Pointing Fingers!


Source: YardBarker.com

My momma told me that I should never point fingers, but I just can’t help it! Off to another 2-3 start of the season and it is time to start putting the blame on somebody and everybody! Who is to blame for this MADNESS!?!?

Special TeamsIf there is a way to fail in special teams the Chargers have accomplished it. The kickoff and punt coverage has allowed touchdown returns all over the place. There are also a couple of times where we had to rely on the returner tripping over the grass to make the stop. We have allowed 3 blocked punts already. When we are able to get the punt off, we have not been able to pin the opponent deep on their field. The return game has been anything but special as well. Darren Sproles has not been able to add that spark on kickoff returns or punt returns.

TurnoversThe players have dipped their hands in some butter before the games and are rolling the ball all over the field. Ryan Mathews, Mike Tolbert, Darren Sproles and Philip Rivers have all lost multiple fumbles. Tolbert has lost his fumbles in the red zone. Anytime one of our players gets hit, it just feels like the ball will be rolling around on the ground for the other team to swoop up and score a TD with.

Norv TurnerFour seasons straight of 2-3 records. How do you come out of the gates so unprepared. This season he claimed to have his “best squad” and has still come out with the same story. This start of the season is more disturbing when we have played against teams that we should all win against.

AJ SmithLet’s just bring it all the way to the top. He brings in the players for this team and they are not performing. He has also added additional distractions to the team with the noise of Vicnent Jackson and Marcus McNeill holdouts, trade rumors of Shawne Merriman, and just his FAT ego sitting out there for everyone to stare at.

OtherWho knows, blame it on the ball boy or the equipment manager for not bringing the long cleats out to KC. For not bringing in the ear plugs for the road games. Even blame it on Philip Rivers for failing to close out the KC and OAK game. I wouldn’t!! BUT maybe that is what you want to blame it on! Blame it on the fans for not coming out to the games at home (but we won all those games).  Blame it on Darren Sproles for stealing $7 million dollars this season to be a kickoff returner with the inability to make cuts. Blame it on David Binn getting hurt, and since he has left we have had 3 blocked punts! Blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol!