Enemy Insider: Kansas City Chiefs


Source: YardBarker.com

This weekend is a must-win game for our San Diego Chargers and we are playing the first place (I hate saying this) Kansas City Chiefs. In order to get a little bit more information on our rival, I sent some questions out to the Lead Blogger Patrick Allen of Arrowhead Addict, a Kansas City Chiefs BLOG.

I tried to be civil with the opposition, but I just couldn’t help in throwing a jab at their cupcake schedule on there.

Anyway, Patrick has a great BLOG over there at Arrowhead Addict and has a great fan base that invades this BLOG every now and then. Feel free to drop by over there to show off your blue and gold!

He also sent me a few questions about our Bolts and he should be posting up an article soon.  I will put up a link on that when I see it come through.

Thanks Patrick for your time and I would wish you good luck this weekend, BUT I wouldn’t mean it. So, I will just say catch up with you soon!!

Now to the questions:

1.What has led to the emergence of Dwayne Bowe this season?

Haley has been working with Bowe since he got to KC, but this offseason Dwayne went to Larry Fitzgerald’s camp for receivers and mentored under Chris Carter. I think a combination of all of these things, plus the emergence of Matt Cassel, have contributed to Bowe’s touchdown explosion.

2. Chargers fans out here think you have had a pretty CUPCAKE schedule, what do you guys think?

I think we’ve had pretty much the same schedule as the Chargers. Sure, you had to play a first place schedule but that is only two games. One was vs. the Patriots and the other is the Bengals. Right now, the Browns, who were one of the Chiefs two last place schedule games, are a better team than Cinci and the Chief beat them. KC’s other last place game was Buffalo. NE > Buffalo, Cleveland > Bengals and the rest of the schedule is identical. And we beat you once head to head.

The Chiefs have a better record because they won games they were supposed to win and the Chargers lost games they were supposed to win. I wouldn’t try to blame it on the schedule for either team.

3. What do you feel is the biggest reason for the Chiefs turnaround this season?

I think a combination of a favorable schedule, a fantastic rookie class and good coaching has gotten the Chiefs where they are. Plus, young teams grow up and KC has a number of emerging players starting to hit their stride. This will probably be going on for the next few years so you will start to see pro bowlers developing in KC where there weren’t any before.

4. What is the recipe to beating the Chiefs?

It used to be stopping the run and forcing Matt Cassel to beat you, but Cassel has been playing so much better recently that that strategy isn’t so easy anymore. Unfortunately, it looks like Cassel may miss this game so you will be facing Brodie Croyle instead.

I’d try to stop the Chiefs on first and second down and force Croyle into 3rd and longs. I’d then blitz the crap out of him.

On offense, I would try to attack the Chiefs deep and get an early lead like the Broncos did earlier this season. Watch out for Romeo Crennel though. He is sneaky and is likely to throw something at you that you aren’t ready for. Plus the Chiefs secondary is growing up too and they will be much tougher this time around then the first time these teams played.

5. After you lose to to the Chargers (hopefully), do you expect to cruise through the next 3 games against STL, TEN, and OAK and win the AFC West?

No. The Chiefs are capable of winning all of these games, including the Chargers game even without Cassel, but I’m not taking any of these opponents lightly. I don’t think the Chiefs will either. They have had to fight and scrap their way to the record they have this season and I don’t think they will suddenly get full of themselves down the stretch.

Bonus: Do you expect to beat us this week?

I expect the Chiefs to put up a fight. If I knew for sure Cassel was playing I would probably pick the Chiefs just because the Chargers have proven to be mistake prone this season and the Chiefs are pretty good at making teams pay for that.

However, with Croyle as the possible starter I think things are going to be much more difficult offensively. I am going to hold off on my official prediction until later this week until I know what is up with Cassel, but I since I think the Chargers have shown they can bungle their way out of a win against any team, I still have hope.

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