Jan 12, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt in the first half against the Denver Broncos during the 2013 AFC divisional playoff football game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Denver defeated San Diego 24-17. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Whisenhunt Getting All The Heat For Chargers Loss

Ken Whisenhunt is getting a lot of heat today for the offenses inability to move the football for the first 3 quarters. Would he be getting heat if he decided not to go on interviews for those jobs? Where is the heat directed toward the defensive coordinator John Pagano? Or even head coach Mike McCoy?

Pagano’s defense held the Broncos to 24 points… sure, but they held onto the ball forever and the defense could not get off of the field on 3rd down. The 24 points was more about the Broncos dominating on offense and milking the clock. One stop on 3rd AND 17 would have gotten the ball back in the hands on Philip Rivers and probably would have gotten the game tied. 3rd AND 17!  How about the lack of discipline on the defensive side of the ball? How many ridiculous neutral zone infractions did we get? How many broken tackles were there? How about the lack of tackling also? Peyton Manning had all day to throw that football. How many punts did the Broncos have? They didn’t even need their punter!

The blame is not just on Ken Whisenhunt, look at some of the players on offense as well.  The offensive line couldn’t block for Philip Rivers. There was no depth at running back to fill in for Ryan Mathews. Antonio Gates dropped a first down catch that would have moved the chains. There was a throw to Keenan Allen that was behind him that would have been a first down. Ladarius Green let a ball go right through his hands for a first down. The offense didn’t execute and couldn’t get into any rhythm. Then they had to sit and watch Peyton take control on offense all over again. Gaining a big first down could have swung that momentum, but any time we needed a play, something went wrong in those first 3 quarters.

It is a team game and everyone contributed to the loss. The lack of execution on both sides of the ball should be the reason why we lost. Even special teams had their hiccups. Nick Novak slipped on his long field goal attempt. Mike Scifres and Nick Novak both had to make tackles to stop a long return. We could have gave up a touchdown, if not for a penalty.

The team, EVERYONE, had there part in this loss. Whisenhunt and everyone else.

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  • PakMaN

    Fuck that, Whisenhunt should get all the blame! We went up against an NFL record breaking offense 3 times this season and we are the only ones who have kept them from putting up 28+ points. Only team!

    We had a million 3 and outs in the first half and couldn’t capitalize on 2 turn overs. Offense hasn’t been an issue for this year for over a decade, why was it during this game against an average Defense? Simple, our coordinator was in cleveland on Saturday not giving a flying fuck about the team.

    • Stan Zab


    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      our offense had two 3 and outs in the first half. Philip Rivers had a delay of game on that drive on a 3rd and short to make things tougher on that drive. Ken whisenhunt didnt even go to cleveland, teams had to meet him in order to interview him.

      on the first drive, philip was sacked twice. couldn’t get a pass off.

      second drive, if Philip could hit Keenan Allen, we would have moved the chains, but the throw was behind him.

      next drive is after the stripped fumble and on 3rd and 3 we got sacked instead of taking the conservative route in field goal range and lost yards and lost points because of it.

      next drive, pass over the middle to Eddie Royal is knocked down to DRC. 4 passing plays on that posession to one running play.

      need to execute.

      • Conor Cahill

        Need a leader to execute. No leader, no plan, no execution.

        • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

          so Pagano deserves just as much blame

          • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

            Start from the TOP actually…HC, ultimately it’s his ball of wax….

          • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

            there it is! everyone has their part in that loss… whis just getting the brunt. it was bad all the way around… when execution is bad all around on the team, the top deserves to see some fingers

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      dont forget the cleveland game last year on offense.

    • Tazzster

      I don’t think the interviews made a difference.

      Whisenhunt came in with a plan to run the ball. The Broncos came in with a plan to stop the run. We needed to adjust and we didn’t We ran the ball on first down almost every time, then on second down most of the time. We needed to mix it up.

      And we should have been ready for it. Since we kicked their butts by running the ball, we should have expected them to be focused on stopping us. We should have come out and surprised them by throwing in on first down. Also, they were being ultra aggressive, except we ran no screen plays or reverses or anything to catch them not staying home. And we did not throw deep to keep them honest.

      Bad game plan.

  • Stan Zab

    Like PakMan said…only team this year to hold the donkeys under 28 and we’ve done it 3 times. Held them 14 points under their season avg and 90 yards under their season avg

    The most baffling thing to me was the fact that Mathews was out and Whiz was still trying to force the run over and over when it hasnt worked all game. The Chargers had the number 4 best passing offense for the year and through 3 quarters Rivers had under 50 yards passing against a shitty pass defense. Then in one quarter he puts up 180 yards. Thats inexplicable and retarded play calling. Plain and simple.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      held them under 28 points, but could they get off of the field? honestly. they forced ZERO punts the whole game. get your offense the ball!

