Jun 18, 2014; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) and linebackers coach Joe Barry at minicamp at Chargers Park. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Philip Rivers ranks 6 by league insiders

Mike Sando over at ESPN had 26 anonymous league insiders rank all the starting quarterbacks around the league. The insiders graded each quarterback on a scale of 1-5 and averaged them all out. The group included eight general managers, two former GMs, four pro personnel evaluators, seven coordinators, two head coaches, two position coaches and a top executive. That is a solid group to trust.

After conducting the grades on each quarterback, Philip Rivers finished as the 6 highest ranked quarterback in the league. The top 5 were Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Andrew Luck.

Here is a little snippet from the Insider piece:

“Rivers can’t run, but he can throw and he’s smart,” a defensive coordinator said. “He is definitely a two to me — a real good quarterback.”

Another defensive coordinator put Rivers in his first tier with Brees, Brady, Rodgers and Peyton Manning. He also described what separated the top-tier QBs from the rest in his mind. “A one to me is a guy that — he is going to get 300 on you every game and you kind of know it,” that coordinator said. “He’s a guy you are going to have to manage, you’re going to have to try to disguise and do different things against because he has seen everything. Those guys see everything. The twos are guys you can get. Like Eli, you can get him on some things and can disguise some things on him. But [the twos] still run their offense, they have control of it.”

I have absolutely no beef with this ranking. The top 5 quarterbacks are talented. Andrew Luck is the youngest quarterback in the top 5, but he has proven a lot in his first couple of seasons in the league.

Philip Rivers is one of the top quarterbacks in the game. He has carried this team on his back for a number of seasons and will be asked to carry the offense again this year. Without Philip on the roster, this team would be in shambles. Rivers gives us a chance to compete with the big boys. When he finally is able to lift up the Lombardi Trophy, then he will get more respect around the league.

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  • navw21

    I was actually quite surprised about this ranking. I couldn’t agree more with it but Im so used to Rivers not getting the recognition he deserves. Thankfully he got “fixed” last year and now people are recognizing his talent. It only took ten plus years in the league.

    • arnie

      I get that, unfortunately Rivers should be top five. He was simply underused by nov. The evidence of last season, under McCoy should have made that clear to everyone.
      the second DC said it best
      “…he is going to get 300 on you every game and you kind of know it,”…“He’s a guy you are going to have to manage, you’re going to have to try to disguise and do different things against because he has seen everything. Those guys see everything. The twos are guys you can get. Like Eli,

      The “analysts” have their favorites, the only reason Rivers is at 6, because they can’t justify putting him any lower.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Thank you, Ernie for reiterating that this team would be in shambles if we didn’t have Rivers. Clapping. I don’t agree about Andrew Luck. When he puts together the years that the rest of the guys have, then that will be fine. Two seasons in the NFL does not make you elite.

    • arnie

      Agreed. Luck threw 4 picks in that playoff game. Fortunately the were playing smith, and the colts D clamped down an gave Luck a chance to redeem himself.

    • davacho

      can i double up your post??!!

  • Bob

    Must be ranking by comedy insiders.

  • davacho

    4th behind manning, brady and rodgers…

    • trinity

      You are on some very serious drugs if you think Philip Rivers is better than drew brees. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you just forgot to type brees. Because if you didn’t, and I mean no disrespect, you are simply not in a rational frame of mind.

      • davacho

        LMAO! you are right- totally forgot brees! ty for the benefit of the doubt. : ) i was going to post that i agreed with the list besides luck- my b, my b… : )

        • trinity

          Lol I’m really glad to hear you say that. I thought you had tripped out for a second. I agree with you, I don’t know about luck either :). I can’t even be sure I wouldn’t take Wilson and kaepernick over him.

      • Gunnar Martin

        I don’t think it’s really that irrational, considering how much each have been given to work with. Hard to bag on Drew, but I think it’s a little more impressive what Philip has done with the talent his team has had for the last few years. I’m not gonna say Rivers is better than Brees, but I’m not gonna say it’s a landslide either.

