Jul 26, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers receiver Eddie Royal (11) runs the ball after a reception during training camp at Chargers Park. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers Camp Re-Cap Wide Receivers


I’m  back to go more in-depth in the positions battles taking place, based on my observation on day 1& 3 of camp. So i thought it would be fun to fill that time, until i return with more news on Aug 1st. Today I’ll Cover the WR.

Now as a fan I’ve studied this team, and football, to gain a basic understanding of the game. However while I’m not a pundit of football, nor am i some expert analyst, everything i say should be taken with a grain of salt. What you can expect from me, i will not tell you “..Royal looks awesome…”, if he looks like he should be released. cool. onward…

My list of the top five WR;

This may shock you..

#1Eddie Royal: entering his 6th season with, 229 Rec, 2,342 Yds, 10 TD & 241 rushing Eddie looks to be the most versatile WR on the squad, he ran the post and slants with outstanding results. He is consistent at getting separation and making catches. Not to mention he is a weapon in the backfield as well as Kick returner. Now we know what the problem has been. health. if Royal can stay healthy he can be the guy. With changes in the Training staff, the offense, and influx of depth, the pressure is off Royal to be in on every play. At the end of the day, Royal is looking like a 6 year guy, that is worth the money he was paid.

#2 Danario Alexander (DX): entering his 4th year with, 83 Rec, 1,395 Yds, an 10TD, This young man is FOR REAL. so why number two? versatility. While DX has proven he can be the deep threat, and run slants. He can’t do all the things Royal can. Besides as far has health goes, 5 knees surgeries doesn’t put you ahead of the curve against Royal. In my book, they are in the same boat, as far as injuries go. Now I will say this, he will most likely eclipse Royal in REC and that is why it was hard for my to put him at 2.  This may change, by the time the season starts, but for now, it’s camp talk. At 24 years of age, his numbers go in one direction. up.

#3 Vincent Brown (VB): entering his 3rd season with 19 Rec, 329 Yds, an 2 TD. looking at those numbers you would think I was insane to place him here. but wait, it’s get’s better. VB has been sidelined by injuries his first two seasons. The first was an  ankle sprain and his wrist. Then in your second season a guy falls on your ankle, in pre-season, and snaps it? I’ll give him pass. Nothing you can do to prevent that. It just happens. Now, from what I’ve seen, he can go downtown, get separation, and make BIG TIME catches when called upon. His route running is excellent. More over he does it consistently. So as far as a dynamic WR this is as high as I can put him, because of the numbers.

#4 Malcom Floyd (M80): entering his 8th season with, 233 Rec, 3,384 Yds, and 25 TD Now when I looked at Malcom over the years, he’s mostly used his size and ability to make plays. He usually was a jump ball guy. That’s all they really needed him to do. In camp,  he was running more slants and quick out routes than I’m used to seeing him do. Seeing that he was learning a new offense, coupled with using skills that he never needed before and it showed. So why here? Malcom still made the most spectacular catches in camp. While  he didn’t get much separation, he managed to pluck the balls off the backs of the DB’s. repeatedly. If it was in reach, most likely Malcom came down with it. If i had to say, Malcom is the second best Red Zone threat the Chargers have. Gates is #1.

#5 Keenan Allen (Mr. hat):  Is the rookie. He finished at Cal with 26 Rec, 2,570 Yds, and 17 TD. I can’t be more happier with his progress, from day one, to day three in camp, he looked like a completely different WR. It was clear day one he was still trying to find himself. He looked like a rookie. By the time I got back on day three, separation, catch, slant catch, post, catch, go, catch. the thing that caught my eye the most, how he cut DB’s, not literally, just when he made his cuts, he left DB’s standing on the corner of “WTHeck & Burned”. He’s going to be a star for this team.

Now an honorable mention

Richard Goodman: entering his 3rd season, with 1 Rec, 25Yds, don’t let the numbers fool you. Goodman has been the primary Kick Returner and done it well. In camp, he’s been the “other” player that is versatile, good route runner, gets separation, and good hands. Two things, I had Royal and DX tied for 1st, I thought that would be a cop out, since the coaches have to chose who stays and who goes.  Secondly  for a third year guy, he looked sharper than the WR I left off the list, (you know who). With that said, My criteria i used was route running, versatility, separation, hands, play making ability and health.

Thanks for indulging me, if you have any opinions or gripes feel, free to chime in.

I’ll get the the”Other WR” in a part two…


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  • PakMaN

    I’m loving our offense this season!

    • Calum Thompson

      I’m just concerned they look awesome because our secondary are poor – i hope I’m wrong…

      • PakMaN

        Compared to what? Last year??

        • Calum Thompson

          Compared to the league average – not much could be worse than last year… :) Optimistic though!

