The Lightning Bolts Sunk The Titan-ic!


In a very much needed win, the Chargers get the W against the Titans and sit third in AFC West Division. The Broncos’ loss against the Niners has them sitting in last place all by their lonesome.

Titans coach Jeff Fisher was fishing for his first win against the Chargers, but no bites on his bait today. Titans have not won a game against the Chargers since 1991 and it looks like they’ll have to try again for the 9th time another year.

Chargers awarded the Titans a safety to put them in the lead 2-0 when Scifers punt kick was blocked by the Titans putting the ball through the end zone. Shocker. I know I was not the only one thinking, “Here we go again…”

After three incomplete passes by Rivers, 19 plays and 74 yards later, Chargers end the 1st Quarter with seven (7) points thanks to Tolbert The Bulldozer’s one-yard touchdown. Even Kris Brown’s kick was good for the extra point. Phew! Titan’s field goal attempt at 21 was good, giving them five (5) points to end the quarter. Seyi Ajirotutu also got his first reception of the game for nine (9) yards in the 1st Quarter.

Chargers – 7, Titans – 5.

Second Quarter ended with Titans leading by five (5) points. It would have been only three (3) if it wasn’t for that safety in the 1st Quarter! No, I’m not over it yet – it’s only 2nd Quarter and I am getting sick of the Special Team costing us games! We need this win! Okay, Mathews 7-yard touchdown helped calm me down a little bit and he’s running like he’s back to being 100% healthy. Finally. However, with 24 plays and 205 yards, I expected more than one touchdown.

Titans – 19, Chargers – 14.

Whatever emotional speech Norv gave the team in the locker room during half time worked because Defense shutdown the Titans in the 3rd Quarter. Am I the only one who thinks Norv is passive and somewhat emotionless? I have yet to see the guy go off and start lighting fires up some players’ you-know-what. Rivers was the one who went off on the Special Teams today. And rightfully so. Maybe Norv saves it for the locker room.

Anyway, back to the game. Chargers took the lead with 6-minutes and some change left in the third, when Rivers found Gates for a deep 48-yard reception touchdown. This is Gates’ 9th touchdown of the season despite playing with an injured toe. Rivers also broke Fouts’ NFL record for passing yards in the first half of the season on that touchdown pass.

Of course it wouldn’t have been a shutdown nor would Chargers have the lead if Griffin’s 17 yard interception touchdown wasn’t nullified due to a penalty. Big break for us and an even bigger mistake on the Titans.

Chargers – 24, Titans – 19.

Chargers could not open the 3rd with a touchdown, but Brown’s 36-yard field goal attempt was good and had Chargers leading by eight (8). At this point I’m thinking, “Okay, it’s rally time. We gotta keep this lead!” I chewed off all my nails during the Chiefs vs Bills overtime game already. I’ll have to start chewing on my fingers if this game becomes another nail biter. And just when I thought my fingers were safe, Young throws a deep 71-yard touchdown to Washington. Are you kidding me? Washington was wide open for that pass!

Thank goodness their two-point conversion attempt to tie the game failed. Not only that, even the old Mighty Mite Sproles showed up today with a 13-yard touchdown. Just when I was starting to wonder if he was ever going to do anything this season. Sproles’ touchdown and Young leaving the game with six minutes left in the 4th, enables me to breath again.

Titan back-up QB Collins could not pull anything out of his helmet, let alone throw a big playing complete pass to close in the game. He threw enough incomplete passes to seal the Chargers win.

Chargers – 33, Titans – 25.

So, once again, having a blacked out game gave us a home game win. Let’s hope the next game will be another blackout. I’m not into stupidstitions but I wore my Mathews jersey for the last time when Chargers lost to the Patriots. I have since retired that jersey.

I hope Reliant Stadium has enough power generators in that place because the Bolts are coming to town!