Chargers first Rd pick : Offense or Defense ?

Hi everyone, this is my first post so I hope you’ll have a good read!

Let’s start the debate,  the Chargers will go offense or defense in the first round??

Well to answer that we need to take a good look at our biggest needs.

Defensive needs :

CB : Shareece Wright is a clear starter even if he is average at best at the moment. I do believe he has the potential to be a very good corner in the league, but nothing more than a good Cb#2.

Then we have Richard Marshall, Brandon Ghee, Marcus Gilchrist and Steve Williams. All of them are below average or unproven players. None of them should be counted on to be our CB #1 or #2. They are good depth players but not starters.

M.Gilchrist and S.Williams are good nickel back players and one of them will win the starting job through the preseason.

First round draft need : Very high

OLB : Melvin Ingram is a rising star and the sky is the limit for him. On the other side, we have Dwight Freeney in rotation with Jarret Johnson. Now both of them won’t be there next year so we do need a young player to develop behind them.

Thomas Keiser and Tourek Williams are serviceable but nothing more than depth. You don’t want neither of them as a starter in any game. We also have Cordarro Law from the CFL. We don’t know what he will do in the NFL and he could be cut before the start of the season.

So we do need to draft a player at that position. I see a second or third round pick on an OLB as a good fit. Don’t get me wrong we do need more pass rush but I feel like if we draft an OLB in the first rd, he will have a very hard time seeing the field in his first year so we better draft one later. (First rounders shouldn’t be bench riders)

First round draft need : Low-medium

NT : Here is a tricky one. We have Sean Lissemore who, according to Gelhken, is viewed as the starter. We also have Kwame Geathers who can become a good player. Both are average at best at the moment and need rotation.

As we all know the NT position is one of most important position in a 3-4 defense. For those of you who said that Pagano don’t use a NT often, well it’s probably because we didn’t have a good one on the roster last year. For example, when Aubrayo Franklin was here, he got plenty of playing time and everyone one around him played better (MLBs, OLBs and DEs). Pagano is being creative and trying not to use a NT often because we didn’t have a good one.

Anyway the Chargers want to let Lissemore and Geathers handle the job for this year and see what happens. It is a gamble like last year with Cam Thomas but I get why they don’t want to spend a first round pick on an injured knee (Louis Nix III).

First round draft need : High but the Chargers are looking at a different direction

Offensive needs

WR : Allen is a STAR end of the story. On the other side we have…..well no one. IFFFF Malcom Floyd is back he can start but it would be for only one year. We just can’t count on him right now. If I were the GM I would act like he isn’t coming back and if he does well it will only be a plus.

Brown is officially just a depth player. It’s the heartbreaking truth.

Royal is a beast slot player but we’ve seen last year that he is a useless outside and also is not a deep threat. Injuries are a concern and he might not be there in 2015. Others are just depth and camp bodies, no quality starter.

First round draft need : high

G : Chad Rinehart is one of our starters and a pretty good one at a decent price. Jeromey Clary and Johnnie Troutman will fight for the other spot. Don’t expect nether of them to be more than average next year.

I know that most of you want Clary to be cut, but the truth is that at this point it might be better to keep him (even if he costs a lot more than what we get on the field) and just focus on our other needs first. When heathy, the O-line wasn’t the problem last year so keeping the line intact this year is acceptable.

First round draft need : low – medium

Recap :

CB: Starter not on the roster (CB1)

OLB : Starter on the roster (need young player to rotate and to develop for next year)

NT: Starter on the roster (average at best and right now I would be surprised if the Chargers draft a NT in the draft even in later rounds)

WR : Starter not on the roster (WR2)

G: Starters already on the roster

So I come down to CB or WR in the first round. Other position are big needs but can be addressed in later rounds.

We all know that Tom Telesco made a push for Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith, so he knows that WR is a glaring need. But why did he go after a high profile WR and not a high-profile corner when there were more corners in the FA? It’s because he doesn’t want and will not draft a WR in the first round.