      • Stan Zab

        Had 2 turnovers tho to our 0. What did we do after the fumble? Ran 6!! straight times and attempted a 53 yd fg. What is that? I havent see that much terrible play calling in one game all season.

        • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

          we ran it 4 times….. had a 16 yard gallop from ryan on that drive. Tried to pass it on 3rd and short and was sacked and put ourselves in worse field goal position.

          • Stan Zab

            Well when your whole game plan is run it on 1st down of course youre gonna get sacked a bunch of times. You get stuffed on 1st down and guess whats coming next? Pin your ears back and get at the QB. Absolutely 0 deception in play calling. It was like he was paid to call a shitty game.

          • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

            it has been the game plan all season though…. not saying none of the blame is on Whisenhunt.

            There just is so much more blame that can be passed out. That defense was bad. special teams was bad. whole team did not play well.

    • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

      Here you go playing Devil’s Advocate Ernie….

      3 Anemic Quarters on Offense….had SD just scored once in any of those 3 Quarters it would have made a difference…

      Then the slip on the FG Kick….That right there makes me wonder what the hell is pregame warm ups for and WTF are they paying the equipment manager for?? That FG should have been made…..Field conditons didn’t change turf wise during the game for that slip to have happened…He should have had cleats on steroids put on….

      Bottom line, no O execution, bc the OC is a retard…

      Here’s where McCoy needs to re-think what he said from the start..about running what works to players best abilities….For 2014 Coach McCoy, how about putting your foot up someones @$$ if this crap happens again on ANY game…..LEARN from it and move forward…

      Did they do that honestly yesterday??? F no!!!! Especially when they knew Clary and RM24 were hurt……

      Defensively, they could have done better, but what are you gonna do when the O keeps getting off the field without taking care of business???

  • Blue&gold_blood

    Straight up Fuck Whiz. Wish him the worst for his future NFL coaching career. Him an norv should coach together for the raiders or queefs or even the donkeys for all I give a fuck about them. It was all Whiz fault. The rest is given , your going to have miss opportunities , penalties , drop balls , etc. Sure your movig out, the least you could have done was be straight up and let Rivers do what he does best . Rivers should have been calling audibles all game long . Fuck Whiz.

  • Pels04

    Our secondary was decimated towards the end of the game so to me the 3rd and 17 is somewhat understandable. The team in general didnt play well but the entire offense just looked out of it. Bad games by that many positions on the field comes down to one thing, coaching. That was the worst the offense has looked in a long time maybe even all year and the only thing that changed was that Whiz was gone leading up to this HUGE game. Kind of hard to get your team ready to play when you are gone the 3 days leading up to the game. He was probably thinking about how stacked that Lions roster is…..

  • Derek

    I’m sure Peyton did that for Ingram because the main reason our defense improved was our rush. That was prob one of the focal points of they’re prep. Along with focus on short pass. Yeah we should have been more disciplined but most likely he turned it on and off giving false clues to lure the line. I’ve heard Peyton does the same with cbs “you think the word Omaha and pointing at a reciever means run a post because the reciever did it last time. The reciever beats you with an out because you pesumtively bit on a post.” They made sure to take advantage of the bye. I put that on our players not learning from our first meeting where teo said ” don’t try to out smart Peyton put earmuffs on and just play ball.”

    • Stefanie Smith

      The point here is that the Broncos prepared and made changes, adapting to what they saw and new data on the Chargers that they had gathered. We did not. We slopped something together because why? Somebody was busy and wanted it over with.

      • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

        what was pagano’s excuse?

        • Stefanie Smith

          You’re right. The sad part is Whisenhunt will get a new job out of it and Pagano gets the can or goes with Whis.

          None of them were prepared. They slopped something together and will blame it on all the players. No, if they are honest with themselves, these coaches did not do well. I wonder now if Pagano is going with Whis.


          • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

            awesome… at least you can see that there is more than just Whis that failed on this. we will see what Pagano does… Mike McCoy might want to bring in his own coordinator… honestly, i wouldn’t be too mad about it

          • Stefanie Smith

            I agree and now I am wondering if Pagano is going with Whisenhunt. The trouble with these scenarios and Whisenhunt going to the Titans, is they know all the Chargers’ business now and we compete with the Titans in the AFC.

            I feel bad for McCoy. I really do.

  • Brett M

    While I agree our D could have played a lot better and worked on tackling drills at least- they were going against the #1 Offense in the league.

