Sep 30, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; San Diego Chargers safety Eric Weddle (32) celebrates after making an interception against the Kansas City Chiefs in the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. San Diego won the game 37-20. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Too Early Predictions on the 2014 Chargers Schedule

Let’s look at that San Diego Chargers 2014 schedule one more time and predict a few wins and losses to this thing. Here we go:

Week 1 (Monday Night Football) at Arizona Cardinals

This one is not going to be easy. We open on the road to a team that just missed out on the playoffs and is hungry to get there. Carson Palmer is another year older, but he can still get the ball out to Larry Fitzgerald. We are going to need to run that ball down this defense throats, but their defense is strong as well. Right out of the gate, we will be tested.

LOSS, 0-1

Week 2 vs Seattle Seahawks

At least we get to face the Super Bowl Champions at home and don’t have to deal with them in their building. This is another tough game and the fans will be yelling for heads to roll after 2 straight losses.

LOSS, 0-2

Week 3 at Buffalo Bills
This game will not be as easy as we would want, but with the team hungry for a win, the Chargers get one in the win column on the road.

WIN, 1-2

Week 4 vs Jacksonville Jaguars
This might be the easiest game on the schedule based on the way all these teams look today, but we didn’t do too well against easy teams last year. The one easy team we did beat last season was the Jags and we will do it again.

WIN, 2-2

Week 5 vs New York Jets
Honestly have no clue who will be running the show at quarterback for the Jets when we get here, but I don’t think it will matter.

WIN, 3-2

Week 6 at Oakland Raiders
We were embarrassed by the Raiders in Oakland last season, but we won’t let them do it again. Unless for some reason they decide to play the game after midnight again.

WIN, 4-2

Week 7 vs Kansas City Chiefs
I don’t think the Chiefs were as good as their record was last season and I don’t think they have done much to get any better this offseason.

WIN, 5-2

Week 8 (Thursday Night Football) at Denver Broncos
Here we are in a short week against the Broncos again. The Chargers play well against the Broncos and always make a game out of it. The Chargers always find ways to give Peyton Manning fits as well. We steal this one.

WIN, 6-2

Week 9 at Miami Dolphins
Traveling out to Miami is not going to be easy, but this is a team that we should win against and go into the BYE week with some huge momentum.

WIN, 7-2

Week 10 BYE

Sep 30, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; San Diego Chargers safety Eric Weddle (32) celebrates after making an interception against the Kansas City Chiefs in the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. San Diego won the game 37-20. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Week 11 vs Oakland Raiders
I just don’t think the Raiders are going to be a big threat this season, despite all the moves that they have made.

WIN, 8-2

Week 12 vs St Louis Rams
Sam Bradford isn’t a great quarterback and he will likely be hurt by the time this game comes around anyway.

WIN, 9-2

Week 13 at Baltimore Ravens
I must be crazy thinking that the team will be 9-2 at this point in the season. I think the Ravens are going to have some issues in the coming season, but the Chargers are due for a letdown after a 9-2 start,

LOSS, 9-3

Week 14 (Sunday Night Football) vs New England Patriots
The Chargers play well in prime time, but the Patriots have a solid squad. Tom Brady vs Philip Rivers could meet again in the playoffs this season, but this time around we get the loss.

LOSS, 9-4

Week 15 vs Denver Broncos
The Broncos and Chargers could be battling for the AFC West in this game. The Broncos will be hungrier for this game than the Chargers.

LOSS, 9-5

Week 16 (Saturday) at San Francisco 49ers
The Chargers are really sliding and just need to pick up a win to secure a playoff spot, but they have to face off against one of the best teams in the game in their new digs.

LOSS, 9-6

Week 17 at Kansas City Chiefs
Four straight losses and we have to head to Arrowhead in order to secure a playoff spot. We secured our spot against the Chiefs last season and we do it again this year.

WIN, 10-6

If this prediction were to happen, it would be one streaky season for the Lightning Bolts. Nine straight wins and the fans would be talking Super Bowl, followed by 4 straight losses and the team would be wondering if they make it into the postseason.

Last season, I predicted the team with 10 wins also. That is when a lot of people felt that we were going to have 6 wins.

