May 8, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Jason Verrett (TCU) poses for a photo with commissioner Roger Goodell after being selected as the number twenty-five overall pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft to the San Diego Chargers at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers 2014 NFL Draft Grades

The 2014 NFL Draft and Tom Telesco’s 2nd draft as Chargers GM is in the books. Now, it’s time to disect the picks until OTAs start on May 27th and we can actually see these guys in action. Check out my draft grades for the Chargers.

Round 1, Pick 25: CB Jason Verrett (5’9″, 190 lbs.)

I love this pick, mostly because I thought Verrett was two inches away from being the best corner in the draft. Verrett ran the 2nd fastest 40 at the combine with a 4.38. He also posted the 3rd highest vertical jump among corners which makes me worry less about his height. He is very quick and athletic with great timing and ball skills. He doesn’t necessarily have the size to consistently match up against #1 receivers, so the Chargers may still need to find a #1 corner that will not have that disadvantage against larger NFL wideouts. They may have reached a little to snag Verrett. Regardless, I like this pick a lot for a team that desperately needed help at corner.

Grade: A-


Round 2, Pick 50: OLB Jeremiah Attaochu (6’3″, 252 lbs.)

If I loved the Verrett pick, I want to marry this one. TT traded up from #57 to the #50 spot and it cost him a 4th rounder. Starting to see a trend? Even though this draft was deep and the 4th round held some good talent, I think TT believes the second round is the sweet spot for trading up. It doesn’t cost too much like the 1st round, and it can actually add top tier talent to the roster. Attaochu has great burst off the line and always has his motor running. Verrett and Attaochu are both relentless defenders and will help to change the identity of this defense. He is only 21 years old and a little raw, but is mature beyond his years. He is the exact mold of a TT type of player. I don’t mind giving up the 4th rounder for a potential starter.

Grade: A


Round 3, Pick 89: G/C Chris Watt (6’3″, 310 lbs.)

The Chargers missed out on C Marcus Martin, DT Will Sutton, DT Louis Nix, G Gabe Jackson, and CB Phillip Gaines earlier in the round. They also passed on Donte Moncrief who was selected a pick later. I think TT reached a bit here for a guy that isn’t very strong or athletic. Apparently he is very smart and could eventually be Nick Hardwick’s replacement. However, I don’t see him getting much playing time this year unless someone goes down. The only thing keeping me from hating this pick is that Joe D’Alessandris likely lobbied for this guy, and who am I to argue with the master?

Grade: C+


Round 4, Pick 125: NONE (OLB Jeremiah Attaochu)


Round 5, Pick 165: DT Ryan Carrethers (6’1″, 337 lbs.)

Carrethers was a projected very late round pick, so it was a bit of a surprise to see him taken here. He is not quick and not not show a good first burst off the line. He has short arms and struggles with hand placement. He can however, squat 700 lbs. and put up 36 reps of 225 lbs. at his pro day. According to him, he will compete for a starting job this year, and I hope he is right. Hopefully the coaches can find a way to use his freakish strength, or else this pick will be a waste.

Grade: B



Round 6, Pick 201: RB Marion Grice (6’0″, 208 lbs.)

Marion Grice caused quite a stir when he was taken over the now un-drafted WR Brandon Coleman in the 6th round. I didn’t like this pick at first. I think he was drafted to be a returner, yet he only ran a 4.67 40-yard dash. However, Grice is one of the most elusive backs I’ve seen in this draft. He is so patient with his cuts and has great vision on the field. He could be a great punt returner with his ability to make defenders miss in space. Grice has a knack for getting into the endzone and has great hands to catch the ball out of the backfield.

Grade: B+


Round 7, Pick 240: WR Tevin Reese (5’10″, 163 lbs.)

This was a great pick in the 7th round. Reese ran a 4.41 40-yard dash at the combine. He was the top performer among receiver in the vertical jump, 2nd in the broad jump, and 2nd in the 3-cone drill. The guy is an absolutely insane athlete. The biggest problem is his weight and potential durability in the NFL, yet he only missed 4 games in college as a senior with a broken wrist. I think is he will compete for the returner spot in training camp and if he adds about ten pounds, could even play outside as a flanker. He also has pink dread locks. I mean, how cool is that?

Grade: A-


How would you guys grade the Chargers draft?

Grade the Chargers 2014 NFL Draft

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  • Jason Collett

    I like it.