Here is why : we need a deep threat player and we can find one in the second, third and even the fourth round easily. The draft is deep with big body WRs who cans stretch the field. With Gates, Green, Allen, Royal and our RBs, we have enough weapons to let the rookie WR develop. Plus I feel like Rivers can make any WR better. So a day 2 rookie would be perfect.

So why will we draft a corner instead? The corner position is deep in the draft, but it doesn’t mean that they equal talents. The corners that will get drafted in the second or third round have flaws in their game and will probably take more time to develop. We need a day 1 starter not a project player.

The Chargers will go after a top CB not another average corner that will have a hard time beating R.Marshall for the starting job.

So That’s it I think the Chargers will draft a corner in the first round. That’s my prediction. Now who will it be ? I’ll write another post about the top cornerback prospects very soon.

Thanks everyone and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Tell me guys what you think,

Offense or defense ?


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  • Will

    Simple answer, if marqise lee is there, offense. If not, defense.

    • davacho

      ahhhh- i think i’m with you. lee would be tough to pass on.

      • Julien Bélair

        haha don’t get caught up in the sexy pick guys ! :P

        • davacho

          oline is the only nonsexy pick to me.

          • Julien Bélair

            3-4 DE is nonsexy

          • davacho

            not to me but hey, we’re all entitled to our own opinion. : )

          • Julien Bélair

            yep and it is because we all have different point of view that makes it so interesting

    • rowdyran

      THere is no possible way they will pass on lee if he’s there. His 2012 numbers are unreal. He will be the best wr in this draft.

      • Gunnar Martin

        I disagree. I think Marquise will be there, and I think we will pass on him. As for who will be the best receiver in the draft, well, that’s just impossible to predict. But I am of the opinion that it won’t be him.

    • Vincent

      Marqise Lee has tons of red flags.

      - He is only 6’0”. So his height can be considered as below average. He weighs 192 so that’s particularly light. I tend to value Bigger WRs. For instance, Donte Moncrief who checks in at 6’3” 227 should get a lot more consideration than Lee, even in the first round. One is built like Dez Bryant and the other one is 20 pounds lighter than Pierre Garçon.

      - Lee’s 2013 was horrible. It can be blamed on injuries, but even then you have to factor injuries in the evaluation

      - He’s not particularly fast nor agile. 4.52 40 yrd-dash just doesn’t cut it for a six foot receiver. So he’s basically a small WR that doesn’t posess any physical skills you’d be looking for in a small WR prospect (compared to Brandin Cooks, Jarvin Landry, Odell Beckham or even Albert Wilson who should all deserve better consideration, specially in terms of ADP and value)

      - He is old for a rookie (gonna be 23 during his rookie campaign, compared to 21 for Watkins Cooks or Evans, or compared to 22 year-old Adams, Moncrief or Matthews. I also checker out his breakout age (year in which he broke out and dominated) : 20. Compared to 18 year old break outs in the likes of Matthews and Moncrief, or at 19 as for Allen Robinson. Fun fact : Keenan was an 18 year old break out. Look how it turned out to be. The younger you start dominating college, the better are the odds for you to be a “Hit” in the NFL.

      - His Red zone touchdown rate is only 17% (meaning he caught 17% of TD passes thrown to him in the red zone, compared to, say, Davante Adams, another second rounder, with an insane 36% of TD passes caught (he had 36 targets, the most of all WRs in 2014).

      Ok, it might be unfair no to consider Lee remarkable 2012′s stats, but all the of above indicate that he comes with many risks. His value takes a hit when you consider he’s going to be drafted well before a lot of the names I mentionned on this comment. He’s definately gonna be overdrafted, just like Robert Woods was drafted before Keenan Allen, or Marquise Goodwin drafted before Stedman Bailey.

      • Julien Bélair

        Well I agree that I would prefer a bigger wr but let put it this way : Lee isn’t elite at anything except one think. He is an elite route runner.

        Yes he had a down year in 2013 but still he is a very good player. Route running is where every wrs rookie struggle. I think he is one of the most NFL ready Wr in the entire draft.

        Is he a #1 wr ? hell no. But he is a perfect #2 for a team who has a deep threat guy like Dallas (Dez) and Baltimore (Smith).

