Vincent Jackson to Miss 2 Weeks



Vincent Jackson suffered a calf injury after the 3rd play in Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts and he was unable to return to the game. Here is what coach Norv Turner said about the injury:

The one that obviously has gotten a lot of attention is Vincent Jackson. I don’t normally go into the details of the injuries but he had an MRI this morning. He has a strained calf, there’s considerable swelling in his calf, there’s a lot of soreness in his calf. I would think it would probably be hard for him to play this week, then after that it would be on a week-to-week basis. Again, we’ll see how he recovers. I may be premature in saying it would be hard for him this week, but I want to be realistic so everyone out there speculating on what it is, is also realistic. – Norv Turner

The Chargers are backing up Jackson and saying that he is not FAKING the injury and that the injury is legit. Mike Tolbert also came to his teammate’s defense saying:

I’ve played with him for two, going on three years now. I mean, he has so much heart that if he could play with it, he would. I saw him when he did it in practice a couple of days ago. It didn’t look good but he was still out there trying to fight through it. Actually, some of the coaches had to tell him to calm down. – Mike Tolbert

If this was a news article, I guess I would have to stop right there and just give you the facts!!! BUT this is a BLOG and this is where I get to share my opinion on the whole situation!

Vincent Jackson is DOGGING it! I felt that he would “get hurt” before the game even started, before he even HAD TO sign his contract to be a Charger this season. It didn’t surprise me that he sat out so quickly from the game. Vincent Jackson has not built up a great reputation for himself and his history makes people question if this injury is really LEGIT.

Once VJax goes out on the field and proves that he will play some ball for THIS team, then that is when I will stop questioning if he is DOGGING it. I really hope he proves me wrong and makes me EAT MY WORDS!!!

Any team that wants to pick up a SELFISH receiver that thinks “I am bigger than the team”, start writing your checks out to Vicnent Jackson… HE IS AVAILABLE THIS SUMMER!

This morning on twitter I asked: so…. whats everyone think of Vincent Jackson? not calling him out or anything – @epadaon

Here are some of your responses:

“He got the last laugh on AJ and the Chargers! He’s a joke!” – @MrsLV87_

“If VJ n Merriman use da sm Disrespectful, shameful, down right Dirty buisness moves… I say test hm, dey probably use sm DRUGS!” – @gpettooh

“How the F*** do you manage to get hurt after you’ve had 10 weeks longer than everyone else to get well??” @itsAmBURR

“VJ should be inactive for the remainder of the season” – @nfl_hof

“Vincent jackson is wack for what he did 4real but have to admit thats how you show a mf you dont care good thing we got weapons tho” – @StreetlifeCEO

“Oh yeah, and not surprised at all how VJ ended up in the sideline with an injury…wink, wink! Hate that…” – Lisa Dean

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