We have a roster that can do it and we have a team that is more familiar with their scheme on offense. We should be able to dominate games with our ball control offense. The schedule is tough and we will be tested, but this team has some good players on it.

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  • Nick Mansoor

    I predicted the Bolts will go 10-6 as well haha

    I guess great do minds think alike Ernie

  • Rob Base

    I predict 11-5 with a win against New England!

    • Pels04

      I think we are due for a win against new england too. Its come down to the wire the last few meetings

    • Gunnar Martin

      On Sunday Night Football. Yes, yeesss, YESSS!!!

  • Aaron Johnson

    Based on this team last season, we only lose to the Jags

    • Ernie Padaon

      hahahahhaa.. truth

  • Parker Richardson

    Im not so sure about the win at Denver on Thursday night. And 10-6 is very optimistic but that is what the offseason is for! With some luck in the health department and a draft that produces a couple of instant contributors i truly believe we can win any game. No matter how hard the schedule is. Based on how we played against playoff teams last year and having a healthy roster to start, i think the chargers could surprise some people in the first two games!

    • Aaron Johnson

      Dont forget the improvements our younger guys will make from year 1 to year 2 and from year 2 to year 3. These players will also improve our team.

      • Parker Richardson

        Very true! Can’t wait to see what Manti can do fully healthy and hopefully with a competent NT in front of him.

        • julian vesga is chargerfan#21

          When Lissemore became the starting NT late in the season
          Te’o started to play a lot I thing Lissemore/Geathers are the answers to the NT question

  • Tazzster

    I have a hard time picking each game as the football tends to bounce odd directions at times… maybe if it was a round ball we could predict things more acurately.

    Anyway I digress. Here is Tazzster professional nfl expert analysis and prediction of the Chargers schedule.

    Let’s look at it 3 different ways… 1st approach – The hard vs the mediocre.

    There are 6 hard games – 2 at the beginning of the season at 4 at the end.

    Week 1: Away– Arizona (10-6)
    Week 2: Home – Seattle(13-3)
    Week 14: Home – New England(12-4)
    Week 15: Home – Denver (13-3)
    Week 16: Away – San Francisco(12-4)
    Week 17: Away – Kansas City(11-5)

    Lets say we split those … 3-3

    Then theres the mediocre 10 in the middle

    Week3: Away– Buffalo (6-10)
    Week 4: Home– Jacksonville(4-12)
    Week 5: Home– NY Jets(8-8)
    Week 6: Away – Oakland (4-12)
    Week 7: Home– Kansas City(11-5)
    Week 8: Away – Denver (13-3)
    Week 9: Away – Miami (8-8)
    Week 10: BYE
    Week 11: Home– Oakland(4-12)
    Week 12: Home– St. Louis(7-9)
    Week 13: Away – Baltimore (8-8)

    We need to excel here…. is 8-2 too much to ask???

    That would put us at 11-5.

    • Tazzster

      2nd approach … Road vs Home

      Week 1: Away– Arizona (10-6)
      Week 3: Away – Buffalo (6-10)
      Week 6: Away – Oakland (4-12)
      Week 8: Away – Denver (13-3)
      Week 9: Away – Miami (8-8)
      Week 13: Away – Baltimore (8-8)
      Week 16: Away – San Francisco(12-4)
      Week 17: Away – Kansas City(11-5)

      4-4 for road games.

      Week2: Home – Seattle(13-3)
      Week 4: Home– Jacksonville(4-12)
      Week 5: Home– NY Jets(8-8)
      Week 7: Home– Kansas City(11-5)
      Week 11: Home– Oakland(4-12)
      Week 12: Home– St. Louis(7-9)
      Week 14: Home– New England(12-4)
      Week 15: Home– Denver(13-3)

      6-2 at home….

      That puts us at 10-6…. will that be enough for the playoffs?

    • Tazzster

      3rd approach … Record vs. Record

      Last year the bolts were 9-7…. BUT we left some games on the field. Houston, Washington, Tenessee and a game we forgot to show up to in Oakland. Can we get 3 of those back? How about 2.5 of the?. If we go with 2.5 that would make us 11.5-4.5 last year. Based on last years’ team’s records, where would that put us?

