Jan 5, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; San Diego Chargers inside linebacker Donald Butler (56) celebrates after a sack during fourth quarter of the AFC wild card playoff football game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers Building Depth On The Roster Through Free Agency

One of the Chargers weaknesses on the roster was the team depth. As soon as one of the starters went down, we had to rely on random players and sometimes had to pick up players off of the street in hopes that they would be able to contribute to the roster. We lacked the depth on a number of positions on the roster.

This offseason has been a little bit quiet and for some fans it has been frustrating, but the team’s depth has gotten much stronger during this time. The Chargers have kept a number of their own players that were set to become free agents. The Chargers kept Donald Butler to play in the middle. They kept Chad Rinehart to stay on as the starter at guard. The Chargers kept Darrell Stuckey on their special teams and also kept Reggie Walker to add depth at linebacker. With those re-signings, the free agency period is just adding to what we build last season.

We haven’t lost anyone and now we have added a new running back to the roster that has the ability to be a starter. Donald Brown has the talent to be a starter in the league and can take the ball when Ryan Mathews has to sit on the sideline. He will be huge for us during the year.

We have added a big man who can catch the football playing tight end and can also play fullback in David Johnson. Down in the red zone, Johnson is going to be a huge player to open up holes in the running game or to catch that red zone touchdown.

Kavell Conner is a run-stuffing linebacker that will be able to come in and start if Donald Butler or Manti Te’o have to sit with an injury. Conner is a tough inside linebacker that will be huge for the depth on the roster.

The frustration for the fans is there, but we have added onto the roster from last season. Nothing that we have done has gone backward to this point. We still need a starting corner and we still need a starting wide receiver, but there still is plenty of time to add those players. There still is an NFL Draft that can bring in some good talent onto this roster.

Our depth is stronger. Our team is stronger.

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  • esco charger

    None of these guys can cover thomas2,welker,bowe,Fitzgerald,harvin,Crabtree,boldin,wallace,steve Johnson,wallace,decker,torry Smith,and whatever other rookies breakout this year its a deep wideout class we are in trouble we can’t always depend on rookies not all of them are gona be starters because they go in the first or second round

    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

      Look at it this way, Cox is gone (biggest part of the secondary sucking ass) who ever we draft regardless which CB it is would have to try really really hard to suck as bad as Cox. Our pass rush is going to be better which will help all of the CB’s, like Ernie said we are stronger now then we were at any point last year (in which we were also missing our pass rush Freeney & Ingram, who never played together 1 snap).

      • tubbs45

        Ghee is a cheaper contract than Cox with similar abilities, but is faster and hits harder. Im praying Freeney comes back at full speed.

        • Stefanie Smith

          Sports analysts have a write up on Ghee. They are writing he will have to stand out in camp to even make the roster. They don’t think he will survive camp and will be cut.

          “Ghee, 27 in June, appeared in ten games last season but played just 80 defensive snaps. He missed the entire 2012 season with a wrist injury. The former third-round pick will compete for a roster spot and play special teams. ”

          Why is everyone assuming this guy is a starter? Has Telesco said this guy is a starter? No.

          • Gunnar Martin

            I haven’t seen anybody assume that he is going to be a starter. We just have optimism for the guy. And remember, analysts are wrong almost as often as regular fans are. Don’t go by their words like scripture.

          • Stefanie Smith

            Yes. But we saw it last year. Many of us, myself included, got all worked up when they signed a bunch of players that were not so good. They ended up being simply for camp and competition during camp. It is like that every year.

            And as to Ghee, what I posted is not opinion. He has been injured alot and has not played much in 2013. 80 snaps in 10 games means he was not used too much. That is just fact…his work resume.

          • Gunnar Martin

            Didn’t ever say he wasn’t injury prone. Definitely wouldn’t be comfortable with relying on him with any specific role. BUT… he does have some pretty nice potential. So we’ll see.

          • John Alton

            Who did they sign last year that was all hyped up?

