Turner vs Dungy


Source: YardBarker.com

Just in case you missed the conversations between the two head coaches (one former head coach) this week from all the madness that has happened this week, here is a recap.

Here is the conversation between former Charger, Rodney Harrison, and Former Head Coach, Tony Dungy, on Sunday Night Football:

Rodney Harrison: Undisciplined football: blocked punts, fumbles, key penalty by Antonio Gates. Coach, when does Norv Turner have to assume some of the responsibility for this?

Tony Dungy: Well, you do. As a head coach, you’re the leader. And his players have made a ton of mistakes on the road, in big situations. (Antonio) Gates today, as great of a player as he is, you’re in field goal range to kick the winning field goal. You cannot hold in that situation. You can’t get punts blocked. You can’t fumble the ball at the one-yard line going in, all of these things. San Diego is way, way too talented to have this happen.

Rodney Harrison: And they can’t blame going on the road, because this is what, a 40-minute flight? They’re in the state of California, so they can no longer blame the road for this.

Tony Dungy: No. They (the Raiders) fought and they deserved this win. San Diego deserved this loss.

A couple of days later Norv Turner responded to the comments that were made on Sunday night Football:

Norv Turner – You make a comment and see a team from (afar) I can relate to him. It’s probably how he felt when his players let Darren sproles return a punt and a kick for a touchdown here on a Sunday night game or when Peyton (Manning) threw six interceptions against us. I understand we have work to do. It’s like any head coach would feel after a game like that

Then Tony Responded:

Tony Dungy – I thought we were talking about the 2010 Chargers and not the 2007 Colts. They’re just too good of a team to be playing at this level

Analysis: Love that Norv fires back and says.. Mind your own business and I know the problems that we have! Get off my back and OH YEA… SCOREBOARD sucka! We beat you down the same way in the playoffs and I am pretty sure that you are still butt hurt about that. I am the head coach of this team and I will get this fixed!

But, in all truth… Dungy is right! Norv needs to get these players prepared for the games and get them firing out of the gate. We cannot rely on late heroics on the road. We were shutout the first half against Seattle, down 12-0 after the first quarter in Oakland, and we were down 21-7 at the half against KC! Get your team ready to start the game and work with a lead!