Los Angeles Chargers?


Yesterday, details came out on a proposal for the LA Football stadium that they want to build. Today, reports are coming out that majority San Diego Chargers owner, Alex Spanos is looking to sell a minority stake to the team.

AEG, which owns the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, the MLS’ Los Angeles Galaxy and has a non-controlling stake in the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers, has issued a proposal to design a $725 million stadium in downtown Los Angeles featuring a retractable roof and 40 field-level suites among its 218 luxury boxes. AEG would not build the stadium without a commitment from an NFL team to move.

Ed Roski Jr. was a partner of AEG in building Staples and has a minority stake in the Lakers and Kings, and he submitted a LA stadium proposal to be built in Industry. His company Majestic Realty wants to build a stadium into a hillside he controls in the San Gabriel Valley. Roski would like to have a 30% share to any team that moves to Los Angeles and part ownership of the Chargers looks like it is available.

So where does that leave us?

As a San Diego sports fan, it would pain me to see our NFL team move into a city in which I love to hate. I hate the Los Angeles Dodgers fans and hated the Raiders fans when they were in Los Angeles (still hate them). A lot of us rock the Lakers or the Clippers jerseys, just because we have no other choice. I won’t speak for them, because I still hate the Lake Show, it is just something that a San Diego fan has been bred to do.

We want a championship for OUR city!!! We want a team to represent San Diego, America’s Finest City, not the city to the North of us with all their smog and crazy traffic. We want the Super Bowl to come out here and show people around the world what OUR city is about!

Hey Roski and AEG, take your shopping cart somewhere else and go pick up a different franchise. Take over the Raiders or the Jaguars and stay away from our Chargers! I would rather beat the team that you bring to Los Angeles and pump my San Diego pride over you! I do not want to be forced to cheer for a Los Angeles team!

SAN DIEGO stand up and get this stadium built here!!! Otherwise, we will just be sitting without an NFL franchise. Cities like Kansas City, Buffalo and North Carolina even have an NFL franchise! If we build it, they will stay! Let’s get it DONE!

Would you all just be a Los Angeles Chargers fan?? If not, what team would you follow?

If the Chargers moved to Los Angeles, would you still root for them?

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