Chargers All Wet



I feel like throwing up!! I want to kick the TV and throw up at the same time. Why is this not surprising though!??!?! The Chargers seriously don’t know how to start out a season. Someone needs to go into that locker room and change the calendars to November, because we just absolutely suck in the month of September. The “Fire Norv” talk is already circling and it is accompanied with “Fire AJ ” talk. It is the annual time of year where we hate our team and our head coach, and this year we also hate the GM.

I really miss Kassim Osgood! Who knew that he was so important? We had about 3 touchbacks in that game and I remember when our boy Kassim would fly down the field and just make it look effortless. Our special teams looked like trash!!! We didnt even touch Dexter McCluster on that punt return TD. I think Mike Tolbert was on a slip ‘n slide when he passed by. The punter Mike Scifres actually had to make a tackle in order to prevent a touchdown. That is how good the punt returners are for the Chiefs, the first guy was tackled by the punter, and the coach decided to bench him for another guy. Scifres might think about kicking the ball out of bounds from now on. He kicks it right at the goal line and it sits there for 3 seconds and nobody decides to grab it.

Did the equipment guy forget to bring the long cleats? Did they bother to check the weather report? Players were out there sliding around on every single play. Why did it seem like the Kansas City players were able to keep their footing?

It was most apparent on that last goal line stand at the 3!! 1st play, Philip Rivers scrambles up the middle and sees that Buster Davis might be open and tosses it out left to him. By the time the ball arrives, Buster is sitting on the ground. 2nd down, we hand the ball on a draw play to Darren Sproles?!?!? We have big Mike Tolbert, Jacob Hester, and hard nosed Ryan Mathews… and Norv chooses 5-8 Darren Sproles!? Norv, your play calling is just stupid sometimes. 3rd down, Philip scrambles up the middle for more time and lobs it up for Malcom Floyd who cant seem to stand up straight and it flies out the back of the end zone. 4th down… this is the game, Philip drops back, scrambles up the middle for more time…. “RUN IT IN!!!!!”… decides to lob it up to Floyd again. And Floyd is sitting down at the back of the end zone wishing the equipment guy had brought good cleats. Unbelievable play calling! We are at the 3 yard line and goal to go and we decide not to give it to our running back who had been mashing away at the defense all day! You think we missed Ladainian Tomlinson and his goal line expertise on that last stand?

Ryan Mathews had an unimpressive debut. He rushed for 70+ yards, but his turnover in Kansas City territory was COSTLY! You cannot lay that ball down on the ground and we were just waiting for a big play, and we are still waiting. That turnover led to a touchdown. I am sure the kid will be alright and he will definitely have to step it up big in this next game. Ball security is important at this level and he seems to keep 2 hands on that ball at the right times. It was just one of those occasions where they were able to strip it out of there.

Vincent Jackson was severely missed in this game. The Chiefs defense keyed in on Antonio Gates and double teamed him down the stretch. They made all the other receivers beat them. Often times, the receivers made a costly drop in a key situation. Hopefully we get this situation settled soon, but it doesn’t look promising. The Chargers could use a number 1 receiver and we probably win the game with Vincent.

The defense played pretty well other than the Home Run hit by Jamaal Charles. That kid is fast and he broke free from the line and took it to the house. We only had one sack in the game and Larry English does not look like he can take the starting job at this point. Shawne Merriman will be welcomed back when he does make his return. They were able to give the offense plenty of opportunities to score and get back in the game. Shaun Phillips played well and we hope that Lights Out is able to return to form. If they create that pressure, we can create those turnovers.

The Chiefs didn’t really play that well in this game either and I am still very confident that the Chargers will win this division. Matt Cassel is not a very good quarterback at this time in his career and still has a lot of work to do. The difference in the game was that they were able to make the big plays. Chargers need to limit those big plays and limit their own mistakes. CONGRATS Chiefs fans, you are sitting alone in first place and we are sitting in the cellar with a division loss! We will see you again and you all can leave the rain out your way.

In brighter news… At least the Padres won!!!!