Anything But Special



Three games into the season and the Special Teams unit has looked horrible! Against Kansas City, Dexter McCluster brought a punt back for a Touchdown and there was another punt return that almost was brought back that Mike Scifres had to make the tackle. Our long snapper even injured his groin chasing down McCluster.Game 2, we allow a punt to get blocked. And today, we allow 2 touchdowns on kickoffs. Leon Washington returned a TD to begin the half to make it 17 – 0. Then after the Chargers had climbed back into the game to tie it at 20, Leon brought another one back to steal the lead for good.

All special teams units have looked awful. Special Teams coach Steve Crosby better get something figured out. He better look over his shoulder, because this loss tonight goes to his unit and their inability to allow the defense a chance to make stops. Maybe we need to put some of the starters back onto the special teams units. Brandon Siler was a special teams beast and would be able to make some plays for the unit. Can we trade Vincent Jackson for Kassim Osgood? It is getting that ridiculous!!! Steve Crosby BEWARE, we need to see this thing flipped around.

Not all the blame can go onto the special teams, the offense had a slippery day as well! There must be a cold going around the locker room because all the players are coughing up the football! Three fumbles by three different players today. Mike Tolbert fumbled it in the red zone! So much for calling for Tolbert to get goal line carries. Down in that territory, you need to secure the football FIRST! Darren Sproles fumbled it on a return and Legedu Naanee also fumbled the ball. Philip Rivers had an amazing game, but did add 2 interceptions to his stat line. You will not win a game with 5 turnovers. At least when Ryan Mathews fumbles, we can think that it was a learning experience. There is nothing we can say about the other players’ fumblitis. The offensive players better be holding onto a football all week before they play Arizona. Need to cure this turnover issue that we have been having. Every time I see one of the players get hit, I think they are going to fumble the ball. It is just plain SLOPPY football!

At least one unit played OK. The defensive side of the ball gave the offense plenty of opportunities to take this game. The defense only allowed one TD in the game. They also forced 2 turnovers and added a safety. They sacked Matt Hasselbeck 3 times and he had only been sacked twice total in the games before this. They stuffed the run attack for a total of 68 yards. They played hard and they played tough, but apparently they needed to put some points on the board as well.

I am tired of these slow September starts! It is just plain stupid and there is no explanation. I bet we can lose to the St. Louis Rams or the Detroit Lions in this month. Are the players not in shape yet? Do they need to start passing the Albert Haynesworth drills? Looking at the opponents on paper for the first 3 weeks, we could easily see a 3 – 0 start and at worse a 2 – 1 start. Norv Turner, I wish you could get this team ready to play to start the season. I wonder if we sell enough tickets for us to even see this game against Arizona. At least the game will be played in October and we will have no more excuses. WAKE UP TEAM, the season has started and you guys are all looking like fools again.

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