Note To LT: Jets Run Out Of Fuel!


Once again, former Chargers LT – or should I now refer to him as LaDainian Tomlinson; took another shot at the Chargers. Will he ever quit? Will he ever stop being the bitter party of one? Can he just… Move on?

In the above interview, Tomlinson claims, “Yes, I have been on some very fine teams.” What other teams has he played for? Is he referring to University High School and Texas Christian University? As far as I can recall, Chargers drafted him in 2001 and his debut as a pro-football player was with the Chargers that same year. Has he been moonlighting for another NFL team during 2001-2009? If those “fine teams” are the three above-mentioned, they’re incomparable because they’re all different levels. I wonder if he’s aware of that…

Then he goes on to say that “[T]his is the best opportunity I’ve had to win the championship.” I guess last season wasn’t a good enough opportunity for him. Sure he was injured early in 2009, but during that championship opportunity ending game, his rushing average was only two yards for 12 attempts and zero yards in receiving for three (3) attempts. Oh wait, but of course that’s not his fault. It’s AJ’s fault for firing Schottenheimer who loved to run the ball. Like Tomlinson said during his farewell speech (now I have to wonder if those tears were real), “[S]ince Marty left, the focus of running the football the way it was, every year my numbers have dropped. Every single year it has dropped[.]” So Norv is pass happy. Rivers blossomed due to that. Was that it, he didn’t like sharing the spotlight with Rivers? It had to be about Tomlinson? Grow up! It’s not all about you, no matter how many times  you say that to yourself.

After he scored two fourth-quarter touchdowns in Denver couple of weeks ago, he was asked “if the moment was just a touch more delicious because his former team was struggling,” to which he replied, “No comment … the smile says it all,” (Tomlinson said, unable to hide his glee.)”

And let’s not even get into his interview with Rich Eisen 12 days before that wherein he said, “It feels good to be in that spotlight again.” Again, it’s all about Tomlinson the self-proclaimed “Gladiator.” Sharing the spotlight with anyone is just not acceptable. (The interview in its entirety is available on podcast.)

Has Tomlinson forgotten who gave him his start? Does he think he’d be a household name now if it wasn’t for the Chargers? Does he not realize that all these shots he’s taking against the Chargers are shots taken against the fans as well? If it wasn’t for the fans of San Diego Chargers buying his jerseys, memorabilia, chanting LT during the games, supporting him through the years – he wouldn’t be LT.

When he left, I was sad. When I first saw a Jets Tomlinson jersey, I was sad. When I first saw him play with a green jersey on, I was in denial. In my heart I wished him well and hoped the best for him. Until now…

Now I say to Tomlinson, move on. If you’re so happy being a Jets, be happy. All you’re doing with these Chargers-bashing that you’re doing is making yourself look bad to the fans of San Diego Chargers, which I’m assuming some are now your former fans. I know I’m one of them. I, for one, have lost all respect for you. You have burned all bridges between San Diego and Manhattan and lost your class along the way. Not cool, Man. Not cool. I hope that you do not injure yourself while you are there because that same Jet you’re praising and loving so much will be the same Jet that will drop you off the unemployment line – if that.

And remember, JETS RUN OUT OF FUEL.