Norv: Since You Are Staying, Just Focus on Coaching, Let’s Hire an OC


Every San Diego Chargers fan is screaming at the top of their lungs “FIRE NORV!!!” Since we all know that Norv will be here next season, I am going to offer up a different strategy. Let’s bring in a REAL offensive coordinator onto the team to control the offense and take that responsibility away from coach Norv Tuurner.

First off, how many people can name the San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator? Everyone knows Ron Rivera coaches the defense and Steve Crosby USED TO coach the special teams, but do you guys know the name Clarence Shelmon? Shelmon is listed on the as the offensive coordinator, BUT we all know that Turner makes the offensive play calls on gameday.Shelmon has been the offensive coordinator for the Chargers since Turner was named the head coach. Before becoming the offensive coordinator, Shelmon was the running backs coach for the team. He has spent 16 seasons as a running backs coach before becoming the “offensive coordinator”. Shelmon may be a very gifted coordinator, but we are not privileged to those talents on Sunday.

Coach Turner will be going into his 14th season as a head coach, 5th season as the Chargers head coach, and he should take a new approach to his coaching style. In his 7 years with the Washington Redskins, they did not even have an offensive coordinator named on the team. During Norv’s tenure in Washington, they had great offensive minds on the staff with Cam Cameron and Mike Martz serving as the QB coach for several seasons, but neither of the coaches made the play calls. In Oakland, Turner had Jimmy Raye as the offensive coordinator but Norv was still making the calls on Sunday like he does here.

Norv is known as a great offensive mind and for grooming quarterbacks into stars. He has coached the Chargers offense to the number 1 ranked offense in the league, yet the team will be watching the playoffs on the TV instead of suiting up on Sunday.

Maybe Norv needs to focus on managing the entire game, instead of just focusing on the next offensive play that he wants to run. Letting go of the responsibilities of the offensive coordinator and just becoming the Head Coach.

Will this solve the problems? I don’t know, but it is an attempt at something different and an attempt to help the coaching staff (that everyone hates).

Now, if with this were to happen, who could we bring in?

Cam Cameron or Mike Martz would look great coaching the Chargers offense. They have ties to Turner back in their Redskins days and both coaches have been very successful coaching offenses. Martz is already coaching the offense in Chicago and Cameron is already coaching the offense in Baltimore, so they probably are unavailable.

A great candidate would be Josh McDaniels, former head coach of the Broncos (which was a disaster), but also the former offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots, where his offense broke all kinds of NFL records. He was released from his head coaching duties in Denver and would be a great offensive talent on the offensive coaching staff. Plus he can bring some of that Bill Belichick swagger over with him.

Do I really think this is gonna happen? NO, but I would welcome any change to help our coaching staff!

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