        Will he be overdraft? well I still think he worths a first round pick but anywhere between 20-32 is good.

        • Vincent

          Good point on the route running ability, which I might have passed on a bit. Although I would want a skilled router runner / posession receiver to be a bit bigger than this.

          • Julien Bélair

            Right. But hey Lee could be a R.Wayne type of player

  • Brando

    I think this is a poorly written article. Some grammar, punctuation, and an overall lesson in English writing would benefit you. Aside from that, your Chargers knowledge is lacking. I couldn’t even get through the entire blurb.

    • Julien Bélair

      English is my second language I’ll get better with time.

      • 619chargers4life

        I would go with Fuller 1st then Verrett

        • Julien Bélair

          I LOVE Verrett but I feel like the Chargers will be scared of his size. We need an outside corner so Verrett might scared them away.

          Roby and maybe even Désir before Verrett imo

          • John Trizonka Kinney

            Colts had a history of drafting really skilled small corners while tt was there … verrett isnt out of the question… hes perfect for the off man coverages pagano likes to run

          • Julien Bélair

            You don’t have to sell Verrett to me he is one of my favourite player of the entire draft :). But I’m a bit scared of his size like everybody else. If we draft him at 25 I’ll be very happy anyway !

    • 619chargers4life

      Sheesh! Cut the guy some slack.

      • Nick in PB

        Agreed… I welcome Julien!

    • Brett M

      Go away ya troll- some overall respect and common decency would benefit you. Your Charger knowledge is so profound all you comment on is his grammar… Bravo!!!

    • chaseLP43

      I take it he failed your perfect blog inspection.

  • davacho


    • Julien Bélair

      any preference between Roby, Verrett and Fuller ?

      • davacho

        case could be made for each.

        imo verrett is too small for CB#1- we don’t know what we have in williams yet for nickel.

        roby has off field issues = warning flag and not a character i’d want on team

        fuller needs more meat to this frame + strength, but i like him best of the three- can’t teach height or speed (i know the other 2 are faster, but he is rangy).

        who do you like?

        • rowdyran

          Roby. He’s the most physical and has extreme playmaking ability. Addae even said he wants him on the team so if he likes him that says a lot.

          • Julien Bélair

            Addae is a beast he is close to be my new favourite Chargers :P

        • Julien Bélair

          I haven’t make a choice just yet. But I have to say that Verrett is my favorite corner of the draft but I don’t want him in the first round. The value is there but it’s just too risky.

          I like Roby. we do need some passion and character player on the defensive side of the ball

      • chaseLP43

        Roby Is good friends with addea which only means good things. If you follow Addea on instagram the man is a workaholic he wants that’s starting spot so if he can take Roby under his wing he can become great he has all the tools to do so.

  • navw21

    I think it has to be CB. I just hope that all the ones graded in the first round aren’t gone.

    • Julien Bélair

      There is always surprises in the draft. Just look at DJ. Hayden’s late raise in draft board last year.

      I feel like P. Désir is really close from being a first round pick.

      • navw21

        I think he is moving from the third round up to the mid to late second. But you could be right the draft is still a long ways away. And it wasn’t a bad first time article. Good Job.

        • Julien Bélair

          Thanks sir ! I know my english is poor but I’ll get better !

          • Nick in PB

            Julien, glad to have you aboard. Love to see another enthusiastic, transplant become a Charger fan! I moved here in 1994 and have been a Charger fan ever since. I think the Chargers go CB in the first round and if the good ones are all gone, I think there will be a stellar WR left to pick. I have a feeling that they will pick up a NT later in the draft. I think they expect Geathers or Jerideau to step it up for snaps in the middle. Either way, we are going to have inexperience at that position whether we draft one or go with the guys already here.

          • Julien Bélair

            Thanks Nick,

            I think T tends to draft need before bpa. I don’t say I think he should do that but I think he will reach for a corner evener if the top 4-5 are gone. If Fuller, Roby and Verrett are gone Désir could be the pick.

