Aug 8, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Seattle Seahawks receiver Brett Swain (16) has a pass broken up by San Diego Chargers cornerback Steve Williams (27) in the end zone during the first half at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Now is the Time for CB Steve Williams to Shine


Remember our 5th round pickup, Steve Williams, from last year’s draft? A lot of people have forgotten that we even drafted a corner in 2013. I feel bad for the guy, I had huge expectations coming from him last season, but that pesky pectoral tear in the preseason had to ruin all the fun. We drafted Williams last year with our 5th pick (145th overall) and he was going to be really involved in our defense, until he got injured. Here is a little recap of Mr. Williams as a refresher:

Williams played for Cal State in college, the same college as Keenan Allen and they are really close teammates. He is a bit undersized for a corner, standing at 5’9″ and he was projected to be our 3rd/4th CB in the lineup. He also had a very impressive combine in 2013, he posted an unofficial 40-yard dash at 4.25 seconds, .01 seconds away from beating Chris Johnson‘s record of 4.24. Williams’s unofficial time was hand recorded and was mis-clocked by .01 seconds off, so they adjusted his time to 4.42 electronically, which was lame. Check out that dash in the video below.

He also posted a vertical jump of 40.5 inches, which was enough for a 5-way tie for third best in 2013. Judging by these results, his style is pretty similar to Brent Grimes of the Miami Dolphins, he has great speed, and can jump high despite his smallish stature. so he won’t have any problems sticking to his man and sniffing out the football. Some of his strengths would include speed, coverage skills and his ability to bat the ball away and break up long passes. He can pick the ball off, but he doesn’t have the greatest hands in the world for that. It will have be something that he works on. He is still 22 years old. If he can develop into an elite player, he can man his position for this team for seasons to come.

2014 could be a really big year for Williams given our atrocious situation at corner. Our top 4 corners include Shareece Wright, Richard Marshall, Steve Williams and Brandon Ghee (throw in Marcus Gilchrist). It looks like we are drafting high on corner this year to help solidify the depth.

What does this mean for Steve? Easy. The answer is competition. Shareece proved that he can be a decent corner for us to play the outside. Williams is still unproven, he is our diamond in the rough. Now if we can bring in a corner through the draft and that player turns out to be spectacular, then WOOHOO, that would be AWESOME for us.

If Steve Williams becomes our defensive version of Keenan Allen, then we are talking a shutdown secondary. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Williams becomes our #2 CB, the rookie becomes #1 and Shareece falls to #3. If that does happen, then we will have a great corner group for years to come. He should fit well in Pagano’s system, he is a speedster and Pagano likes to play the corner off of opposing receivers at the line of scrimmage. Steve Williams can easily hunt them down with his speed, and don’t expect his injury to affect his running, he had a pectoral tear. Let’s hope for the best.

I’m rooting for Williams, he had a great career with Cal State and I really hope it passes into the NFL. Check out his college highlights. It will give you a little taste of what he can give us in the secondary this coming year. He looked spectacular.

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  • Marcel West-Bailey
    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

      Weddle said he was the fastest guy on the team, I doubt a peck injury would slow him down lol. Crazy that a pec injury could keep you out all year, I tore my left pec a few years ago and went to work and the air conditioner was on high, which contracted the torn muscle and made me have 10000 pec spasm’s. Long story short I thought I was having a heart attack (at 26 lol) and went to the hospital and found I had a torn pec.

      • Marcel West-Bailey

        It may have been something more serious than just his pec. I don’t know. He may be a slow healer. He may have said he didn’t want to be playing with Derek Cox and I probably would have said the same thing lol I just have no idea why it took an entire season.

        • Gunnar Martin

          Nah, pec injuries usually take a guy out for an entire season. Same thing happened to Troutman the year before. Not too abnormal.

          • Marcel West-Bailey

            Well if you strain it, you’ll be back quickly. If you have a tear you’re going to be out for months until you’ve completely recovered. When I played basketball I strained my groin and I wasn’t out for too long. But I know people who have gotten tears and never played again. I just can’t see him not playing at all if he was only going to be out for a month or so. That doesn’t make sense.

          • Gunnar Martin

            But he tore the muscle, he didn’t strain it… you lost me…

          • Marcel West-Bailey

            Ooooohh. I misread your comment. We’re agreeing with each other lol my bad.

          • Gunnar Martin

            Ah I see haha. Had me confused there for a second

    • Nick Mansoor

      Lmaaaaaoooooooo I’m dying #weak

      Bahahahahahaha! I love you for this

  • tubbs45

    Come on Steve we want you to be that diamond in the rough!
    Nice write up Nick!

