Jun 18, 2014; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers cornerback Jason Verrett (22) at minicamp press conference at Chargers Park. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

What will Jason Verrett's role be in his rookie season?



The San Diego Chargers were desperate for help in the secondary when they entered the 2014 NFL Draft. With their first selection in the draft, they brought in CB Jason Verrett to help out the defensive backfield.

The main talk around Verrett going into the draft was his lack of size. Everyone complimented his ability to play the position, but they didn’t know if he had the size to last in the NFL. Could he take the beating and could he stand up to the large receivers ih the NFL? Because of that lack of size, people penciled him in as a slot corner in the NFL.

Verrett has shown the ability to lock down receivers on the outside in college though. He just needs to step up and make it happen in the NFL. Will that be what he is asked to do in his first season?

The Chargers signed CB Brandon Flowers to help in the secondary last week. He has proven to be a reliable starter on the outside with the Kansas City Chiefs. He fits the Chargers scheme and he plays better on the outside. He has the same size issues, but he has proven his skills against the players in the league and is not a concern on the outside. If he can show his talent in training camp, then he will be starting on the outside for the Chargers.

Shareece Wright‘s job isn’t locked up quite yet. The team likes to habe the competition open during training camp, but his starting role seems safe. He finished the season strong. He played well against good competition at the end of the year and likely will get the opportunity to start again this season.

Where is that going to leave the young rookie? Verrett is already playing catch up after missing time with a busted shoulder. Unless someone gets injured, Verrett will likely be battling for the starting slot corner spot. The competition will include Marcus Gilchrist and Steve Williams. Richard Marshall will be looking to lock down a job as well.

I like the potential of having Flowers and Wright on the outside with Verrett in the slot. The competition in training camp will be fun to watch.


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  • RZorn

    …and don’t forget about Ghee.He’ll be right in the mix.

  • Tazzster

    I think before the season is over, Verret will be the #2 guy. Where he starts off at depends how quickly he gets healed up and how well he does in camp.

    As for the roster it looks a little crowded in the Defensive Backfield.
    Weddle, Flowers, Verret, Stucky, Gilchrist, Addae and Wright most likely will all make the roster.

    That leaves Ghee, Williams and Marshal fighting it out for those last couple of spots… or spot.

    Should be an interesting competition in camp.

  • Sergio Quintero

    He should be the nickel corner, and take over as the starter outside in 2015, with 2 players getting affected by this, with Verrett getting the nickel that puts pressure on Gilchrist to win the SS position, if he doesn’t he might be a surprise cut by the end of the preseason, the other player affected could be Shareece Wright, I fully expect Wright to keep the starting spot outside for the entire 2014 season, but if Wright doesn’t show he’s much than a functional no2 corner, then the chargers might just let Wright walk and move Verrett outside, and have Steve Williams take over the nickel spot in 2015.

    In many ways Wright & Flowers are playing for one spot in 2015, since most first rounders are viewed by the front office as starters by their 2nd season, so whoever proves most valuable should get the contract to stay and the other corner gets to sign a contract elsewhere.

    • Marcel West-Bailey

      So basically your plan’s goal is to sabotage Marcus Ghilchrist? I like your style. You’re going places.

      • Sergio Quintero

        I’m working on my supervillian laugh: mwuahhhh!!!

        Gilchrist below average corner & safety, beyond being a 2nd round pick, tell me a reason you want to keep him on the team.

        • Marcel West-Bailey

          …he might have a george foreman grill

          • Nick in PB

            hahaha… good one. Gilly did play well when playing the slot. That’s where he had most of his production. The thing about Ghilcrist is that he has that versatility to play a slot position or a free safety position. This article could have been written on 5 pages with all the possibilities, even though it’s suppose to be about Verrett. It seems like we are really stacked with young talent and veterans that have done it before. There’s more talent and speed with the youth but the CB position is one that’s a hard one to start right out of training camp. Wright, as a starter, really needed half a season to start feeling comfortable. I think Verrett has the confidence maybe to play right away. Damn, it’s going to be interesting!

          • NateLew

            It’s not so much that Gilchrist is versatile, more so he’s been bad everywhere and they’re trying to squeeze production out of a 2nd round pick. The backup SS often plays in the box where I believe Gillys only strength is, so I could eat my words but I don’t expect us to offer him a second contract after this year.