      W ~ Week 1: Away– Arizona (10-6)
      L ~ Week 2: Home– Seattle(13-3)
      W ~ Week 3: Away – Buffalo (6-10)
      W ~ Week 4: Home– Jacksonville(4-12)
      W ~ Week 5: Home– NY Jets(8-8)
      W ~ Week 6: Away – Oakland (4-12)
      W ~ Week 7: Home– Kansas City(11-5)
      L ~ Week 8: Away – Denver (13-3)
      W ~ Week 9: Away – Miami (8-8)
      Week 10: BYE
      W ~ Week 11: Home– Oakland(4-12)
      W ~ Week 12: Home– St. Louis(7-9)
      W ~ Week 13: Away – Baltimore (8-8)
      L ~ Week 14: Home– New England(12-4)
      L ~ Week 15: Home– Denver(13-3)
      L ~ Week 16: Away – San Francisco(12-4)
      W ~ Week 17: Away – Kansas City(11-5)
      That puts us at 11-5 again….
      I’m guessing the Bolts will get 10.5 wins this year… but I wouldn’t put money on it.

    • Stefanie Smith

      Exactly, Tazz. That is what I say. 11-5.

  • Eli Rodriguez

    Well 10-6 is very optimistic. For some reason i think were not going to have a good record this year. I say 7-9 or 8-8. At best were 9-7. I’m all for killing it this year but i don’t think it will work. If they start out playing like they ended last year were going 10-6 hands down. But the chargers always start out the season horribly. i don’t know why but its always the same thing. Then in December were always on fire. Lets see what happens.

  • Daniel Sutter

    Im thinking our ground and pound game will take the W in Arizona…
    W,L,W,W,W,W,L,LW,BYE,W,W,L,W,W,L,W…..we will take NE and Denver back to back in december cuz philip will be shinning. 11-5 and due to said december play possibly 12-4 with a shocker on Saturday(?) in SF. 10-6 only if we give the oakland scum one of our W’s….

    • Daniel Sutter

      11-5 is my true pre draft/preseason guess…

      • Stefanie Smith

        Same here, Dan. This is doable. Chargers and the coaches have to play hard and not so conservative and do their parts and above all STAY HEALTHY.

        • Trey P

          I think they will be better if you compare last year to this year. Just because remember that Houston game and the beginning of the Year just seemed like they were not comfortable in there roles yet.. So im going with 12-4.. Call me crazy but I believe we can do it..

          • Daniel Sutter

            Your not crazy at all. I say we can grab a W from SF or even Seattle and get that 12-4. Bolt Up and shock the world! Would love to win week 2 and strike a little fear leauge wide!

          • Loco Bravo

            You are not crazy, you are delusional.

          • Trey P

            Well I know I was one of the Few whi believed we would maje it to the playoffs sooo I must not be lol

          • Loco Bravo

            We made the PO’s because the Ravens and Fins went in the dumper. We lost to the Texans, then they went 2-14, we then lost to the crappy raiders. This year the schedule will kill us. I don’t like to be negative but this could be a bad year. So GET REAL.

          • Trey P

            Naw bro we will never have a bad year with Rivers as Qb we can compete with anybody so I dont knpw what chargers team you watch..

          • Trey P

            And we were better thn the Ravens and Fins who wants to see those scrubbs in the playoffs

          • Loco Bravo

            The team with Rivers and NO D – you nitwits come out every year at this time.

          • Ernie Padaon

            what was your prediction on the Chargers record last season? there is no way that you were near their actual record based on your pessimism.

          • Loco Bravo

            Last year I was at 8-8, which is not pessimism, it is realism. Look at the facts; every year we see these remarks like we will go 13-3 or 14-2. You know who those people are. Looking at this year, and the talent we have on board now I would say 8-8 again. More knowledgeable people than me say 7-9. Many fans think the Chargers improve every year and the other teams just stand still or get weaker. Even the Bolts players acknowledge we have a very difficult schedule this season. Write it down Ernie, then see where we are after that last Chiefs game to end the season.

          • Ernie Padaon

            oh i hear you.. i see the comments of 14 and 15 wins all the time and think that is super optimistic… but this team will be better than last year. we have our identity and as tough as our schedule might be, we have the team that can compete with all these teams.