    • Stefanie Smith

      I love it, Tubbs. 10 stars for you!

  • Christian B

    Really looking forward to Williams this year. Was disappointed when he got his injury as I had some hope for the guy to make an impact on the field. That hope still carries on.

  • rickochey

    thanks for this. I forgot we had him.

  • Peter Thompson

    “I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Williams becomes our #2 CB, the rookie becomes #1 and Shareece falls to #3.”

    Thank you, I completely agree… dare I say that he has a decent shot at being the #1 corner at some point.

    Also, I was bummed that he didn’t get to go up against Welker this season… for some reason, I think he could shut him the heck DOWN! I think I remember readin that he is great at tricking QB’s into throwing his way, then he bats it down (even if he doesn’t get the INT).. wasn’t that his specialty? If so, I would LOVE that (and I would LOVE for him to turn those into INT’s too) = )

    • tubbs45

      He should have a serious impact (fingers crossed) on those deep and slot wr.

      • Peter Thompson

        That speed, and vertical leap could really turn into something special.

    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

      Love it

    • Nick Mansoor

      You know what they say Peter, “great minds think alike.”

  • gpack17

    i would love to see him kill it this year but keep in are saying he could be a shutdown corner essentially as a rookie after being a 5th round pick..thats like saying lets draft a corner in round 5 like terrance mitchell or bennett jackson and expecting him to be a top shutdown corner his first year…i think williams will be good..i mean i hope so..but i mean we cant put too high of expectations so soon on the guy..he still has to learn to adjust to the nfl…

    • Nick Mansoor

      Hey man, keep in mind, this is the NFL. If the officials say its illegal to dunk on a field goal post, then anything is possible here. You just gotta believe ;)

    • julian vesga is chargerfan#21

      Richard Sherman
      AKA:the best corner in the NFL
      Was drafted in the fifth round
      Why can’t Williams be a top corner to?

      • Jeremy Viromek

        Thats the exception, not the rule. U know how many 5th round cbs come out every year and you never hear their name?

        • julian vesga is chargerfan#21

          Asante samuel (5″9) 4th round pick
          He is one of the most consistent corners in the 2000s

          Btw his son goes to my school
          He was in the same gym class as
          Me few months ago he is very good at every sport


          • julian vesga is chargerfan#21

            I could probably tell to convince his dad to go to sandiego …..
            I could make in impact with the future of the chargers cornerback position

      • Jeremy Viromek

        And sherman is 6’3″, stevie is 5’9″ it would be a rough road for the little guy

  • Stefanie Smith

    This guy looked good on tape last year. He got injured, didn’t he? Torn something or another and I cannot remember if it was pre-season or camp. He didn’t last long and he is coming off a season ending injury.

    • Gunnar Martin

      Pectoral muscle. At least it wasn’t an ACL or Achilles.

  • InfamousBSL

    Cal State? Who calls it that?

  • Dave O

    Hoping that Williams can be a guy who has the same sort of impact as Butler did after missing his rookie year. I know there were probably more people that thought Butler was going to be a stud when he came back, but Williams has the chance to make the same sort of impact.

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    Please no one get injured in training camp for the love of God, if someone is to get hurt can it be a practice squad guy and not guys who could possibly start or starters! I remember when Ingram went down my heart sunk into my chest, then when DX went down I was at the gym and wanted to go home and cry then when little Stevie went down It seemed like hope was getting lost then quite frankly the injuries just kept rolling in lol. Lets have a year full of practice squad dude and a couple special teamer injuries ya!

    • Stefanie Smith

      I so agree. There were way too many times when I about got an ulcer when I read the Chargers’ news. When we lost Ingram, Malcolm, Danario and Freeney, I honestly about packed it in. Then, when the King started having problems… major Maalox moment.

      Oh yeah, I think Eddie Royal went out on a stretcher during camp. Remember that? Man, did we have injuries. I figured at any time, the towel guy would be suiting up.

    • Nick Mansoor

      I literally cried for a whole month when all our players went down last season haha.

  • gpack17

    also to be honest, i feel this post is largely based off of hype from watching the highlight tape could change minds..or it did in terms of him slipping to round 5

  • powderBLUE801

    I expected a lot from him last year before he got hurt. Allen said he was a lock down CB at practices in college.

    • Nick Mansoor

      If Williams can shut down Allen in practice, then woah, imagine what else he can do.

