What we learned from today’s game


Today’s win against the Houston Texans showed how great the Chargers can play, and how we can lose a game. Here are the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • The Good

As long as Phillip Rivers is underneath the center we have a chance. He continues to amaze the NFL by exploiting pass defenses every week averaging 300 plus passing yards every week. He doesn’t care who is lining up at wideout just get him a open receiver and he’ll get you the ball. Also his intensity and emotion lets you know he isn’t here to just collect a paycheck he is out there to win.

Depth. Gates was out, but McMicheal came in ready to play as if he was the starter catching 2 catches for 23 yards and 2 touchdowns. Mike Tolbert also came in to give Matthews some help with 8 carries for 32 yards.

Seyi Ajirotutu. First let me say I love hearing all the sportscasters try to say his name. This is a guy who was signed to the practice squad as a undrafted rookie. 4 catches for 111 yards, and 2 touchdowns. thats one hell of a game for a kid that was signed to the practice squad at the beginning of the year. He stepped up big, and showed that he can play with the big boys.

  • The Bad

Arian Foster ran for 127 yards and 2 touchdowns. We are the same Chargers who held Chris Johnson to just 59 yards and one lucky touchdown. We have to be consistent on defense if we are going to make a run for the AFC west title. Although I will say that we did hold Andre Johnson to 4 catches and 41 yards.

Ryan Mathews. 9 carries for 42 yards, 0 touchdowns, and a fumble. An injured ankle has been plaguing the rookie, but we cant expect him to erase the memory of a ungrateful former running back with only 9 carries. We need to run the ball before we get into conference play against the Chiefs and the Raiders. The offense needs to stretch defenses down the road if we are going to contend.

Penalties. we can’t have them, plain and simple. We had 6 penalties for 62 yards. In the words of Mike Singletary “can’t do it.”

  • The Ugly

I bet you guessed this one, Specials Teams. I understand all you calling for the head of Crosby, but ultimately the players are the ones not blocking. Its really simple, hike, block, and  run down the field. We now have a bullseye on our back and every week, teams realize that. If we need to keep starters on the field to block, put them in. We cannot continue to shoot ourselves in the foot every first quarter because of a blocked punt.

Now lets get some rest with our team this bye week and get ready for the Broncos.