          • Daniel Sutter

            Our D rebounded quite well after getting injured players back. We are a few pieces away from having a very talented group. A legit #1 cb and a nt that can fill the middle (at least as well as franklin did) and we will be back in the top ten. Look at the big picture bro. Any defense out there could fall apart with the type and quantity of injuries we had. Our front 7 is full of talent just need a little help in the middle, the backfield with Weddle, Wright, Addae, Williams and a good rookie draft will be night and day, especially with our LB group back healthy all at once…

          • Loco Bravo

            You made some excellent points; if only teams can play up to the level of their talent pool. Ask the Broncos how their talented players did against the Sea Hawks in the last game (Super Bowl) of the season. The Chargers can beat any team on the schedule and get beat by any team on the schedule – the schedule is brutal this year. I see you said between 10-6 and 12-4; we shall see how your number stack up in the seasons ending final tally.

          • Stefanie Smith

            We need a good NT and a corner and work on depth. Impact players whoever and whatever position they play. No scrubs, no simply filling a spot. Yeah, I think we are close. We had less last year and got into the playoffs. Another draft and our good players healthy, why not us?

          • Daniel Sutter

            And with the buy in our team established last year it could very well be us. We united so well down the stretch and it will carry over. Even with the fans. SD was so pumped last year and we need that to carry over to the Q this year. And hey, maybe if we shake the place apart we will get that new stadium too…

          • Daniel Sutter

            Its the NFL man, things happen. Why are you even a fan if your so negative. Thats what this sport is about. Anyone can beat anyone, anyone can drop an egg. Go jump on some bandwagon with that thinking. No matter the competition there is always gonna be a fight.

          • Loco Bravo

            It is not negative to see what is real and what is football hype. You young kids are very optimistic but you never see the facts and go off every year on these delusional rants, many by so called writers on the column.

        • Daniel Sutter

          This ^
          is going to be key against this years schedule. We now know our identity and need play calling to WIN games not play calling thats trying not to lose them if you know what i mean. Imho we only lost to Denver in the playoffs due to Wisenhunts lackluster play calling that we saw till the 4th quarter when he turned it over to Rivers (or rivers said F it and did what he wanted). Denver wasnt allowing the run without mathews in and once he exited we should have went straight to philip to win the game for us. Instead we waited till it was too late. Adapt to win…

          • Stefanie Smith

            Omg, yes. Don’t get me going again on Whisenhunt. I swear he sold us out so he could move on to his new job. He was terrible. I agree that is one of the biggest reasons we lost that game. And I also agree that the coaches have to adapt and go with what will work. We don’t want every other team knowing what our next move is going to be. They need to take a little risk and be creative a little.

  • philiprules

    We end up with the same record, just take a different route.
    I think SD beats AZ in the opener (cause Palmer sucks)
    I think SD loses in Miami because they just had their asses handed to them in Denver and are reeling
    I think SD loses on the road to Denver but wins at home
    with it all coming down to the game in KC to see which one makes the playoff, and KC under pressure like that sucks.

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    That’s quite the roller coaster ride for us fans

    • Pels04

      I agree. I am hoping we are done with that.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Losses: Arizona, Seahawks, Broncos (1), Patriots, 49ers. If we can’t beat Az, the Ravens, and at least Denver once (after first loss, we figure it out and ready for second battle), then we have no business thinking about deep into the playoffs. Consistent play with a good game plan by the coaches and I truly believe we can come through this 11-5. Now… go do this with Denver’s schedule and KC’s schedule. The league is really mixing it up and making it competitive. Denver is going to lose to Seattle at least twice. They will also lose to the Patriots. They will lose to the Colts. They have a few losses coming their way and so does KC and the Raiders.

    • Daniel Sutter

      Denver doesnt play Seattle twice lol

      • Stefanie Smith

        Man, I apologize for that and will edit that. What I was trying to convey is we can expect at least two losses out of Denver: Seattle and the 9ers. Please accept my apology. lol

        • Daniel Sutter


          • Stefanie Smith

            What is with the lol? Seriously.