  • FitzWilly

    Put me down for an A-

  • Edgar_Avi

    Overall I’d give it a B+ ….Not bad at all…my only question mark was the 3rd round pick because we could have gotten value in Moncrief

  • MachoMenos

    I now like Watt now that I actually know who he is but I still hope Telesco gets Anthony Steen to sign with us as a UDFA. Grade A-

  • Nick619chargers4life

    Our whole OL is going to be a FA next season besides Fluker . So Koodos to the chargers for getting at least 1 In this years draft . They get a A- in my book .

    • Gunnar Martin

      Won’t Rinehart still be on contract?

      • Nick619chargers4life

        Yup he will be

        • Gunnar Martin

          So hypothetically speaking, if we don’t re-sign any of them, we would be left with Watt, Rinehart, Troutman, Fluker, Mike Harris, and (I think) Nick Becton. Maybe a couple other guys on the practice squad or something. Yeah, it was smart to grab a guy in this draft.

          • Nick619chargers4life

            Exactly my friend !

  • Gunnar Martin

    Although I think draft grades immediately afterwards have no worth, I think there is room for initial reactions. I thought the regime did a very solid job with this year’s picks. They filled the most desperate holes while also upgrading the talent at the same time. We found some guys that can come in and contribute right away while also investing in the future. Nice job TT!

    • micah

      true to this.

  • Daniel Sutter

    Put me down for a A- or B+. All the picks make sense when breaking down the specifics. Gotta trust the scouts more than the fans who are freking out over not getting the players they wanted.

  • Gunnar Martin

    Hopefully we can sign a bigger receiver that can play on the outside from the large pool of UDFAs.
    *cough COLEMAN *cough

    • Conor Cahill

      he is on the saints now

      • Gunnar Martin

        Darn. He’ll be a good player for them.

  • esco charger

    I give it a B- with Coleman still on the board u take a fourth running back who basically runs a 4.7 watt was a reach in the third the kid from baylor was not a bad pick the most important position on a 3-4 defense nose tackle doesn’t get addressed until the fifth round with a division 2 player with short arms as a NT I really like the attaochu pick and verrett is not bad if he doesn’t go against physical tall receivers I say B- or C+ I just hope we can stop the run this upcoming year because it’s not looking good for teams that run meaning all of the NFC west teams

    • Conor Cahill

      watch tape on grice and you will change your mind

      • esco charger

        I seen his highlights he isn’t anything special and we didn’t need another running back it’s a wasted draft pick Coleman on the board as well as Jackson Jeffcoat De from texas more depth on the D line u rather have a wasted pick for a player that probably make it to the practice squad at best

        • micah

          definetly true. One reason the pick is good though is if he plays well enough to stay on the team after next year, it will give them more flexibility when they make a deal for woodhead. If he asks for a ton of money I don’t think the chargers want to be spending ten miilion on matthews, brown and woodhead. Grice would be a cheap option. Always looking ahead!

        • Gunnar Martin

          There’s a reason why every team in the NFL passed on both of these guys seven times. I don’t know that reason, but I’m sure they all know something we don’t. Grice isn’t a wasted pick. The most important position to have depth at is running back because of the beating they take, and he offers versatility with his receiving skills and ability to return kicks. They’ll find a way to use him.

  • shane

    how the draft would’ve gone if i were gm, based on players available at chargers’ picks:

    1(25). Jason Verrett CB TCU

    2(57). Kony Ealy DE Mizzou

    3(89). Daquan Jones DT Penn St

    4(125). Pierre Desir CB Lindenwood

    5(169). Jordan Tripp OLB Montana

    6(201). Tyler Gaffney RB Stanford

    7(240). Demetrius Rhaney C Tennessee St

    -watch all these guys be complete studs, i should be a gm

    • Peter Thompson

      I would have liked this draft much better.

      • micah

        Good except for ealy and gaffney. I don’t think ealy fits the scheme very well and doesn’t have as much potential as attaouchu. They got grice because of his complete skill set as a returner, runner, and a pass catcher out of the backfield. Gaffney is not someone you want returning punts or kicks and wasn’t used as much during passing downs because stanford was a run heavy team. I get that you chose ealy because in your scenario you didn’t have chargers trading up, but I would rather have them get someone that can either produce more pass rush early on or a different position player that fits the scheme and character of the team that can start.

        • Nick in PB

          I’m a Mizzou guy and I love Ealy, but he really isn’t a fit in our scheme. He’s a pass rushing 4-3 end and I don’t think he could transition to the OLB position. So, good points Micah. Would have loved to see us get Ladamian Washington as a UFA.

