My Depth Chart: Week 2 Preaseaon


Here is my depth chart, after watching a huge sample….. one preseason game.

I will add notes behind certain names, as I deem necessary. You can fill in the blanks. In fact, please do so in the comments section.



Quaterbacks: Philip Rivers, and Diamond Brad Sorensen! Nuff said.

Running Backs & Fullbacks: Ryan Mathews, Ronnie Brown, Danny Woodhead, Le’Ron McClain (MAYBE replace McClain with Gronkowski. But, McClain subbed as a very productive running back for the Ravens with 10 TD’s).

Receivers: Malcolm Floyd, Eddie Royal, Vincent Brown, Keenan Allen, Uggghhhh Robert Meachem, Dan DePalma (because he returns punts, and Willie didn’t impress me so much)

Tight Ends: Antonio Gates, John “catch & block” Phillips, Ladarius Green

Left Tackles: King Dunlap, Max Starks

Left Guards: Chad Rinehart, Johnny “two times” Troutman (because he likes to get two penalties).

Centers: Nick Hardwick, David Molk

Right Guards: Jeromey Clary, Rich Ohrnberger

Right Tackles: DJ Fluker



Right Defensive Ends: Corey Liuget, Damik Scafe (?)

Defensive Tackles: Cam Thomas, Kwame Geathers

Left Defensive Ends: Kendall Reyes, Jarius Wynn (?)

Outside Linebackers: Dwight Freeney, Tourek Williams

Inside Linebackers: Manti Te’O, Bront Bird

Inside linebackers: Donald Butler, Andrew Gachkar (?), DJ Smith

Outside Linebackers: Jarret Johnson, Larry English

Right Cornerbacks: Shareece Wright, Johnny Patrick

Left Cornerbacks: Derek Cox, Steve Williams

Strong Safeties: Marcus Gilchrist, Darrell Stuckey, Brandon Taylor

Free Safeties: Eric Weddle, Sean Cattouse

Special Teams: Nick Novak, Mike Scifres, Mike Windt

Practice squad (Totally Guessing): Jahleel Addae, Marcus Cromartie, Fozzy Whittaker, Mike Willie, Luke Tasker, Byron Jerideau, Nick Becton, Frank Beltre

Honestly, I think you are already looking at your team, pretty much. That’s 51 on a 53 man roster. I would keep the offense the way it is. I would sign the following on defense.

We need ONE more CB.. whether it’s from the roster, or the open market. Gilchrist will play strong safety until Taylor gets back, but Stuckey could get the job done at SS if a CB went down, and Gilly had to move back to CB. Plus Stuckey is a special teams Captain, and our special teams looked awful. Let’s keep Stuckey, and anything Rich Bisaccia taught him.

RDE / LDE are an issue. I would sign one versatile DE, even if it meant cutting Gachkar. We need good depth.

Maybe an OLB (to make up for JJ’s lack of pass rush).

Please voice your thoughts below in the comments section. I am curious to see what you all think can be done to strengthen this team! Of course, this might all be hogwash after the second preseason game… but, I am basing this off of what I saw on Thursday.

Keep Bolting Toward Excellence!


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  • J.C. Ortiz

    You missed Beltre. He’s gonna make it as the 5th OLB. He has some serious burst off the line. Been showing great in practices as well.

    • MachoMenos

      You hit that right on the nose.

    • Peter Thompson

      I can get behind that.I actually did miss Beltre. He should have been on the practice squad, at least. I didn’t put a 5th OLB up there, because I don’t know if anyone has locked that up yet, and it would be nice to see what else is out there, once other teams start releasing players.

  • Bucky

    Fozzy doesn’t even make your ps?

    • Peter Thompson

      I didn’t think he was eligible, from his time with AZ. My bad. Yes he would. I’ll fix it.

  • MachoMenos

    Sean Cattouse impressed me. Too bad he’s stuck behind Weddle. It be nice to see him on the field with the big boys too see how he’d do.

    • Adam

      Stuck? Lol. I know what you mean though

    • Peter Thompson

      Even Weddle can use a breather. Good to have a capable back up, just in case the “I-Word” happens. He did play really well. I watched the game again, and he was all over the place, and made a tackle on every other play!

