Keys to Victory



Here are my 5 Keys to beating the Houston Texans this weekend:

1. Stop Arian Foster

We need to do the same thing that we did against the Tennessee Titans. The Houston Texans have a dynamic running back that can break off some long runs like Chris Johnson. It will be up to the defense to stop Arian Foster from taking over the game, like he did against the Indianapolis Colts earlier in the season. The front 7 will need to fill in all the gaps and secure the tackle.

2. Hit Matt Schaub

The Chargers need to put pressure on QB Matt Schaub. Vince Young had way too much time last week and he was not sacked. The Texan offensive line is not as physical as the Titans and the Chargers should be able to hit Schaub a couple of times. If Schaub has a lot of time to throw, the secondary will surely be beaten deep with Andre Johnson running the routes. The Texans are a dangerous offensive team with a lot of weapons. Shaun Phillips and Antwan Barnes will need to create pressure and put Schaub on his back. Their offense starts with Matt Schaub!!

3. Share the Wealth

With our top receiver, Antonio Gates, likely to sit out the game, it will be up to mix and match group of receivers to step their game up against the leagues worst ranked defense. Patrick Crayton will be relied on heavily as the lone veteran receiver of the unit. The “kids”, Seyi Ajirotutu and Gary Banks, will have to play big and make the expected catches against the Texans. Philip Rivers will have to trust all his options this week and they cannot fail him with dropped passes or fumbles.

4. Ryan Mathews

It is time for the rook to have his breakout game!! He is now fully healed and he is needed more than ever with the team hurting at receiver. He will need to carry the team with his rushing ability and start showing off that potential we drafted. The running game and running backs will be important to move the chains for first downs and they will be needed in the passing game as well. Darren Sproles and Mike Tolbert will be needed to step up big as well.

5. Special Teams

I don’t know if I can go another week without placing Special Teams on the list. I left them off last week and we allowed another blocked punt and we failed on an extra point try. This poor play has lasted way too long and we need to get it cleaned up!!