        • trinity

          You’re entitled to your opinion, but it’s not a hard choice to me at all. I even like brees better than rogers.

        • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

          Gunnar… he’s just burnt, because everything he was saying in his rant on the last post just got flushed down the toilet like the giant turd that it is… by a group of impartial, credible, professional, and intelligent people… bwahaha!!!!

          All he could do was try to pick on davacho for not putting him after Brees… which is all he has to hold onto, at this point… and that verdict would be thrown out, if Philip won two Superbows before he retired, by his own meaningless criteria.

  • Gunnar Martin

    I think Rivers is ahead of Luck at this point in their respective careers, but other than that the results were pretty accurate. Personally, when I rank QBs, I do it by thinking how much I would want each one to lead my team if I were making one from scratch. In that point of view, there’s no question Philip is in my top three.

    • Parker Richardson

      Leadership ability is such an overlooked quality in a player…

  • Cgoodness13

    He had the 2nd best numbers last year, made it to the playoffs, and has the 5th best passer raiting of all time….he should be top 5 at least

    • arnie

      Depending on who ask, he would still be labeled “overrated”.

      • tubbs45

        That label follows all players on the leader board with a few rare exceptions.

        • arnie

          I know. The question then becomes, what criteria is being used, when the label is applied and do the facts support it?

  • Parker Richardson

    What is so underrated about Rivers, which i believe is what sets him apart from the “twos” is his leadership ability. When was the last time you saw the chargers get totally blown out in a game since Rivers has been the starting QB?? He may make mistakes here and there like Eli, but what makes Philip WAY better than Eli is his ability to lead the chargers and keep them fighting until the end, even when the game is going badly. Eli, Romo, and i’m sure most of the other “twos” do not have a fraction of the leadership ability of Rivers!

    • afroamongfew

      I’m not quite sure if I agree. I mean, I hate Eli, I hate his unbelievably stupid face, but I think winning Super Bowl 46 had a lot to do with his leadership ability.

      • Parker Richardson

        I tend to get carried away wit the Eli ranting. I don’t really see it, but it could be that he is a leader for the Giants, just in a more quiet way. My point is that Rivers is the reason we never see the Chargers roll over when they play teams that may be more talented that they are. And it is something none of us should take for granted as Charger fans.

  • Nick in PB

    Just goes to show you, as good as Rivers is, there are some really good QB’s out there. I think I would put him ahead of Luck right now.

    • arnie

      I think that is becoming the general consensus.

      • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

        Bwahaha… this is perfect timing! You gotta remember though, Arnie… “he’s not a winner”. He’s just a “stat machine”. I hope he wears the bolo again this season.

        • arnie

          DOH! You are correct sir! I almost made a complete mess of myself. Great catch!

  • Brett M

    I really don’t agree Luck should be in the first tier- I put him with Wilson and Kap in the second tier

  • Amos Mikaele

    I’m grateful that this speculation is by highly accredited individuals, and not just by any sports analyst or media hogs that feed off the hype. Nice.

  • Will

    Andrew luck????? HAHAHAHA!!! That’s cute. The only thing he’s better than rivers at is throwing the ball….to the other team. I don’t know why people jock this dude so much. He’s so overrated. He’s average at best.

    • Marcel West-Bailey

      Don’t blaspheme against Luck. He is the best young QB in the NFL. You may think he’s not Rivers and there’s definitely an argument to be made for that but this guy is seriously the truth. Look at what he’s done with the Colts after Manning left.

  • Marcel West-Bailey

    Not that I want him gone. Please don’t take that from what I’m about to say but does anyone else think about the post-Rivers era? Like I watched a video on Andrew Luck and imagine how beastly our team would be if we had him. I wonder if we start grooming another QB in next year’s draft to replace him when he gets old and tired.