  • Antonio

    Beltre and Addae make the team. Fozzy at least on Practice squad

  • Gunnar Martin

    Uhh.. it’s Brad Sorensen, not Matt. Sorry Pete, I just had to be OCD there.

    And I think Fozzy makes it over Hill on the practice squad.

    • Peter Thompson

      Fixed. I thought Fozzy played a little for AZ last year, so he wasn’t eligible for the PS. My bad. Yes, Fozzy over Hill, for sure.

  • Adam

    Nice! I think if the first team stays healthy all year, we have a shot at the big one! Now back me up people!!!

    • Gunnar Martin

      *backing you up*

      • Adam

        Good lookin out

    • Peter Thompson

      WOOT WOOT!!! Let’s do this!

      • Adam

        HELL YEAH!!!

    • Ambitoos

      First team looked good but didn’t get much of a look. I watched the KC and Saints game. KC looks very very good with Alex Smith. We definetly have some compitition this year. The Raiders looked much better also.

      • Peter Thompson

        I only caught the end of that game, so I didn’t see Smith in action. Maybe they’ll show it again.

      • Adam

        The Cheifs are being WAY overrated IMO. Let them prove it first. As for the Raiders, they ain’t shit

        • Peter Thompson

          My sentiments exactly.

  • sy

    Thank you for not listing CBJ but how can you list Ronnie Brown and not Fozzy W. You also missed Frank Beltre? Why is Meachem on any list? Yes he has guaranteed money but he is playing terrible…better to bring in a young player with potential for cheap. The odd of the Chargers making the playoff are slim…much better to find young players with potential to develop rather than keeping legacy, overpaid players.

    • Nick in PB

      I would never send Meachum on a curl route or a comeback route. The dude doesn’t get it that he has to come back for the ball!!! Same thing last year. What a waste of money. I don’t think TT keeps him if he doesn’t improve.

      • Peter Thompson

        I hope = ) It would be nice to cut him loose.

    • Peter Thompson

      I actually did miss Beltre. I should have at least put him on the practice squad over one of those other guys. I didn’t put him on the depth chart because I am not so sure he has clearly “won” the 5th OLB position YET. I will have to see more, but he did play well. Personally, I would like them to wait and see who else is released from other teams, and compare Beltre to other options. Not that he isn’t good, though. As for Meachem, I just don’t see them cutting him over the money. If they did, they would make me a very happy man.

  • Henok

    Brad Sorenson will be our starting QB in two to three years. Just watch!

    • Gunnar Martin

      You know what, I would totally be fine with that as long as he’s good.

  • arnie

    i can see that Peter. good article.

    • Peter Thompson

      You know it’s funny.. when you watch the Seattle game, you kind of put your head in your hands, after the 1st team goes off. But, when you look at the depth chart, I feel like we have 53 guys that can win. I just posted another article about the ones who might not.

      • arnie

        Your right. when you put a bunch of of 2′s on the field we’re watching a game. the coaches are looking to see who stands out. And you can definitely see who does. Now despite CBJ performance, is he better throwing from behind PR’s line, to floyd royal or allen? he was literally behind a center that was playing center for the first time. ever.
        At the end of the day, i did say 10 wins.

        • Peter Thompson

          I just thought he held onto the ball way too long, bounced a throw off a players helmet when he was just throwing it away, which was close to being picked off.. and he threw two picks that I thought were questionable throws. But, your point still has merit. I still say let’s see how it plays out. I just think he’s overpaid.

          • arnie

            I agree Peter. I saw the same things and i agree. i’m not jumping on the CBJ bandwagon, don’t get me wrong. context. Just consider his upbringing? norv raised an nurtured him. he looked like PR in 2012 an 11, poor decisions, behind a not so good line. He’s not the future, but let’s wait an see before we toss him out.

  • miketuck

    Peter; Well done, except under the new management I’ll bet FozzyWhitaker will be a RB and McClain is gone. Gronkowski might stay. Thatand I’d be willing to bet that Meachum and Royal might be gone and Luke Tasker will make the team. Especially because injurys are going to force some changes. Getting younger with a new coach and GM allows for the coach to be able to teach and get the players to listen better. Jared Johnson being dinged up might cause the Chargers to go with English on the starters and a new OLB making this squad.