Nov 17, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes (21) breaks up a hail mary pass to San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Brown (86) during the last play of the game at Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins won the game 20-16. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

How Chargers Can Free Up More Room Under the Cap

The San Diego Chargers do not have a ton of money to work with under the salary cap, but there are some ways to free up some room looking at the roster. The team is still looking to add 3 starters onto the roster. They need a nose tackle, a corner and a wide receiver to insert into the starting lineup. One or two of those starting jobs can go to rookies, but those positions are some of the toughest to transition into the league.

Looking at the salary cap now, the Chargers have a little less than $3 million to work with. That is the numbers from Over the Cap with the recent signing of Donald Brown entered in. They have that $3 million and they still need to keep some room under the cap to pay draft picks.

How in the world will the team make room under the roster to sign a few more players and sign the rookies?

Chargers fans all know about Jeromey Clary‘s bloated contract. Releasing him off of the roster would save the team over $4 million, but it would leave a hole at the guard position. Is Clary better than Johnnie Troutman? Might as well start Troutman and save that dough. Mike Harris will be returning from injury also and can compete at the guard position. It is also a position that we could focus on with the draft. Clary’s money is needed to fill some other holes on the roster. Clary is a decent starter at right guard, but not at that price tag.

Vincent Brown’s contract could be shed off of the roster. We could save another $1.4 million off of his release. We might be able to steal a 5th or 6th round draft pick with him. If the Jaguars were able to steal a 7th with Blaine Gabbert, we should be able to get something for Brown. Maybe. Either way, that $1.4 million could go toward something else.

Dropping Larry English could save the team another $1.5 million. English has done nothing for the team in his time with the Chargers and it is time for the team to move on.

If the Chargers don’t believe that Dwight Freeney will be able to return healthy, they might want to cut him off of the roster and he could save the team $3.125 million under the cap. The team would need to find a pass rusher somewhere though.

Jonas Mouton is still on the roster for some reason. He could save the team $766k under the cap.

If we want to get after Hakeem Nicks or Steve Smith or some corner, then we better open up some space under the cap.

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  • Stefanie Smith

    Clapping! And tired of waiting.

  • davacho

    does anyone know if there will be any contract restructuring? sorry if i missed it. rivers, weddle- i’m looking at you.

    • Stefanie Smith

      I believe I read that Rivers offered but that was some time back. Haven’t read anything lately.

  • Stefanie Smith

    “It would make a lot of sense for the team that just signed Darrelle Revis to sign Browner, given the current arms race that’s going on with the Denver Broncos in the AFC.” <—looks like Pats are going to end up signing Browner.

    This is what is getting me worked up. There is an "arms race" going on with Denver Broncos… and the Chargers are not trying to crank it up or at least get close to matching talent for talent.

    • Tazzster

      I think the ‘how’ is the big part.

      • Stefanie Smith

        Tazz: You’re right and thank you for saying it nice —the voice of reason.

  • Julien Bélair

    Mouton, Clary and English are must go for me

  • Tazzster

    All of those sound reasonable. I would be leary of cutting any of the O-line. We were thin at times last season… and the year before was an absolute disaster. It nice to be able to think, “If we resign Orhmberger… we should be fine at O-line next year.”

    I think the trick is in not releasing players until you have a replacement.

  • Lee

    read a tweet from acee this morning that said we should get used to lissemore at NT. we’re probably not gonna get a vet at that position.

    • Stefanie Smith

      Acee knows we need a vet but he knows how it goes with the Chargers. It gets depressing.

  • gpack17

    moutons price tag isnt high enough for me to say to let him go. he is fine for now and hasnt had the opportunity to prove himself since he has been injured this whole time. english should be gone for sure with that amount of salary, clary as well. Brown should be kept as he has shown flashes. troutman played extremely well for clary and could start or we draft a guard

  • serg21

    Anyone wanna tell me what’s the point of having 6 middle line backers? Teo Butler gach byrd conner and mouton release mouton release English and release clary or restructure clary to around 2.5 mil

    • navw21

      Bront Bird did not receive a tender. He is an UFA and not is not on the roster.

      • Lee

        pretty sure reggie walker is gone as well?

        • Mark Viguri

          Too bad because both Walker and Bird played well enough to get resigned.

  • Stefanie Smith

    NT and CB. Why won’t they do it? It about gives me an ulcer.

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    All those guys can be let go IMO…Really need a NT and CB…Sapoaga for 1 year….

    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

      I wonder when day two of laying the axe will come? TT seems to like to do them in waves and all at once.

  • Calman21

    I believe if there is someone that TT really wants badly enough we will see the releases and restructures. He is probably waiting for the second round of releases that is bound to come as other teams attempt to free up cap space. He should be able to pick up some quality players at good prices.

  • Robert Weisfeld

    D.Freeney NOT an option sorry

  • navw21

    Chargers sing QB Kellen Clemens to two year deal. CBJ to Tennessee on two year 8 million deal

  • BlueBoltFan

    I’ve heard the team likes Clary; he’s tough and durable, and can serve as a back up RT. I think Mike Harris is a better value in that he could play guard and fill in at either tackle spot in a pinch. I would be for cutting Clary and letting Hrris, Troutman and a drafteee battle it out for the starting guard spot.

    But I’m wary of restructuring contracts. That’s how Dallas got into their trouble. We need to avoid that noise like the plague.

  • Mark Viguri

    Except for Vincent Brown who does a lot of down field blocking the rest definitely look expendable but you forgot the biggest waste of money Clipboard Jesus. I don’t know why he wasn’t cut last year after Norval and his playbook left town.

  • Mark Viguri

    Clary and Rivers are very good friends it will be interesting to see if Telesco cut Clary vs. restructuring his contract.

  • Anthony95

    Restructuring Clary seems like a smart move. We can also restructure Weddle who counts $10M vs the cap this year and we want to keep him forever so that makes sense.

    Cut English

    For Rivers, I read somewhere that we can’t restructure his contract until sometime in late spring/early summer since he restructured last year. Don’t know if that is true but if so, there is why they haven’t restructured yet.

    Would love those moves then sign Wilfork to a 1 or 2 year deal, then resign Ohrmberger and we good until draft.

    Then at draft its NT (hopefully Nix as he would be long-term solution & allow Wilfork to rotate keeping him fresh) followed by CB in round 2 (Fuller ideal), WR in round 3, then KR is a must.

    Finish off draft with some combination of Guard/Tackle, another CB, then either another OLineman or Safety

  • Haskel

    Dwight Freeney needs to go. Save that money and go get the prefect Cb that the Chargers needs for years to come. Kyle Fuller from V-tech. He is smart and fast. He does things on a football field that you just can’t teach. He see the play before it happens.

    • maxisthebest

      Freeney took a pay cut to stay with the team. Hes only got one more year on the contract, plus hes an efficient pass rusher despite his age, better than anyone else we have at the position, and most importantly, is a great mentor for Melvin and anyone new (van Noy?) were bringing in. Much rather cut English whos done exactly 0 for the team except take our money

  • Haskel

    Just leave our O-Line alone. We need a rookie that can go next to Flucker and run right at them on the right hand side and dare them to stop it. Every team in the NFL runs to one side more then the other. I dare someone too try an stop us running on the right hand side. With Hardwick, ? and Flucker. We should never have more then a third and three.