        • shane

          i get the point about gaffney, i really like him as a rb though, i understand he’s less versatile, but he can flat out play. Surprised he was a 6th rounder, watching him at stanford he would take over games. As for Ealy there was talk of the upper brass really liking him heading into the draft, so to get him late 2nd, tough to complain about. I think he’s athletic enough he could play as a 3-4 olb, ala shawne merriman. I think you make it work. Plus without trading up in the 2nd you get pierre desir in the 4th, great value, tons of upside.

    • julian vesga is chargerfan#21

      Were is the wide receiver?

      • shane

        wr was not a huge need and not a lot of guys that made sense, only one was moncrief, but Jones at DT was much better value there. we’ve got some up and coming guys we picked up as FA, no problem at wideout.


    Love the jason.verrett pick. To me he was the best CB in the entire draft. I was very happy.

    As for jeremiah attaochu I guess I was right. Sorry van noy fan boys. Lol you guys know who you are.

    And I guess TT also agreed.

    “We didnt trade up for just any outside linebacker, we traded up for Jerry. He was the guy we were going after. – Tom Telesco

    • Gunnar Martin

      I’m overjoyed that we got Attaochu, but Van Noy still got drafted ten picks before he did. I have a hard time believing TT would have passed up KVN if he had been there at 50. He is the epitome of the kind of player this regime is looking for, between his character and his college production. HOWEVER, I am totally stoked about Jerry and I can’t wait to see him in a Chargers uni.

      • micah

        Yeah, if I were picking I would know what to decide. Kvn is probably one of if not the best all around defensive players in the draft. He’s always at the football. Attouchu is a beast pass rusher and not to bad of a run and coverage defender with higher upside and fiery personality, which I like on this team. So either pro ready instinctive all around playmaker, or better pass rusher with higher long term potential. IMO, it would of been tough but I’m stoked we got attaouchu. Huge steal.

      • CALiFORNiAkiD

        Telesco said he was going after Attaochu all along.

        He went with the superior pass rusher. Like i said i was right.

        Im just happy one of my favorite players in the entire draft is a charger.

        • Gunnar Martin

          He can say whatever he wants, but we’ll still never really know what they were wishing for before it happened. Can’t say he “went with” him over KVN because Attaochu was the only one left. Would have been different if they had both still been there.

          • CALiFORNiAkiD


          • Gunnar Martin

            Think what you want, oh biased one.

            (Yes, I’m biased too. But I have a pretty good idea what I’m talking about. YAYYYY
            for Attaochu!!!)

  • Nick Lee

    I say B+ as well. We addressed the needs well. the late rounds do have some good nuggets.

  • Boltman

    A- all day long

  • davacho

    B. needs were filled

  • Nick in PB

    Here’s the deal. If Carrethers can become the type of football players that we all wanted at the NT position, and Watt can play up to his draft position, then it’s a solid A or B+ draft. We didn’t get a tall WR that can stretch the field, which I felt we needed opposite of Allen. That last pick is a burner but he’s small. Loved the first two picks according to what was left. Time will tell. I like the shiftiness of Grice and he’s a real threat in the passing game. I think I was so geeked up about this draft that somehow I feel a little disappointed though.

  • julian vesga is chargerfan#21

    I guess we’re moving on with Dontrelle Inman I’m fine with him, he looked amazing in Canada and he has his own youtube channel displaying his highlights.

  • Sergio Quintero

    I wanted to see with my eyes if Watt was a 3rd round pick, I can tell you I understand why Delissandris likes him, he’s that guy that does his job on every play and maybe misses one block the entire game, you watch his play on draftbreakdown and he does his job, keep his moving to look for the next block, plays the entire play, double teams with the center really well.

    He fits best as a LG and Center, his best skill is doing combo blocks with center and since most combo blocks come from the LG since centers’ are generally right handed, his double teams on passes I didn’t see an inside pressure.

    Watch this game, I saw one missed block in the 3rd quarter and the rest is rock solid do your job football:

    • Gunnar Martin

      Your analysis is spot on. He’s not dominant by any means, but he is exactly what you want from an interior lineman. Those guys don’t need to be super flashy. More than willing to do the dirty work, and he understands what his assignment is every single play. I like the pick more and more as I look further into his game.

    • Conor Cahill

      looks to me like if he adds some solid leg strength he has the potential to be dominant. He got overpowered on a few blocks even though he was in perfect position.