Jan 5, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; San Diego Chargers safety Eric Weddle celebrates during the 2013 AFC wild card playoff football game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. The Chargers defeated the Bengals 27-10. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Breaking down the Chargers 2014 NFL Schedule

Breaking down the Chargers schedule:

Week 1 (Monday Night Football) at Arizona Cardinals
Again we have to wait till the last game of the opening week to watch our team play. We are in prime time, but it is the game that we will all be anxious to see and can’t wait to see our team. In a scheduling quirk, the Chargers will face the Cardinals at the end of the preseason and the start of the regular season. Back-to-back.

Week 2 vs Seattle Seahawks
We face the Super Bowl Champions and at least we get to see them in our house and at least we get to face them early. We get to test our team out right out of the gates.

Week 3 at Buffalo Bills
We head to Buffalo in week 3 and we won’t have to deal with too much weather in this trip out there since it is early in the season. Nice break to face off against them early in the year.

Week 4 vs Jacksonville Jaguars
In week 4, we will have the Jags and whoever their quarterback is.

Week 5 vs New York Jets
Will Michael Vick be the starter for the team at this time or will it be Geno Smith? Will Chris Johnson be the starting running back or will they have Chris Ivory?

Week 6 at Oakland Raiders
We head out to Oakland and we should know what kind of a quarterback they have in Matt Schaub by this time.

Week 7 vs Kansas City Chiefs
This is the middle of a 3-game stretch in which we face all of the AFC West. At least we get to face all three teams in the division in the first half of the year.

Week 8 (Thursday Night Football) at Denver Broncos
Time to whip on Peyton Manning and the boys. Another short week game against the Broncos and they can use that as an excuse for losing again.

Week 9 at Miami Dolphins
We shouldn’t have lost to them last season, but we did. We better be more prepared going into this game this season heading into the BYE.

Week 10 BYE
I hate this week.

Week 11 vs Oakland Raiders
Time to give the Raiders another loss.

Week 12 vs St Louis Rams
Will Sam Bradford be hurt by this time?

Week 13 at Baltimore Ravens
Not even sure if this team is good or not at this time. Steve Smith is on that roster though. Will he make that much of a difference.

Week 14 (Sunday Night Football) vs New England Patriots
This will be a start of a brutal 3 week stretch. First we start out with one of those teams we hate.

Week 15 vs Denver Broncos
Then we face off against Peyton Manning and the rival Broncos.

Week 16 (Saturday) at San Francisco 49ers
I am not even sure why this game is on a Saturday.

Week 17 at Kansas City Chiefs
Then we rely on Ryan Succop to miss the field goal at the end of regulation to get us into the playoffs.

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  • Isaiah Arrieta

    can’t wait! only 3 primetime games! New England would be a fun one to go to!

  • Diegoblue

    Well we jump right into the fire the 1st two games..SO BE IT.. Get to see where we at..

    • Julien Bélair

      We will make a statement by beating the Seahawks 24-10 ;)

      • Diegoblue

        Damn right .. I’ll telling you watch how our D reacts with a healthy Freeney and Ingram.. I’m not saying we going to be the Steel Curtain but the improvement will be noticeable right out the gate

        • Stefanie Smith

          I hope you are right, Diegoblue. Would be wonderful.

  • tubbs45

    Can’t wait, true test right out of the gates!

  • navw21

    No starting slow allowed this year. We can’t afford it.

  • BoltAZ

    Found some dates

  • RZ

    They need a fast start this year for sure…GO BOLTZ!!

  • Gunnar Martin

    I think the one I’m looking forward to most is the Sunday Night game hosting New England. That’s gonna be a really good one.

  • Chris Cutty

    Who else is driving out to AZ?

    • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

      I might throw my hat into that ring.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      i might be down for that

  • Nick Mansoor

    It will be tough, but the Chargers shall persevere. Watch.

  • Derek

    I with these tough opponents I think the challenge will be having something new each game. I worry we are gonna open up our playbook fully by midseason and sputter out

    • Diegoblue

      Worried?? I’m not they’ll b prepared

      • Stefanie Smith

        Maybe so, seeing Ken W is gone now.

        • Diegoblue

          True I hear your concerns but I think since We have Reich now continuity will be there also since he was a QB himself I believe will have some more added wrinkles to our O maybe more no huddle. IMO

    • NateLew

      Except D-coordinators can’t draw up a play to help their 5’10 corner contest a jump ball to 6’6 Green.

  • Diegoblue

    We most definitely have a to get a WR in rds 2-4 one of those rds we have to get a hit

  • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

    At least we don’t have another brutal road schedule. I know nothing is a lock… but we only have three east coast trips (Buffalo/ Miami/Baltimore)… all winnable non-playoff teams. Then we have three west coast road games (Arizona/Raiders/San Francisco)… no timezone changes there . The rest are all mid-country teams we already beat on the road (Kansas City/Denver). More importantly, we get the Seahawks & Patriots at home! Sounds pretty good to me! I was really worried for this schedule. It seems pretty manageable now.. sah-weet!!!!!

    • Julien Bélair

      good observation

      • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

        My biggest nightmare is that we face Lynch, Gore, Charles x2, Johnson/Ivory, and MJD x2 with Lissemore… and Brady, Peyton x2, Wilson, Kaepernick, and Wilson with a patchwork secondary. Yikes. Better get a nose tackle, or sign Terrence Cody. I think we all know what the secondary will look like, regardless of the draft.

        • Julien Bélair

          Nix might be the right pick afterall

        • Diegoblue

          I agree .. We need a NT hands down

  • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

    By the way.. this is how ridiculously “NFC / East Coast” biased the NFL Network really is:

    They had a segment called the “ultimate road trip”, where they picked what games they would like to attend for each week. Out of 17 games (34 teams), 26 of the teams were NFC TEAMS. Out of the 7 remaing AFC teams, the Broncos & Patriots were picked twice each, and the other three trams were the Colts, the Ravens, and the friggin Faders? Wait.. it gets worse… they threw in two bonus games where they picked the Broncos, Patriots, and Colts AGAIN!!! Then threw in Green Bay one more time.

    I guess what shocks me (but probably shouldn’t at this point) is how they don’t even try conceal the gagging of the cock anymore. Have some self respect would Ya? Sheesh.

    • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

      Seriously.. they should go buy an “It” bike from South Park.

    • Julien Bélair

      Yep it is just stupid and boring

  • arnie

    I still See the Chargers at 10-6, like last season. Only difference is the schedule is tougher. However i can see them making a grab at eleven wins, “maybe12″. Only because they were some turnover on teams in the schedule, the others like, Alex Smith and Carson Palmer are still the QB’s. Chargers still held the Broncos to season low scoring and so on….
    The only teams that concern me are Seattle, 49er’s and Patriots. Based on how the Chargers played towards the end of the season, getting DB to pick up carries from RM24, they can make a good run towards the post season.

  • Sergio Quintero

    The chargers should be a better team to go along with the tougher schedule, hopefully getting full seasons from Freeney, Ingram & Floyd can push this team to 10 wins and above.

    This team proved last year there are no certain losses, but there are no easy wins either, the chargers can’t stumble on the banana peel and lose games they should win.

    Better talent, continued development, hopefully a contributing draft, tougher schedule, put me down for a 10-6 season.

  • Sergio Quintero

    Off topic, here’s a link to a podcast about picks 25-29 that Mel Kiper and Todd McShay had, they open with the chargers, in particular they talk about the corners, and the value of Nose Tackle from a draft perspective:


  • vct

    LOL @ Week 17 description, good one!