          • Daniel Sutter

            Woah no hard feelings steph. That was an aknowledgement of the typo, which i knew it was in the first place. lol is like a chuckle not an insult???

          • Stefanie Smith

            No problem. I was having a bad day and took it out here. Sorry. (And turning beet red here.)

  • SDmarm17

    2013 draft do-over… KA13 #1 overall to the chiefs.
    check it out its on

  • Gunnar Martin

    I think it’s pretty pointless making these kinds of predictions before we’ve even found out who our rookies are, but what the heck. Here’s mine.

    @AZ: Win
    vs SEA: Loss
    @ BUF: Win
    vs Jax: Win
    vs NYJ: Loss
    @ OAK: Win
    vs KC: Loss
    @ DEN: Win
    @ MIA: Loss
    vs OAK: Win
    vs STL: Loss
    @ BAL: Win
    vs NE: Win
    vs DEN: Loss
    @ SF: Win
    @ KC: Win

    That would put us at 10-6. I tried to be realistic with the way we tend to play up to the competition of our opponents and that we do really, really well in December. And I like to think that we will never lose when we play in Prime Time.

  • Daniel Sutter

    Its not about who is the toughest, its about who is the toughest the longest!
    Keep believing and BOLT UP!

  • mdsd77

    Just don’t see the gears meshing this year, last year was a fluke… possibly 8-8 this year. Too many new parts to the puzzle when its all said and done. 2015 will be a better season and finally some expectations to rise around the league for TT and MM’s team….

    • Loco Bravo

      mdsd77 is one of the few posters that is realistic, good job # 77

    • Aaron Johnson

      I disagree that last year was a Fluke. I certainly think there are obstacles to overcome this season but with a banged up team (with guys who otherwise would not have seen the field) we made it to the playoffs. It’s hard for me to expect a regression when I saw the lack of talent prevail against tougher opponents. Either way, I think this season will be just as interesting as last.

  • Loco Bravo

    You have us in a short week (# 8) and playing in Denver and winning! This is NOT last year, but your ARE delusional. If we go 9-7 think of it as an improvement with the teams we face. Any fool that says 11 wins or higher is mentally deficient.

  • NateLew

    We catch some bad breaks this year in that, Seattle home opener they have nearly twice the amount of time to prep for us, also KC and Oakland are coming off their bye weeks when we face them the 1st time around.
    We also catch some good breaks in playing an old Denver team on a Thursday, they’ll be playing extra sore after facing the 49ers the previous week & we get that mini-bye after Thursday before going to Miami. We usually struggle there but our real bye week follows. 2 sort of bye weeks on each side of that game will benefit us greatly. @SF will be very tough week 16 but they face Seattle 2 of the 3 weeks before our game, I’d expect them to be missing a key player or a few playing banged up. Also I’m feeling strangely confident we beat Baltimore, not entirely sure where the confidence comes from.

  • blackroseMD1

    I love that the initial reaction from most fans was “well, we’ll be lucky to match last year’s record.”

    I think this is a squad that’s finally building a bit of a tough identity, starting with the big man at RT. We’re going to win some games people expect us to lose this year, and I think that we’re going to lose less games that we’re supposed to win than we did last year. I can easily see us topping last year’s record, especially if Rivers and Mathews continue their upswings.

  • Sergio Quintero

    I think they are going to be a better team facing a tougher schedule, they are a 8-11 win club as I look at them, if they can get Floyd healthy and playing then I think they 9-12 win club, I have a feeling Floyd will play this season, maybe not from week 1, but coming off PUP list and playing week 7.

    Its ridiculous to say it, but lets say if all things stay equal, and they get the continued development of Green, relatively full seasons from Ingram & Freeney, the natural progression of Keenan Allen, and middle of the road secondary play, then 10 wins is a reasonable prediction, adding Floyd could make them an elite team.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Bleacher Report has us going 7-9. They have us losing to the stinking Jets and Oakland. I about started to rant over there. F-wads.

  • julian vesga is chargerfan#21

    I think we should go undefeated you should never expect your team to lose always aim for the best no matter what.

    • Diegoblue

      I’m with you brother .. I never see us losing and shocked everytime we do and not surprised when we win .. F who ever we got to play

  • Doctor Know