Scouting the Other Guys – Week 2



The  game is blacked out and most people will not be able to see it. If you happed to find a way to watch, here are a few players on the Jags side of the ball that you need to keep your eyes on:

OFFENSE: RB Maurice Jones-Drew – This dude is just a beast. Standing at 5’7″, but he will run right through your tackles and make bigger defenders look stupid. Just ask Shawne Merriman about the punch that this little guy can pack. He laid out lights out with one of the most memorable blocks. He is one of the best running backs in the league and the Chargers will need to prevent the big runs from him. Eric Weddle better be ready back there in the secondary to make the tackle this time. Hopefully Shawne is ready for the rematch and gets the best of Drew this time. If you wanna live through that RIDICULOUS block on Merriman again, here is the vid:

QB David Garrard – He is not extraordinary, but he definitely is better than Matt Cassel! He has an almost perfect game last week against the Broncos and we will need to keep constant pressure on him. He has the ability to scramble and we just need to make sure to knock him around a couple of times.

DEFENSE: DE Aaron Kampman  – The Jags updated their pass rush with the addition of Kampman. He was brought in from the Green Bay Packers and will be in the backfield trying to beat up Philip Rivers. He comes off the right side and will be a handful for Jeromey Clary. It will be a big test for Clarey to keep Kampman out of the backfileld.

LB Kirk Morrison – We remember Morrison from his days in Oakland and also his collegiate career at SDSU. He is an outstanding middle linebacker and there will be some interesting collisions with Ryan Mathews and Mr Morrison.  Jacob Hester will need to make sure to put a block on Morrison to free up Mathews for some big gains, otherwise we will be stuck with those 3 and 4 yard runs that we HATE!

LB Daryl Smith – Smith is in his 7th year and had a monster game against the Denver Broncos. He was named the NFL Defensive player of the week. He had a fumble recover and an interception to go with 7 tackles. We will need to make sure to be aware of him at all times because he is a playmaker.


SPECIAL TEAMS:WR Kassim Osgood – For years I thought that Kassim had one of the easiest jobs in the world: Mike Scifres punts the ball at the 5 yard line… Kassim runs under it and prevents it from going into the end zone. Apparently, I WAS WRONG! We had 3 occasions to do it on Monday and nobody on the Chargers were able to stop the ball from getting in the end zone. Kassim is a hometown favorite and is a special teams standout and is starting to get some playing time at wide receiver. He hopes to show his former team that he is more than a special teams stud. We miss you Kassim!