LINK: Rams Keys to the Game


Here is a link on how the St. Louis Rams plan on beating us in this game! Check it out and then read my analysis after.


1. Slowing RiversThe Rams do not have the personnel to stop the Chargers offense. Philip Rivers has been picking defenses apart all season long. The Raiders had the 4th best passing defense (before we played them) and has one of the best shut down corners in the game, and Rivers was able to pick on him the whole game. You better put something else at the top priority.

2. Enemy at the GatesAntonio Gates is a beast out there and the only team that was able to slow him down was the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs had to triple team him and was aided by the crazy weather. If you put that much focus on Gates now, the Chargers have found other weapons that they can use. Malcom Floyd stepped up with huge numbers last week and Rivers is able to spread the ball around to his other options.

3. Special Teams Scenariosummm…. i don’t even want to comment on this anymore. I can’t defend this anymore, anytime I have, I have been BURNED. This should be point number 1 on the list as this will be the best chance to put some poins on the board and make some big plays.  The Chargers just need to flat out play better.  I THINK that they will come out ready to prove something, BUT they have to prove something to us.

4. On the Receiving EndI read this section and came to the conclusion that Sam Bradford has absolutely nobody to throw the ball to AND the Chargers have a pretty  good pass defense. I guess all we should say is, “THANK YOU!”

5. Running at All AnglesWe are going to attack the Rams in all areas and as soon as you figure out the passing attack, we will hit you up with a big run. Tolbert and Mathews have played well this season and Sproles has given us more to be desired. It is good that other teams still fear his breakaway ability, but he needs to show us something soon, because we are all getting a little anxious.

I would like to thank the writer of the article and say THANKS for all the compliments!!! We have a couple of weaknesses that we need to clean up, but the only way we have lost this season, is when we beat OURSELVES. Force us to make mistakes and that will be your KEY TO VICTORY! It has been the key all season long.