  • Brett M

    I think TT might look to draft a guard- especially if one of the best falls to us. We’d get more value for our pick rather than the 3rd or 4th best CB. TT did the same when everyone projected us to pick up the 3rd or 4th best LT- he goes and gets the best RT available. We cut Clary (and I’m not a Clary hater) let the Guard start a season and possibly groom him to become our Center. I don’t expect any of these CB’s that will be available to us to become our #1 right away- look at Milliner/Kirkpatrick/Claiborne- it’s tough even for a 1st rd CB to come in and start and succeed let alone become our CB1. Hate to say it but next season Wright is our CB1

    • gpack17

      I agree…i think we could see a guard drafted round 1…we have about $3 mill in cap room and need around i believe 4.3 mill for the draft..which means who do we cut…most likely its clary..we can go cb and wr in 2 and 3…

    • Julien Bélair

      I know a guard is VERY tempting especially if Su’a-Filo is there but don’t forget that we have coach D. I think he can make a late round pick groom into a very good player.

      • Gunnar Martin

        But that will just mean Su’a-Filo will just be THAT much better, right? That’s an enticing thing to think about…

        • Julien Bélair

          You’re right this is another way to look at it

    • navw21

      Guards always seem to fall in the draft. I wouldn’t be surprised if Su’a-Filo was still around by our second round pick.

    • Nick in PB

      The truth is, Brett said it, corners have a tough time starting their first season. Just ask Wright! After 2 seasons, he finally started and it took him more than a half a season to start playing pretty well. No matter how talented, corner is one of the toughest to transition to in the NFL. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take one. It just means that even if you have starting talent, you may not start, or be comfortable at the position until year 2 or 3. Good point about Milliner/Kirkpatrick/Claiborne.

      • Julien Bélair

        It’ risky but we need a top talent at the position…..Wrs are getting too good to have R.Marshall as our starter

  • Avalon 8

    Insightful article – organized and written well! (This is coming from an ex ESL teacher as well). Charge on…

    • Julien Bélair

      Thank you very much sir very appreciated !

  • Marcel West-Bailey

    Good work Julien. Keep at it.

    • Julien Bélair

      Thanks Marcel !

      So what do you think? offence or defence ?

      • Marcel West-Bailey

        Quick question. Do you speak French? Or rather is that your first language?

        I’m always going to say defense. If I was the GM for the Seahawks I’d say defense. It just makes me happy when people can’t do what they want to. And the same goes for the Chargers but for more obvious reasons. So I like defense in the first. Specifically the secondary. I’m less concerned about the offense and reason being is, we don’t know how Floyd, Alexander or Brown are going to be. Not to mention Inman that we got. Reason being is River is going to make it work. His receivers don’t have be the Broncos receiving corps. He just needs someone to throw it to.

        • Julien Bélair

          French is my first language I’m from Québec.

          I share your point of view

          • CALiFORNiAkiD

            I speak 5 languages…My dad speaks 8…I have to catch up. lol
            French might be next.

          • Julien Bélair

            haha I had a hard time learning a second language ! Vous êtes clairement meilleur que moi pour apprendre de nouvelles langues.

  • philiprules

    If I have to choose between CB and WR…it’s CB. There are so many viable WRs available in this draft I can’t see taking one at #25 that would be significantly better than one that could be found in round 2 or even 3. Remember, you’re saying it’s a WR2. You don’t drop a high draft choice on that. WR1 maybe, but not a 2.

    • Julien Bélair

      I agree with you. After Watkins and Evans I feel like there is at least 6 players with different skills set but equal value

      • rowdyran

        M. Lee

        • Julien Bélair

          Lee, Beckham, Cooks, Benjamin have almost the same value to me. Adams, Montcrief and Matthews are not that far behind imo.

          • Vincent

            Kelvin Benjamin was older than everyone he played against in 2013 and still didn’t dominate. He’s gonna be, just like M. Lee, an old rookie of 23 years old (and 9 months). To give you some perspective, he’s older than Josh Gordon. He couldn’t dominate even if he had arguably the best Qb in the nation. He had just three 100 yard games. His market share of yards (his total years compared to the team’s total passing yards) is only 23%, which is suspect. Other thing : his 9,8% drop rate is horrible.

