The Season Starts in 2 Weeks


Are you ready?

Here is a checklist to see if you’re ready for this season, and some possible solutions to any “no” responses.

Have you listened to the hundreds of hours of fantasy football preview advice on ESPN, SI, FSN, Comcast or whoever your sports outlet might be?

If you’ve answered no, consider yourself lucky. for some reason, this season I’ve found myself duped into watching/reading/listening to “experts” talk about how to draft. These people are experts in strategy and that’s about it. They don’t know any more than the chick at your office who won last year’s fantasy league because she drafted LT and Frank Gore because she likes the Chargers and went to the U. Fantasy is luck and if you believe anything otherwise, you take yourself way too seriously.

Do you have HD?

This season is my first in HD. The more complete view of the field and the almost 3-time increase in resolution have me amped to watch games. If you don’t have HD at this point, you might be out of luck. But I’m sure every Best Buy and Circuit City will have football-based big screen sales this and next weekend if you’re a last-minute type of person.

Have you decided between early-season NFL games and FedEx cup events?

This is a no-brainer for me. As long as Tiger is playing in the final 3 events, and has a chance to win yet another PGA accolade, I’ll be watching.

Have you planned out your adjusted Sunday schedule?

Games start anywhere between 10 am and 1 pm, depending on where you live, come September 9. Whether this means attending an early religious service, playing your round of golf an hour earlier, or dominating the weekly chores at halftime of your team’s game, make sure you prioritize so you don’t miss the water-cooler highlight.

Have you let your girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife know that football season starts in 2 weeks?

If not, you might want to pair that announcement with some kind of gift to offset any laziness or lameness in yourself that the NFL kickoff will induce.

Did you purchase a new hat, jersey or hoody of your team/favorite player for the ’07 season?

Don’t get caught wearing a Randy-Moss-Raiders, Trent-Green-Chiefs, Jeremiah-Trotter-Eagles or Cato-June-Colts jersey this year. It’s embarrassing for you and for us who see you at your trailer park along the road.

Have you invested too much hope in seeing Brady Quinn’s Browns go to the coliseum in November to finally beat Pete Carroll?

Even with Romeo’s team, Brady wouldn’t beat Pete.

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