Sep 15, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Malcom Floyd (80) carries the ball during the second quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The Chargers defeated the Eagles 33-30. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

If Malcom Floyd Returns, Chargers Still Need Depth at Wide Receiver

Malcom Floyd’s return is still in limbo, but we do know that Floyd will get out on the field for the offseason training plan and will test out his injury on the field. He wants to get on the field to help the young team make a push toward the playoffs. If Floyd were healthy and ready to play in the coming season, he would be a huge addition to the offense. Floyd and Philip Rivers have played together for a long time and they have a great chemistry working together.

Adding Floyd back onto the roster would give Philip Rivers another option in the passing game and could open up the field again for Keenan Allen. Allen did well in his first season in the league and the expectations for him are very high, but teams made sure to slide extra coverage in his direction toward the end of last season. The Chargers will need to get better balance in the passing game and will need to find other options to throw the ball to. Floyd would be a perfect option for the team to toss the ball to.

Eddie Royal showed that he was a reliable option in the slot on offense. The biggest question marks with Royal and Floyd will be their health. Floyd will be coming back from a neck injury and his durability had always been a concern for his career. Royal couldn’t get on the field for practice in the final few weeks of last season because of an injury and you could see the disconnect from Philip and Royal from time to time during that stretch. He has had some durability concerns in the past as well.

Even if Floyd makes a return, the Chargers still should explore the different options at wide receiver in the draft. Having Floyd back on the field could just give the team more flexibility in the receiver they want to take, but the depth after the first 3 needs to be strengthened.

After Eddie Royal on the depth chart are Vincent Brown and Seyi Ajirotutu. We can hope that Brown is able to break out, but he has been in the league for 3 seasons now and we are still waiting. How long do we wait? He started 10 games last season and only finished with 472 yards receiving. He will be fighting to keep a job during training camp.

Ajirotutu seems to have better footing on the roster right now. Tutu is an option that can be used on offense and he is a special teams star.

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  • Gunnar Martin

    Mike Willie!!!

  • Marcel West-Bailey

    If he’s healthy and really ready enough to play we may be able to put off getting another receiver for another round.

    • Sergio Quintero

      What I do know is they will not get any certainty on his situation until after the draft, so I fully expect they will seriously consider a WR from somewhere in rounds 1-4.

      • Marcel West-Bailey

        I think so too but if there is a player they really really want I think they’ll take them and grab a WR later.

        • Sergio Quintero

          The question might be if the top player on their board is a WR would they take him, most player evaluations have Beckham & Cooks ahead of the corners & Nix.

          The biggest weakness on this team is pass defense so for me until draft day, I’ll say its corners, maybe a NT or OLB as outside shots.

          • Marcel West-Bailey

            that radio interview, Telesco said they don’t rank players but have horizontal spots
            and see where what available player could help. Which really makes me think a
            corner or Louis Nix will get selected first. Now if we get a call from Jacksonville
            or Oakland asking for our first round pick (I think Jacksonville is more likely
            because Telesco is friends with their GM) I take that and get as many picks as I
            can and go on a drafting spree.

          • Sergio Quintero

            I would trade down like most have said, but if a player sticks out like sore thumb say Barr, Gilbert, Beckham I would take them and work from there. The chargers admitted they never thought Ingram would fall to them in 2012.

          • Marcel West-Bailey

            I’d pass on Beckham. Not because I don’t think he’s good enough but I’d rather take a defensive player like Gilbert or Barr and take a WR since it’s their class is so deep. I’m a little more convinced Barr will fall opposed to Gilbert but I suppose anything can happen.

          • Nick in PB

            Tough call. I think there will still be an elite WR on the board at 25 mainly because the draft is so deep at WR. A lot a teams may be thinking the same thing and will choose until later rounds to use that pick on a WR, thus causing a lot of them to fall. Only the teams in terrible need of a WR might take one early. Watkins for sure will be gone. Otherwise, we should have a truly gifted WR sitting there at 25. But, do we take him? Not if Fuller, Gilbert, Verrett or Nix is there, but you never know. Getting the best players in each round is a priority and you never know how the Chargers draft board is set.

          • esco charger

            I dont know why people are so high on verrett we already have a corner on the roster that is of the same build Williams we need size at the position to match up well against our opponents like the Thomas bros bowe Jones how is verret gona cover them in the red zone ?? Verret is very instinctive plays with heart but he will be a nickel back that’s all and at 25 I think we deserve a play maker and a starter at a position of need

  • RoyalChargers

    We need interior defensive line help so our linebackers can run around and try to make plays. We need a promising corner. And a pass rusher before any wide receivers.

  • Nick Mansoor

    1) Keenan Allen
    2)Malcolm Floyd
    3) Eddie Royal
    4) Rookie
    5)Vincent Brown
    6) Dontrelle Inman
    7)Seji Ajoritutu

    I think were fine, 3 of these players wont play every down and will warm the bench until they are called upon. we might need just more in case if any of these guys were to go down. I say draft 2 receivers.

    • Sergio Quintero

      I am curious to see if they found something in Inman he’s 6’3 and runs sub 4.5, asking the guys at the UT they say the chargers think they might have something.

      • BoltNative

        Look at the film on the guy. He is a playmaker and should be given a legitimate shot at getting on the field. I could see why the Chargers got him in the first place. I’m looking forward to preseason and watching Inman play.

    • shane

      no way they carry 7 wr, teams usually have 5, MAYBE 6

      • Nick Mansoor

        Well this is the squad heading into preseason. I doubt they all make it out on the squad as well at least one person is getting cut

    • blackroseMD1

      I think Tutu is underrated. He’s got a great chemistry with Philip.

      • Stefanie Smith

        I agree. Rivers does very well with Tutu. They only get better when they are allowed to play more. It’s a double edge sword having them sit on the bench for the right time. Prime example: I think Eddie Royal and Vincent Brown will be better the more they play. Personally, I think Eddie Royal is a play maker right now. So is Tutu.

  • Diegoblue

    We need to get a WR in 2nd through the 4th rd.

    • Sergio Quintero

      That’s exactly my sweet spot to get a WR, my prediction is that they Josh Huff either in the 3-4 round.

      • Diegoblue

        Yeah I like Huff .. What’s his speed like ?

        • Sergio Quintero

          Combine he ran 4.51, pro day improved it to 4.47, basically good speed without being elite.

  • Sergio Quintero

    You guys should really rewatch the Philly game he was on his way to having the best game of his life, he would have had a massive season last year.

    If he can play a full season, the chargers offense goes from 25 ppg to probably 28-30 per game.

  • BoltNative

    All of our RBs, TEs, and WRs can catch. If Gates is on the field, why should L. Green come out? If Mathews is on the field, why should Woodhead come out? Tutu also has always warranted more playing time. The Chargers need to be creative an unpredictable and play these guys (above) more in receiver positions to give a different and unexpected look. They did some of that last year with them. We have the weapons and should recognize who’s hot that week, that day and integrate different looks. Playing the turtle like that last playoff game for 3 quarters was a crime! Of course playing Troutman at right guard in that game was too. Who’s brilliant idea was that?!? Anyway, give Inman a hard look in preseason. Pick up a WR in the draft or FA afterwards, but keep your weapons on the field Chargers! And yes, if V. Brown is slow, not getting separation, screwing up routes, etc., he has to be pulled.