            Benjamin is too Braylon Edwards-ish for me and compares to most TEs physically. He has upside but this information of non-domination is way too risky to like him as much as, say, Brandin Cooks.

            The latter looks like an even better prospect than Tavon Austin was last year. The difference is the hype and the overall quality of the draft class. He ran a 4.33, which is elite speed. When you’re his size, absolute blazing speed is a necessity.He required to post something like this to put his name in the same conversation as the likes of Marvin Harrison, Torry Holt and Steve Smith.

            His stats are also crazy considering he’s a small WR. His market share of TDs is 42%, 39% in yards (considering huge raw numbers) and his red zone touchdown rate is 33%. He’s also gonna be a young rookie (21 years old and 3 months), which is a strong factor.

          • Julien Bélair

            I agree on Benjamin.

            But you oversell Cooks. He is a very talented player but he is not a deep threat. He almost never caught deep balls during his college years.

            Where do you see cooks getting picked ?

          • Vincent

            I see him getting picked in the 15-20 range and rightfully so. I my mind, and just because I want to be a contrarian, I think he’s gonna be more valuable than Watkins.

            I wanna put some breaks to the Watkins bandwagon. At 6’1” and 205lbs, Sammy isn’t as big or tall as Calvin, Julio, AJ, Brandon, or really any of the guys that become true #1 wide receivers in today’s nfl landscape.
            He ran a good 4.43 but at his size he isn’t going to create as much space as we may anticipate. At the combine he didn’t particulary flash in the skill drills and he posted a rather uninspiring 134′ at the vertical jump.
            Take a look at this shocking stat : Watkins caught 57% of his passes on screens! That’s an insanely high number, and I suspect the fact that he was catching all those screens agaisnt ACC CBS made him look better than he really was. On the other hand he’s very young (21.5) and started dominating at a young age (18, with over 30% of the team’s market share of yards and tds), but I project him to be a vertical, field-stretcher, and not a true no.1 receiver who’s gonna be drafted like one. It will be good for him though to be playing alongside J. Gordon!

            I know you won’t agree :D

          • Julien Bélair

            I agree. He is overhype. He isn’t elite at anything. Not even route running. Evans will be a better NFL player and a real #1 WR

            But he will be better than Cooks.

            Insight : watch my mock draft next week…there will be big changes in the wrs draft order.

          • JKY

            Julien, who do you like at cb?

          • Julien Bélair

            my top 6 for the chargers right now is :
            1. gilbert
            2. fuller
            3. dennard
            4. roby
            5. désir
            6. verrett

          • Vincent

            Verrett > Dennard

  • afroamongfew

    Either/or. It depends on how the board breaks down, and who the Chargers have listed on their big board.

    • Julien Bélair

      I think TT would reach for a cb if he has too. He seems to go need before bpa

  • Chris Moore

    I might be crazy but I am not totally out on V. Brown. He had a down year but before that he was killing it. Missing a year combined with trying to learn a new system could be the reson for his lack of production. I think he will be a lot better this year.

    • Julien Bélair

      When was he killing it ? In his rookie year ? only 329 yards and 2 td….

      I hope he will get better but I doubt it :(

      • Gunnar Martin

        I actually do remember a time when I was very, very impressed by him. He didn’t get much time on the field in his rookie year with Norv’s stupid system, but he produced well when he was out there. His performance against the Raiders was eye-opening for me. VB was also tearing defenses up in the preseason the year before last, prior to breaking his ankle.

        • Julien Bélair

          I don’t put to much stock in preseason though.

          I think the only reason why we still have hope on him is because we are true fans. The truth is that V.Brown will probably never be good enough to be a #2wr imo.

          • Gunnar Martin

            There may be some truth to that statement, but I will stick to my guns and continue to believe that he will prove you wrong. I guess we’ll see in a few years.

          • Julien Bélair

            haha I hope ur right !

