Enemy Insider 2010 – Week 2 – Jacksonville Jaguars


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Sunday is only a few days away and the 0-1 Chargers are headed back home to meet the Jacksonville Jaguars. I spoke with Terry O’Brien, the lead writer of Black & Teal to try and get a little more insight on this week’s opponent. Feel free to head over to Black & Teal and make ’em feel  “THE BEAT

Check out what Terry had to say:

1. How is MJD feeling? Is that injury behind him?Maurice Jones Drew never had an injury that we knew of. He kept insisting he was fine and they told him to rest and gave out some bogus reason. He said he was fine, but they didn’t want him banged up. He doesn’t like to go down and he loves to hit. He will need a walker to get around in about 15 years, but until then, he is going to hit everything he sees. They were saving him from himself.

2. Kassim Osgood was a crowd favorite here, how much playing time will he get out there?

Kassim is ours now and you can’t have him back. In the first game, he downed a punt on the one yard line as nonchalant as you could be and then caught the winning touchdown pass. He is worth every penny we are paying him and we love him. He was in 12 offensive plays with one catch. We are testing his blocking ability and route running. He is a funny route runner but can fly. At this point, he may see 25 snaps a game. He was our ST Captain.

3. There were a lot of new additions to the defense (Aaron Kampman, Tyson Alualu, Kirk Morrison). What are the strengths and weaknesses of the D?

Surprisingly, the strength is the defensive line. Aaron Kampman is a real beast and he is dragging the others along with him. He sets the standard and the others fight to stay up. Expect Phillip Rivers to be hit often. We are hoping to rattle him.

The secondary is as bad as it can be. Rashean Mathis had a great game as a corner, but the other half of the field was wide open. Derek Cox, our General Managers adopted son (we only suspect that to be true) was thrown at 9 times with 8 completions for a total of 180 yards. Denver had ½ of their offensive production from throwing at Derek Cox. He missed a tackle and gave up 40 YAC.  So here is your offensive strategy, Phillip Rivers runs for his life and throws deep every play. That will be worth about 42 points.

4. Any rookies other than Tyson Alualu that we need to keep an eye on?

Nope. Well, number 59 Larry Hart is a Dwight Freeney wannabe. He might get there. He is small but he pushes hard. He thinks he is a Defensive End and we humor him.

5. We got burned on special teams last game with 2 long punt returns. Do you have that home run capability in your return game?

Yep. Tiquan Underwood ran an average kickoff back 35 yards. We started on the 40 yard line most of the time, Denver started on the 20. We had such advantage in special teams that it won the game for us. We played half court all day. We do have one rookie Deji Karim who runs kickoffs back but he was hurt and we might not see him this week. It won’t matter, Tiquan can do it easily. Mike Thomas is a wide receiver who also runs punts back. We are proud of our ST.

BONUS: What is your prediction on the game?

To be honest, let’s look at it this way. it is your home opener. Your team was embarrassed at Kansas City. Do you really think the Jaguars, who never win out west, are going to come in and win this game? If the Chargers can’t win this game, that is pathetic. I, and everyone here, expect a loss by the Jaguars. So in football when a team can’t possibly win, they do. I don’t know how they will do it, but the Jaguars will win. If we do, I would hate to be a Charger fan. Even worse, I would hate to be Norv Turner.

Thank you Terry for your time and we wish you the worst of luck this weekend!!!

Head over to Black & Teal and let Terry and their crew  feel “THE BEAT“!!! Let’s rock this out and bring home our first win!!! GO BOLTS!!!!!