    • Stefanie Smith

      Most of these guys are for camp. I forgot that I got myself all in a tizzy when they did this last year. All or most were camp bodies. Most will be gone and lucky to get on the practice squad. Don’t assume any of these guys are starters. They likely are not.

    • arnie

      I disagree, or rather the Stats disagree with you. A quarter of those players were held to season lows, TWICE. With the Chargers sorry backfield.

      Basically we asked a bunch of in-experienced, and mostly first time starters, and new players to the team, under a suspect pagano, to play LIGHTS OUT?

      Some advice, stop looking at what other teams are doing, there were only four teams that finished better than the Chargers; Seahawks, Broncos, 49′ners, and Patriots. THAT is a pretty good stat in itself. At the end of the day, with a crappy cap left by aj smith who splurged in FA, TT results have proven fruitful, TWICE. Talib or Revis was not going to fix the Charger problems…..

  • tubbs45

    Yepper! We have added solid depth, not junk pile crap. I went back and read posts from last years free agency period, folks we were equally, if not more! We need depth, we also need real starters. Fluker and Allen have been great additions… Let just keep doing addition!!!!

    • Stefanie Smith

      tubbs: you are smart. Who is the solid depth that you think has been added? These are guys for camp. Who is it that is giving us this depth? I’m not referring to Eddie Royal or Ajirotutu or any of the guys from last year. I am talking about these recent signings. Are they supposed to provide depth? I am reading and hearing these are camp bodies.

      • arnie

        I would name them for you, the facts are Training Camp sorts everything out. Either a handful of players will change the Chargers fortune, OR, we have to many holes to fill, to depend on a “Splash” in FA.

      • tubbs45

        Kavell Conner will be a rotating starter i’m guessing with Teo. Kavell will be a great addition to the LB core. If nothing else TE David Johnson was brought into be a mean-ass blocking TE. We maybe saying bye to the fullback all together and he will teach Green how to block (something which Gate is so-so for runners). I will not miss Clipboard Jesus and don’t know much about the new guy, but yah gotta carry 3 into the preseason.

        Ghee I don’t like that much at all, except that he is known as a big hitter. I like big hitters, but not when they get hurt or hurt teammates (like Addae in the playoffs). I do LOVE the big hit though…

        Each of the re-signs I have liked with a few exceptions, but they have all been on the cheap. Stuckey and Walker are for Special Teams and are a ‘known’ (as far as the coaches go).

        and a cat for Peter:

  • serg21

    Top CBs left
    Terrel brown
    top receivers left
    Steve Smith
    Hakeem nicks
    julian Edelman
    james jones
    Emanuel Sanders
    Top DTs
    Henry melton
    BJ Rai
    Pat sims
    cmon telesco get one of these guys in here man let’s go

    • Joel Ayala

      Patriots signed Browner. I’m bummed. Now we should probably look at DRC.

  • gpack17

    solid article…more than likely they will draft a corner to develop..wright did pretty well at the end of the year especially on aj green..

    • Derek

      And demerius Thomas!

  • RZ

    I’m down with it..

  • navw21

    Yeah what was it last year like a three or four week stretch we signed someone on Tuesday and that Sunday they starting. Not the best of situations. LOL

    • PowderBlueDrew

      That guy was Crezdon Butler, who was the guy that they put into the Tennessee game, the guy who allowed the Titans to win with that last touchdown. I felt for him though, the coaches should not have had him touch the field. Not that week at least

      • arnie

        Milnus was his coach, remember what he did for denver? I’m not saying C.Butler is awesome, but i can’t throw anyone on the defense under the bus, because i’m still not convinced of Pagano’s skills.

  • Mark Viguri

    Great take today, TT has got starters now 2 deep at ILB, RB and blocking TE while Elway is betting the farm for a 1-2 year return.

    • Stefanie Smith

      Why do you assume these guys are starters? They sign a lot of unknowns for camp and camp alone. Maybe the practice squad.