  • Bamacharger

    Very well written and thought out article! I enjoyed it, keep putting out good work.

    • Julien Bélair

      thank you my friend!

  • Tazzster

    I would say defense, but it depends on what value you think you can get where.

    I think our first 3 picks, in no-particular order, will be DE, CB, WR.

    • Julien Bélair

      DE? you mean OLB ?

  • Sergio Quintero

    Nice job Julien congratulations, good first article.

    You already know my opinion its a corner until proven otherwise, and Fuller/Verrett are the off man, zone coverage specialists for this draft.

    • Julien Bélair

      Thanks Sergio!

      Fuller have te upper hand between the two because of his size. but watch out for Roby and my man P.Désir

  • Keegan Tatum

    I grew up with Martyball, so I have a major bias toward having great offensive and defensive lines. Plus, the person everyone is (logically) saying we need to stop is Peyton Manning. Manning’s biggest struggles consistently came against a 3-4 defense with a monster at NT (see the Chargers with Jamal Williams). Given the depth at WR and CB, I would like to see the following draft:

    1. NT Louis Nix III
    2. CB
    3. WR or OL
    4. OL or WR – whatever position wasn’t picked in the previous round
    5. OLB Michael Sam
    Rounds 6 & 7 – just add depth

    I do agree with Mr. Julien that TT will draft a CB in the first round, though. And watch, Nix will be injury-prone and TT will prove me wrong.

    • Julien Bélair

      to be honest I wouldn’t be mad with nix but I’d be reallllllllly scared

    • Dave

      You got this EXACTLY right

  • powderBLUE801

    Good first post bro! I’m expecting Williams to get in there and just rip some recivers this year. I think he will be excited and prove his worth. I really think people are going to be suprised.

    • Gunnar Martin

      I’m in the same boat. Can’t wait to see what he’s really got in him.

    • Julien Bélair

      thanks !!

      Williams over Gilly?


    We trade our first Round pick #25 to Cleveland who than has 3 First Round picks something we saw Minnesota do last season.

    In exchange for #35 and #71


    Or trade with San Francisco who drafts Kelvin Benjamin at #25
    In exchange for #30 and #77


    I already have players in mind for each pick, but which trade is better.

    • 619chargers4life

      I would always welcome those scenario’s in this draft

    • Julien Bélair

      yes trade down is clearly the better move. lets hope someone will want to trade up with us

    • philiprules

      It would be nice, but I keep thinking why would a team want to be the other side of the trade down equation in this draft? This draft is ridiculously deep. Unless it’s a player another team feels it simply cannot live without, why give up multiple good draft picks for one slightly better pick?

      • Nate Lew

        Obviously we shouldn’t trade up cause we have a bunch of needs, 9ers might decide they only need one player n trade up for them

    • John Trizonka Kinney

      Best case scenario is Cleveland gets nervous and swaps 1st rd pick with us in exchange for a 3rd or 4th rd pick
      We would pick up an extra pick and still be able to pick the same exact player we were planning on taking :)

  • Alter Ego

    Quebec football fan – cool.
    CB is I believe, the Bolts #1 priority in need – you nailed that.
    If the targeted CBs in the draft go early – I think we still stay Defense and pick DT Nix with our first pick.

    • Julien Bélair

      I think they could draft désir in the first before nix

  • BruisingChargers

    Nice first posting! You stated the obvious needs. No telling how TT will handle his second draft. I have enough confidence in him that he will at least draft a couple day one starters. We shall see what happens. C’Mon Draft!!

    • Julien Bélair

      thanks sir

  • Cgoodness13

    Take the best Talent at positions of need in my opinion, can’t go wrong

    • Julien Bélair

      In this draft regardless of the position I think there will be at least 5 guys with the sane value waiting to be picked

  • john

    spelling is atrocious but thanks for the insight.

  • john

    I’m hoping we go CB in 1st, WR in 2nd and DT or OG in 3rd and 4th. BPA

    • Julien Bélair

      I agree with you. I hope Adams falls to us in the second I have a crush on him.

  • Edward Sherman

    Good first post.

    • Julien Bélair