Vincent Jackson Leads the Charge Against the 49ers



Vincent Jackson, Vincent Jackson, AND Vincent Jackson. 3 times for the 3 touchdowns that he scored in the game! Jackson finished with a game high 5 catches for 112 yards. His first catch set the tone for the whole night. Philip Rivers under-threw a deep ball out to Jackson and created a jump ball situation. Jackson out-muscled the defensive back and kept focus to make an acrobatic grab, then dragged the defender into the end zone. He made 2 more touchdown catches in the game and almost had a fourth TD on a play he couldn’t get both feet inbounds.Philip Rivers spread the ball out to 6 receivers and finished the game with 273 yards and those 3 TDs to VJax. Randy McMichael finished with 5 catches for 55 yards, filling in for the injured Antonio Gates. Kelley Washington also made some key plays on offense. Ryan Mathews led the team of the ground with 56 yards and Mike Tolbert had 46 yards with a score (he didn’t do the dougie).

The defense stood out for the second straight game and almost had back-to-back shutouts. The Chargers shut out the 49ers for the first 3 quarters of the game and only allowed a late TD during garbage time. The 49ers only finished with 131 yards of offense on the day. The front 7 chased after QB Alex Smith the whole game and sacked him 6 times. Antonio Garay and Luis Castillo slammed him down hard to the ground on their sacks.

The key drive on defense came early in the game, the 49ers drove the ball down the field and attempted a field goal. Garay was flagged on the play for using the 49er o-lineman as a spring board to try and block the attempt and gave them a first down. The Chargers then held them for the first 2 downs and on third down, Alex Smith scrambled to the end zone in what looked to be a TD. Norv Turner challenged the play and won. The refs spotted the ball at the half yard line since Smith’s knee went down just before the ball crossed the end zone. The 49ers went for it on 4th down and LB Brandon Siler charged passed the lineman and made a tackle on the running back in the backfield. CHARGERS BALL!

With the 34-7 victory over San Francisco, the Chargers now move a half game behind the first place Kansas City Chiefs. The Chargers will be rooting for the St. Louis Rams to help them out on Sunday against those Chiefs. The Bolts now will enjoy some rest before their game against the Cincinnati Bengals. This will be some valuable time to heal up some of those injuries that Antonio Gates and Malcom Floyd have.

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