      • powderBLUE801

        I took the statement for a grain of salt at the time cuz it was before the season ever started and I didn’t know how explosive Allen would be in the NFL. But knowing that now and remembering what Allen said of him last year I’m still really high on Williams. And he could end up being our #1 CB this year. BOLT UP!!

  • guest
    • William Boren

      yea thinking UC cal not Cal state (there is no school named Cal State)

      • gpack17

        there is…cal state san marcos, cal state northridge, cal state east bay, cal state dominguez hills, cal state fullerton…in california there is a uc system and csu system…

  • Julien Bélair

    I just hope he wins the cb2 or cb3 job

  • Jordan Denning

    Williams and KA went to the University of California, or Cal for short. Cal state is a separate system of schools which include SDSU, Fresno St, etc.

    • gpack17

      sdsu is actually separate like cal Berkeley…cal state would more so be csu schools like northridge, fullerton, san marcos…sdsu and cal berkeley is under the UC system..

      • Jordan Denning

        No, San Diego St is part of the CSU system. UCSD is the San Diego campus of the UC system, but regardless my point was that they didn’t play at “Cal State”

        • gpack17

          no idea why i mixed up ucsd and sdsu in that haha

    • rowdyran

      Cal is a uc school that runs on a quarter system. Sdsu is a state school that runs on semesters. You’re welcome. And uc schools are more prestigious and are harder to get into.

    • Nick Mansoor

      Omg. I should have known that. I feel so stupid now, being a student who is transferring to SDSU. Good catch. Man I feel dumb haha

  • esco charger

    He bats the ball down a lot even if he is not in position for the int he challenges every throw and is a speedster which equals to a good corner maybe develop into a great corner depending on how we use him

  • Anthony95

    Exactly and well put. I envision we draft a CB in RD 2 or 3 and have a starting defense of the following:

    DL – starters Luiget, Nix, Reys – bench – Lissemore, Geathers
    LB – starters Freeney, Butler, Te’o, Ingram – bench – Johnson, English, Connor, Walker
    CB – starters Rookie, Wright #2, Williams slot – bench – Marshall, Ghee, Cromartie
    S – starters Weddle, some combination of Addae (could start)/Gilchrest/Taylor – bench – Stuckey

    Add to that a pass rusher at LB or DE in draft

    That is a pretty outstanding defense with depth across the board, very solid DEs, LBs, Safeties, and with Nix we would have excellent D-Line and with Rookie CB #1 and Williams being healthy we could have a very strong defensive backfield.

    I think with these three draft picks we will surprise the league with a top 15 defense easily IMO and maybe even better.

  • FitzWilly

    Nice write Nick
    I’m a huge Steve Willy Williams fan
    He’s gonna have a KA type season :)
    We Want Willy
    We Want Willy
    We Want Willy

  • ltmariod

    I feel like he is being WAAAAAY to optimistic about this. In my mind, he is a rookie corner who could be Jarret Boykin at best. For those of you who don’t know him, he was the only consistently solid DB on the Eagles last year. He mans their slot corner position. I doubt Williams and the next rookie will be spectacular, most likely solid. Either way it is a big upgrade.

  • arnie

    Nick this is why i’m not in a panic to draft a CB at 25. If a good one presents himself, great. The issue is, not WHERE you draft but WHO you draft. That awesome Seahawk defense, most of those players were taken 3rd round and below. CB Richard Sherman, was taken in the “5TH ROUND”.

  • Jeremy Viromek

    I dont get it. What makes you think williams will be an elite player? Why did you expect big things from him last year? He was like the 30th ranked cb in the draft. He was a 5th rounder, i just dont get your logic. He wasnt even very productive at all. I’m not trying to knock you b/c im a huge charger fan and would love for you to be right but he was brought in for depth at nickel (behind gilchrist when he is not safety) and thats probably where he will stay unless we have a horrific db situation. Remember when marshall came in for cox the secondary vastly improved and I think that is the baseline to improve upon. You have to be an elite talent to be a starting corner at 5’9″. Nickel is where he will excel.

  • Nate lew

    All I have to go off for him is his film vs Washington state. He showed great ability to track the ball in the air, quick hands made for a ton of pas break ups and despite his size was a willing tackler. He wasn’t facing weak competition either, Marquese Wilson who he matched up with is slated to be the 3rd WR behind Marshall & Jeffery in Chicago.

  • Steve Diaz

    Man. If he can work into our system and come back from his injury, drafting another CB hopefully should work out good for us. With a good NT, then our front seven will be able to pressure the QB, giving us better CB coverage and a lot better defense than last year. Come on SW, show us what you got!