Norv Turner the Worst Ever?


Is Norv Turner the worst coach EVER!?!?? This LA News Network claimed that Hall of Fame WR Jerry Rice says that Norv Turner is the worst coach he has had at ANY level! Worst EVER!!!Jerry Rice is the best WR of all time and he has been able to play for a lot of GREAT coaches in his time, so I can understand if Norv Turner is the worst that HE has ever played for.

BUT Norv Turner may not even be the worst coach that the San Diego Chargers have ever had holding the clip board. From 1997-2001 the Chargers had some of the worst coaches EVER!! Kevin Gilbride and Mike Riley were given the opportunity to lead the Charge and failed miserably at their attempts. Kevin Gilbride was fired in the middle of his second season in 1998 and finished with a record of 6-16. That is a winning percentage of 0.273. Mike Riley took charge in 1999 and was released after the 2001 season and finished with a record of 14-34, a winning percentage of 0.292. Neither of these head coaches have been given an opportunity to head coach at the NFL level since their failed attempts with the Chargers.

As poor of a head coach that you may or may not think Norv Turner is, just look 10 years back and know that there were much worse coaches that this team has had to endure.

In the NFL, the head coach will take too much responsibility in both the wins and the losses. I remember that people were arguing that Marty was too predictable and that he will never win us a playoff game. The expectations are HIGH for our San Diego Chargers, and whoever is holding the clip board for the Chargers will get criticism until he can bring that championship to our town.

I am only defending Norv from being the worst EVER, I still say that Norv is far from good. In the offseason, not NOW, the Chargers should re-evaluate the head coaching position. The San Diego Chargers roster is one of the best rosters on paper every season, and the team does not perform to the expected level.

There are STRONG head coaches that are available for the Chargers and it seems that we are set up like the Los Angeles Lakers before their Championship run. We just need to bring in that strong leader, for the Lakers it was Phil Jackson, to take us to the Championship level. Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher are both Championship coaches that are available, and Gruden in particular gushes every time he speaks about the Chargers and Philip Rivers.

This season is far from finished and GM AJ Smith has said that he is committed to Norv Turner as the head coach. This might just be me (and every other Charger fan) hoping for that situation to come forth. We all are allowed to dream, aren’t we!?