BYE Week Awards


Offensive MVP Nominees:

Philip RiversHe is leading all of planet earth in the passing stats department and just took over the top spot for highest passer rating EVER! He has been incredible all season long and has been mentioned for the league MVP award.

Antonio GatesGates is the best Tight End in all of football. He has 663 yards and 9 TDs already this season, despite missing one game and playing multiple games through injuries. He is constantly wide open on the offense and makes it easier for the other receivers on the team.

Defensive MVP Nominees:

Shaun PhillipsShaun is quietly having a good season and has already matched his sack total from last season with 7 and is leading the team with that total. He has come up with HUGE plays on the defense and he has been able to do this without Shawne Merriman on the other side of the defense.

Kevin BurnettTalk about quietly having a strong year, Bunett has been playing as well as anybody on the defense. He is second on the team in tackles with 52 and second on the team in sacks with 5. He has done a great job in the middle of the defense.

Antonio GarayThe big man in the middle that was chosen to take over for Jamal Williams. He has been able to take on multiple defenders and contain the running game. His 4 sacks from the defensive tackle position should not go unnoticed. He has been able to do everything that is asked of him for his position.

Special Teams MVP:

(crickets)Really though, can you think of one player that has stood out on these units!? thank you!

Biggest Surprise Nominees

Kevin Burnett– see above

Antonio Garay– see above

Biggest Disappointment Nominees

Ryan MathewsThere were huge expectations put onto Mathews when we made the trade to pick him in the draft. He has not had a poor year, it is just not Rookie of the Year status. He has had problems with handling the football and he also has left a couple of games due to injuries.

Steve Crosby– see the list of the Special Teams MVP candidates!!! The special teams have played like booty this year!! In every aspect of Special Teams, we have found a way to FAIL! Crosby is in charge of the unit and is the main person that is taking the blame for the poor special teams play.

Most Missed Player

Ladainian TomlinsonTomlinson has been the face of the franchise for a long time and when he moved on it looked like a superhero that was losing his super powers. He moved on to the Jets and has shown a little spark and has been motivated by the team and game plan. He is on pace to have a 1000 yard season.

Antonio CromartieCromartie has played well in a Jets uniform also, BUT his loss has been offset with the play of Antoine Cason. Cason has played well as the starter opposite of Quentin Jammer and has made a few mistakes, BUT that would have been expected of Cromartie also.

Kassim OsgoodKassim couldn’t do wrong in this town and then he moves over to Florida and he has to jump out of hotel rooms and dodge bullets. He has not really done much as a WR in JAX and pretty much has the same role as he had here in San Diego. I would think that he misses us as much as we miss him. The special teams have played TERRIBLE with his absence and it would be upgraded with the pro bowl special teamer back there. We still would have issues, but at least it would be SLIGHTLY better.