          • Sergio Quintero

            He played his best ball at Nickel I thought he had his best game in Denver in the slot, but there comes the rub, I think Verrett is probably a better slot corner than him, and you want to get your first round pick on the field.

            So if he’s not playing slot, and he’s not your starting SS, then how safe is his place on this roster, I think he stays but it wouldn’t shock me that he’s cut if Ghee/Williams outplays him in preseason.

    • arnie

      Williams could take over the nickel spot, now. However they won’t show gilly the door unless some else on the roster can play SS. I like how you think Sergio.

  • Gunnar Martin

    Here’s an interesting hypothetical- Do you guys think we still would have drafted Verrett if we had known we were going to get Flowers? I’m glad to have them both, but there were other talented players on the board that we could have gone with.

    • Sergio Quintero

      I think they still would take him, since Flowers & Wright both are free agents after the season.

      • arnie

        That is when things will get interesting. How Verrett, Williams an Ghee play will shake out how the chargers approach them in FA.

    • Eli Rodriguez

      I was just thinking the same thing. They probably could have gone a different way. But Flowers isn’t that young so I doubt that we keep him for very long. I really don’t want Wright having being the CB1. I think he would play well at the CB2. So yeah they probably would have went with him still. Or maybe they would have taken Lee or Benjamin. I’m happy with the way this season is going.

    • Derek

      If flowers was ours pre draft I think we would have gone wr or ss or traded down to a manziel fan

      • tubbs45

        O Line…

        • Derek

          After we reupped on last yrs oline. Nah prob seccond round grab that center that went to niners

  • Stefanie Smith

    Not that it is our concern, but Kiko Alonso has a torn ACL and is likely out for the season. Man, that is brutal. Keep hoping and praying our guys stay healthy and no injuries.

    Take precautionary measures, folks. We need good mojo going for our Chargers, people. Wear a bolo tie. (It’s better than a tin foil hat at least.)

    • Gunnar Martin

      Not that the Bills were going anywhere anyways, but I feel bad for their fans. One of their best young players get seriously hurt at the worst time- sound familiar? All of us here know what that feels like. (At least Ingram got the chance to work his way back onto the field, Alonso got his injury too late to have any hope of a comeback this year). The offseason is a dangerous thing.

  • Cgoodness13

    It’s so awesome now that we have depth at most (or all) positions so our Draft picks have to work for spots instead of hoping they can start immediately and for them to stay healthy like in the past. GG TT

  • chargersfanfromswitzerland

    like RZorn said, dont sleep on ghee!!

  • Nick Mansoor

    Man I was hoping I could see Verrett play and contribute a lot this season… but with the signing of Flowers, he might be our 4th String CB. It’s nice to see we are good on depth but the young guys are getting swallowed up in the chart

    • arnie

      Addae wasn’t supposed to leave the practice squad. yet he climed his way onto the field as a starter. The Chargers felt comfortable enough to let Taylor go.
      don’t be so sure Verrett won’t do the same. can never have to many good CB. Having that type of rotation will benefit the Chargers.

    • Derek

      It’s a small possibility verret starts at the bottom. I see him and Williams sharing snaps. Plus u know between flowers and wright by the third game one of them will have a hamstring injury. I’m betting verret will show his talent and y he was a first rder by game 3

  • Patrick Roy

    can someone answer me this question…why isn’t Ghee talked about at all. He’s signed for the next two years and he crack a secondary that was pretty good last year in Cincinnati. I keep waiting to see whether he getting some attention.

    • Nick in PB

      There you go Patrick. He’s a little bigger than most of our corners so he has that going for him. He’s still learning the playbook so, in a way, that puts him right there with the rookies. He needs to do one thing and that’s stay healthy. That’s been the reason behind him being released in the first place. Talent is there. I would think he’s competing with the outside guys and even with the talk of Verrett being a slot guy, if that’s the case, I think Williams will have the edge on Verrett for now. I tell you what, on paper, we have the look of a very good future secondary, especially with the Flowers signing. Then we have Chris Davis, the UFA from Auburn to throw in the mix too. If we stay injury free at that position, then do we keep Marshall for his experience? Or Ghee? I think that’s what it’s going to boil down to.