      • Mark Viguri

        Hi Piggy, Because I watched Walker chug 70 yards and run down one of the fastest men (Philly’s LeSean McCoy) in football last year. Rinehart’s a starter and played just as good as Clary at Guard. Johnson at TE is here to block, it’s not like Gates blocks and the Colts LB was a starter and last time I checked the Colts were pretty good.

        • Stefanie Smith

          Yes, Rinehart is good as is the RB from the Colts. Also, I heard pretty good stuff on someone else they signed. I thought you might be talking about Ghee. And what I read about Ghee is not so good.

          • chingri

            I know it’s a little wishful thinking, as he’ll probably end up playing in dime packages, but I read Ghee’s snaps were high quality prior to his last injury

          • Nick in PB

            Ghee is a gamble but it could pay off. This is the type of guy that is looking to prove himself. Has the skills but so far, it hasn’t materialized. That’s what fresh starts are all about.

          • arnie

            Like Dunlap?

          • arnie

            Of Ghee’s 9 targets, in 2013, he defended 5. Only 2 balls were caught. Anyone that knows anything about football can see, more balls get knocked down than caught on him. He’s young, has experience, cheaper than cox, so he is worth a closer look.
            More likely his contract has more incentives than guarantees.

      • Cooper

        Why do you assume they are not??? Just because some analyst say they are camp bodies? How will you know until they play? You don’t. A lot of players play better in different circumstanes. I guess you would also assume that later round draft picks won’t amount to starters either, yet that is proven to be wrong time and again. ITS MARCH! Championships are not won in MARCHby paper champions. The Donkeys may look good on paper, but whose to say what will happen during the year. No one knows and if any one claims to know their a fool.

        • Stefanie Smith

          Because that is what the news is saying. And also that is what happened last year. Sportscasters on Fox and all over say teams sign a bunch of players for camp.
          I didn’t even bring up the Broncos I said nothing about the Championship or anything.. Geez. You guys give me an argument when I ask a friggin question.

          Didn’t mean to start an argument. For heaven’s sake. Lighten up. I did not try to pick a fight with you. Take some Prozac.

          • arnie

            The news also said the Chargers would only win 6 games last season…..
            Context. Telesco knows what he’s doing.

          • Nick in PB

            Word! Arnie, the voice of reason!!!

          • John Alton

            You need to lighten up. You are on here blasting everybody. You are the one that needs to back off and stop trolling everybody that posts there opinion. You seriously need some meds to control your mental issues. The whole point of signing these players is to create camp competition and keep the 53 best players. The talking heads that you keep refering to, are wrong more often than not.

    • Stefanie Smith

      With the exception of Brown, the RB from the Colts, who are these great additions to whom you refer?

  • rickochey

    build depth and than build the ‘flash’ through the draft.


    I’m not frustrated at all Ernie. I already knew going into free agency our biggest signings would be within the team. I knew no big names were going to be signed and that’s ok. Keeping the continuity of the team is key. Pretty much TT’s plan is to pick up from where we left off from last year and to keep progressing. We just need a few key players in this upcoming draft or even who knows, maybe a player will get cut and we will pick them up just like how we did with Dwight Freeney. All we need is a NT CB WR and I think we will be good going into next season. If we were going to address NT or WR via free agency, Vince Wilfork would be a good option and worry about NT later in the draft. Wilfork is an absolute athletic freak for a man that size and could show the ropes to the youngstas at NT. From how the WR market is going, I see us grabbing a guy like Hakeem Nicks. I absolutely believe that we can revive his career. I’d take Rivers of Eli all day everyday. Im not just being biased, ok maybe a little bit, but Rivers shits on Eli. Im just being honest…..only bolt in the bay….

  • 619chargers4life

    Don’t forget our signings from the CFL

    • FitzWilly

      Loving the new Can Diego Chargers

  • arnie

    Agreed Ernie.