Jackson Signs… Now Sign Him Long Term AJ!


Source: YardBarker.com

Vincent Jackson signed his 1 year tender and will report to Charger park so that he can gain a year of service and be available for free agency at the end of the year.

AJ Smtih needs to get over his fat ego and just sign Vincent Jackson to a long term contract. Just sign it with a clause where it all can be cancelled if he does something stupid off the field. Jackson is a STUD on the football field. When you have a young receiver of his talent and still with a lot of potential, then why would you want to let him go off to another team. We have one of the best Quarterbacks in the league and with a receiving options of Antonio Gates and Vincent Jackson, this offense would be set for a long long time! Buster Davis is NOT the answer.

What makes us think that Vincent Jackson will play his tail off for this team. He is a professional player, but he may come in with the same attitude as the rest of the players on this squad. The guys just are going through the motions and are just making stupid mental mistakes all over the place. Have all the players CHECKED OUT because of Norv, OR is it because of the atmosphere created by AJ Smith? As soon as AJ became the star of the team, the team has started falling apart. AJ Smith, humble yourself, give Jackson a long term contract and he might just play up to his potential and the rest of the team MIGHT see that there is something to play for.

I am tired of seeing OUR stars move onto other teams and tear it up for them and eventually win a Super Bowl. This is the CURSE for our city, we let go of players too early and they eventually go on to win championships. With names like Rodney Harrison, Wes Welker, Michael Turner, Ladainian Tomlinson, Antonio Cromartie, Drew Brees, and soon to be Vincent Jackson, we must be leading the league in some stat I don’t want to be part of. I don’t know when the Chargers became the development squad for the rest of the league, BUT we need to make some changes to our philosophy and take NOTICE on the players that are still BALLING for other clubs.

Maybe, AJ’s ego is so FAT (crossing fingers) that he will sign Vincent to a long term contract to prove to the rest of the players something. To prove to them that, if you just play by AJ’s RULES, then you will get the contract that you have been looking for ALA Marcus McNeill. DOUBT IT! AJ, make up for all the stupidness earlier in the season and sign him up, LONG TERM!!!