it up at the action on the screen. They would attempt to keep me involved by asking my opinion on who would win the game.While I barely knew anything about what was going on I would pick the team with the best looking helmet and suffice it to say the Chargers always had the best looking helmets in my book. After enough sundays with the guys I learned what was going on and the first set of multiplication tables I learned was 7’s. Even though I grew up in North Carolina where we had to watch the Redskins every week, NBC had an AFC game in the afternoon and I got my Charger fix there. The Air Coryell system was where it began for me and my loyalty never changed.There will be a lightning bolt on my tombstone and probably a Chargers casket. Charger raised, Charger bred and when I die i’ll be Charger dead. Probably because of having my football initiation with Air Coryell, I love teams that prove themselves offensively. Right now I like the Colts, Saints, Patriots (sometimes), Falcons and Eagles (despite Michael Vick).

I will defend my Chargers to the end but when they’re screwing up I will voice it in my columns. It will be out of love and my desire to see them win multiple Super Bowls before I am Charger dead. I have plenty on the way from who the Chargers should draft to the first of many shreddings of the Raiders. Raiders, you may have got the first wins in the last eight seasons from us last year but you’re still our bitches!! Two wins out of the last 15 games is no reason to break a wrist patting yourselves on the back!

So that’s me. What about the other Charger superfans out there? When or where did you decide the Chargers were your number one team? One last thing, The Greg One loves the ladies…female superfans we definitely want to hear your stories. Speaking for all the male superfans, nothing is sexier than a female Chargers superfan (especially when she’s rocking the jersey….mmmmmmmmmm).  That’s a blog for another day.  ANYWAY, come in and share your stories with me and the rest of Charger Nation. It is my pleasure to share my love of my favorite sports franchise with all of you through my writing and I look forward to your comments (good or bad). I am very opinionated, sarcastic and I mix in some humor the way you sprinkle a steak with seasoning to make the flavor pop. Not everyone will agree with me so the floor is always open to a good debate. That’s all for now. Good day to you all from The Greg One!