Bold New Tradition


With rookies reporting July 23 and the vets rolling up on Chargers Park July 27, it’s officially almost football season. I caution–almost.

We’ve got lots of time here before Bolts v. Bears–over one month. That kickoff is September 9 here in the whale’s vagina.

So everyone just relax. If you forget to breathe, call Fabolous (ask him where his career went).

It’s not time for preseason predictions, schedule projections or even preseason matchup previews.

Thank Mel Kiper’s darth vader helmet head the draft is over. You would think that damn draft was election coverage the way ESPN wraps their hands around those kids.

But as I look around San Diego, where the weather never changes — always sunny and incredible — a lot has changed in Charger town. A lot has changed since Marlon McCree was stripped. A lot has changed since Eric Parker thought dropping passes was so “now”. A lot has changed since Marty, Wade and Cam left. A lot has changed since that day last January.

This year Norv, Clarence and Ted will be running the show. P-Riv is no longer wet behind the ears and LT returns as MVP, Man of the Year, a certified lifeguard, best basket weaver and counselor’s favorite camper from the week he spent at volleyball camp in Del Mar.

But let’s not dwell on the past.

After all, it is a “bold new tradition” in San Diego, according to Jim Steeg.

What does this mean? What is a bold new tradition? We won’t really know until that opening game against the Tankless army rolls in from Chicago in September.

But we do know how the Chargers public relations team is starting it — with all new uniforms! Oh joy!

While this is mostly a “bold” move to force all Bolt fans to cough up between 75 and 280 bones (depending on whether you’re an authentic or a replica fan), it does breathe new life into the season.

Literally, the team will look different. Not a bad thing, if you can’t get that Pats loss out of your mind’s eye.

The uni’s biggest change is that there is now a lightning bolt stretching across each shoulder. P-Riv says, “I think they give a uniqueness to this team…to our personality.” LT thinks, “It kind of makes you look bigger than what you are…I think that’s going to help me hopefully score more touchdowns.”

So, let me digest this: two pro bowl stars of the offense think that the bold new blue have uniqueness and may lead to more scoring.

Look, from my playing experience, I know my teammates and I used to say that the better you look, the better you feel, the better you’ll play.

I’m not buying that these new uni’s will improve on a 14-2 record, guarantee a trip to the AFC championship or even a trip to Glendale, AZ.

Hell, I’m not even buying a new jersey.

But any positive mental stimulus is beneficial.

So, I’m all in support of the bold new blue and a bold new tradition starting in Septpember, 2007.

Maybe we shoulda called this site

I feel like with all this bold talk, I was writing a script for a Jack Daniel’s bbq sauce spot or a Jack Palance cologne ad.


Coppington, Jr.