    It’s up to our Offense and Coaching to come up with a gameplan that looks even slightly different than the game last month considering the injuries to personnel. Our Offense couldn’t sustain drives so the defense had to stay on the field and just get gassed.

    Interesting how three coaching candidates all stayed professional delaying interveiws and focused on the game ahead and got the Win! (Roman, Quinn, Gase) While Whiz interviewed during our leadup to the biggest game of the year for us. How did our offense look?

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      josh mcdaniels took interviews and the patriots offense looked fine

      • arnie

        Ernie, we all know a blind mad could run the patriots offense. We had this discussion, on how it may “look” if the Chargers lost, that maybe the interviews would be a distraction. I’m not convinced they were. But the Denver Staff made a conscious decision to avoid this very “issue”. Sometimes perception is more powerful than the truth.

      • Brett M

        One interview over their first round bye is a lot better than three in three days during a playoff game week

        • Stefanie Smith

          And the guy starts these interviews at the only time the team had to practice. I think they have to get Monday off under the CBA. Then the news was saying the Chargers had started practice on Wednesday. So the short time available was spent with his attention divided between two really big things. It’s obvious which responsibility he sort of shirked. He was more interested in recruiting staff to come with him to his new job.

          That is our next issue. This guy will now make an effort to take a bunch of our staff. Great. Thanks, but no thanks.

      • Conor Cahill

        We all know belichick is the only man that matters in NE.

      • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

        But BelliCheat won’t put up with any miscues and that’s the difference w/ a Rookie HC in McCoy…..Put that foot in someone’s @$$ dangit

  • Derek

    I believe wiz made an effort to do both that was respected by the team. Yeah he coulda done better if he wasn’t fielding interviews but it is what it is. This might be why the Seahawks didn’t go all the way last yr.

    • Stefanie Smith

      I believe that. It bothered me that during their run, Gus Bradley was running all over the country on interviews. And he went all over, because I believe he came here to SD. Yeah, he wasn’t taking care of Seahawk business. That is for sure.

  • arnie

    And here we go. Look he’s been getting the heat, for “EVERY LOSS” all season. The Only difference is, this was the playoffs, and he was interviewing for potential Head Coaching jobs, during his preparations.

    At the end of the day, i’m convinced he is the reason, a team that had “NO CHANCE” to finish above .500, even had a chance to be in the post season.

    • Stefanie Smith

      arnie: Then just the opposite can be said. If he is the reason we got into the playoffs, then he is the reason we didn’t play well. He was too frigging busy recruiting Charger staff for his new job. Come on now. 3 days before the playoffs for a team that had no chance?

      • arnie

        That’s your opinon. Fine. The simple fact is, you didn’t like that Whiz was interviewing for HC jobs when his team was still in the playoffs. You are not alone. “Truth” is you don’t know what went on behind closed doors, in meetings you were not apart of.

        To be clear, I said he’s been getting heat for, “EVERY LOSS” all season. This is nothing new. The Chargers have been stubbornly “stick to the game plan” approach i’ve been critical of all season. The conservative play calling, and poor execution, bit them in the arse at the worst possible moment. The problem at hand is the “PERCEPTION” of the interviews could be seen as a distraction, and blamed for the loss. For me, I’m not a bronco fan, I don’t , make excuses when my team loses a game.

        Again. If you can honestly tell me, that Whiz experience of being a Superbowl winning OC, and getting the cardinals to the Superbowl as HC, did not play ANY part in turning this team around, then you look at it any way you want.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Can you imagine how inconvenient it would have been for Whisenhunt and God only knows who else from the Charger staff, if the Chargers had won in Denver?

    • doomedby2020

      If that was tongue and cheek, awesome. If not, very insightful.

  • vct

    Now Chris johnson will shut up and be happy with him running on all downs and have the qb throw like 10 times per game. Lol

  • RussinSactown

    Here is a good NFL rule change idea: Until a team is eliminated from the playoffs, all interviews and formal contact with coaching staff must be avoided. This should be considered tampering and punishable by awarding a draft pick to the offended team.

  • Ozcharge

    Perception is reality to many any Whiz put himself in this position by interviewing 3 times in the week so when he came out with a pathetic game plan that was ineffective for 3 quarters with no adjustments he should absolutely take all the heat. It is clear he was not on the job so fuck him, I hope the team he HC’s never sniffs the playoffs under his regime. As soon as it was clear RM24 couldnt go yesterday we should have gone straight to the passing game attacking Jammer…. that guy gets burnt easier than a red headed kid in the sun…. Denvcer were always going to sell out on the run and Woody and Brown were never going to be effective against that. The D was making stops and we should have put the ball in the hands of our all pro QB….. F*ck U Wisenhunt, I blame you!