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Ernie Padaon – Editor
Faith, Family, Football. Grew up in San Diego and have been a Chargers fan since I was a little tike. Can talk all day about Chargers football!
email: [email protected]
twitter: bb_chargers

ChargerGirl Cindi – Cindi Spears-Cahill
I am a San Diego Native, so I have been a Chargers fan since birth. When I was a kid it was just fun bonding time with my Dad, but then came “Air Coryell” and my love of the game was complete. Watching Chargers football was a serious family tradition with multiple households coming together, consuming giant bowls of guacamole and yelling at the TV. I am keeping this tradition alive with my family. We all look forward to “football day”.
twitter: @ChargerGrlCindi

Joey Nicks
Ever since I could remember sports has been my life. I find a certain peace, comradery, and above all triumph in the game. I have followed the Chargers ever since I could remember, Bobby Ross, Stan “The Man” Humphries, Natrone Means “Business,” and of course Junior Seau. Football is my passion, my life, my know all be all. If you have a question, I know the answer. If I don’t, I WILL find it out. Born and raised in NJ, it was very hard to follow, but I always found a way. I haven’t missed a Chargers game in 6 years to date (regular, and post season). I will ALWAYS follow my boys no matter what, but I will not be biased. I say what I believe. I will also not shy away from saying what I think needs to be done to help us be Champions! Is it possible to love a sport anymore? It’s hard to imagine so! Show your BOLT PRIDE and I promise, you guys will not be disappointed.
twitter: airJOEYnicks53

Paul Biggs
I am a native San Diegan relocated to North Idaho. I’ve been bleeding Blue and Gold my entire life. I grew up in the Air Coryell era. Ive supported our team through the good times along with the bad.
twitter: @biggsybolt

Dan Locke
San Diego born and raised. Stat nerd and unoffical Sofa Coach of the Chargers. Know the fact before you act, the numbers never lie. Bleed blue and gold, BoltUp!
twitter: @DLocke619

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