          • PakMaN

            I disagree…Cox has been top 15 DB in the league and we have Weddle. I would say we’re fine.

          • Gunnar Martin

            And Shareece Wright is apparently doing very, very well. I have high expectations for him.

      • arnie

        You should read Dave’s Article on his observations on Sunday. the D seems to be clamping down.

  • davacho

    nice preview of coming attractions- very excited for our receivers (wouldn’t mind losing one for a better o-lineman). i love the energy from this fresh start/clean slate… my expectations are high. : )

    also, side note: M80 is entering 10th season and Goodie his 4th.

    • arnie

      I noticed, and goofed a little. malcom is listed as 8th, however the is an entire year he did not play. so didn’t know if they were counting that year or not. confuse me to end. so i ran with what they had. sorry

      • davacho

        oh don’t say sorry bro! i felt mildly douchey even saying anything. the only reason it flagged in my brain was that chargers.com ran a blog where he mentioned playing for 10 years.

        • arnie

          No worries. i appreciate the help. As far as i’m concerned that helps me keep the facts straight. I’m not perfect, and i’m not to proud i can’t own up to any mistakes.
          thanks for lookin’ out.

  • CoachEd14

    Mike Willie is a WAY better receiver than Goodman…

    • Gunnar Martin

      I’m with you there. But right now, for the team, I guess Goodman is the better option if he is acing on kick returns. Still doubt he makes the roster though.

      • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

        Dang, Gunnar.. great thoughts across the board on this post.

        • Gunnar Martin

          Why thank you :)

    • arnie

      That’s probably true, to some degree. But in context Willie dropped more passes than Goody. Gooman is versatile in his role with Special Teams. more on why in part two.

      • Gunnar Martin

        Ooh, part two… sounds exciting.

        • arnie

          Hey they are more than five WR in camp, so why not?

  • Dave O

    I have to agree. I was surprisingly impressed by Royal on Sunday. Caught everything that was thrown his way and got great separation. A new coach and a new system will benefit him the most.

    • davacho

      old coach really! : )

      • arnie

        LOL you are right! LOL

    • arnie

      What concerns me Dave, i’d like them to move Royal out of KR duties, to keep him fresh for the season. My fav is Goodman to continue his impressive hold on that position.

  • Gunnar Martin

    Great work Arnie. This group is what excites me most about this team right now. So many playmakers, so much opportunity. Our passing game will be much better this year.

    And football is truly here now! Tryouts started yesterday for me, so the season is just around the corner. Sorry to make you old guys jealous ;)


    • arnie

      Thanks Gunnar. just doing my part, to get the norv aj odor out of the organization.

  • http://boltbeat.com/ ChargerGirl Cindi

    I love the list and can’t wait to see these guys in action! I will be hitting practice on Friday!

    • arnie

      Thanks Cindi. i’ll be in my spot. i might see you there as well.

  • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

    Nice article, Arnie! I love that you shook up that rotation. Seems everyone has DX, M80, V-Brown, Meachem, Royal, Allen penciled in…. in that order, too. That is why there is a camp competition. To find out who really fits these roles. If you would have told me that Royal would even be in the discussion for #1 receiver a week ago, I would have laughed. But, everything I read is how Royal is being dominant in practice. All these receivers have good skill sets, and the playing field is pretty even, if you ask me… even for Allen. Not so much for Casper… I mean Meachem.

    • arnie

      Hey, i’m just looking with my eyes. And Royal showed he’s not done, or a bum. so i couldn’t put him a number two. he’s earning his money. What drives me Crazy about media, they only talk about the names they know and they don’t know any of them. Worse, the local media should know, but they only repeat what the national media says.
      Please show up to camp and stick mic in Tasker or DePalmas face. let the locals know, who’s fighting to make the roster, and get excited about these guys.

  • Alter Ego

    I’m not a crazy about Goodman. He had a fat return yardage stat line last year…I just remember him taking KOs out of the in-zone and coming up short of the 20 yrd line too many times.

  • Sergio Quintero

    Eddie Royal has teased too many times for me to take him seriously, he was the buzz player entering last year’s training camp. He won’t be cut early, so he will get his chance, but he better produce in both kickoff and punt returns in the preseason, I would be shocked if he’s not 5th or 6th on the depth chart. Have a feeling that Goodman who has stayed healthy more will take his spot.

    In terms of WR not to be named (Meachem) I suspect he will not be active for anything more than 4 games this year.

  • Adam

    This might sound crazy, but royal may wind up being the best slot threat in the league this year…especially with the amount of short throws coming his way this year.

  • Big mike

    I think Dan Depalma might be the Welker we’ve missed since welker got picked up on waivers by Miami back in the day.. Look out for that kid.. Also, Mike Willie is a guy I thoroughly enjoy watching.. He’s a guy that has tremendous upside