3 up 3 down


Source: YardBarker.com


Antwan Barnes – Antwan Barnes made his presence felt in the pass rush again this season. He was fined during the week for his late hit on Sam Bradford. Today he was able to pressure Tom Brady into 2 sacks and another 2 QB hits. He will be looked to be used in the pass rush more often in passing downs.

Philip Rivers – He continues to keep his teams in games with his impressive play. He racked up over 300 yards passing, despite the mish-mash of receiver that he was dealt with to start the game.

Defense – The defense kept the team in the game in the first half despite all the stupid turnovers that the team gave up. They kept pressuring Tom Brady and were able to give an opportunity to the offense to win the game for them.

Honorable Mention

Darren Sproles – There was a Darren Sproles sighting this weekend. He made some quick moves to get past the linebackers and made a couple of them stuck in their shoes on the field. He finished the game with 9 catches for 70 yards.


Richard Goodman– Goodman pulled the Vincent Jackson play and placed the ball on the field for the other team to pickup. It was a long pass play and the kid was excited for his first NFL catch, but forgot that he needs to be touched down in order for the play to be completed.

Jacob Hester – On a backwards pass, IF you are not unable to catch the ball, you STILL need to go after the ball! Apparently, Hester had forgotten this rule. I was yelling at my TV for him to pickup the ball and apparently he could not hear me. Also, on a long kick return, Hester failed to wrap up on the tackle and allowed a long gain after the missed tackle.

Brandyn Dombrowski – FALSE START!!!! What!?!?! The field goal attempt is already difficult at the 45 yard attempt status and you move before the snap to push it back another 5 yards! Are you serious!?!?!

Honorable Mention

Kris Brown – In his debut as a San Diego Charger he missed the 50 yard FG attempt that could have tied the game and made him a local hero. He also had a kickoff out of bounds to allow the Patriots to start at the 40 yard line. Some people may feel that he should be more than an honorable mention, but he made some very good plays in the game as well. He hit a couple of FGs and then he also successfully completed an onside kick.

Ryan MathewsHe finished with the team high of 15 yards on the ground on 8 carries. He struggled to gain any traction in the running game and also had a dropped pass that would have led to a first down.