December 9, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; San Diego Chargers defensive back Darrell Stuckey (25) on the field before playing the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Darrell Stuckey – Special Teams 4 Life

We´ve been talking a lot about the Chargers´ secondary situation lately; and that with good reason. With exception of “Mr. Reliable” Eric Weddle, the Chargers lost all of their starters at cornerback and safety this offseason.

Shareece Wright and free agent pick-up Derek Cox are set to be the starters at cornerback. Marcus Gilchrist is making the transition to strong safety and probably will be the starter there in September. I can see Gilchrist doing a solid job at safety, but what surprises me is that Darrell Stuckey is getting very little attention and consideration when talking about the vacant strong safety position.

Recently I remembered some offseason talk last year, where it had been debated whether or not Darrell Stuckey should be given some playtime on defense. The common sense was that he should prove himself on the special teams one more year, and if he does well on that unit, then he shall get the chance to compete for the starting job at strong safety next year. Well, here we are; Stuckey had a very solid season…but where are his supporters?

I have to admit, he wasn´t and still isn´t my first option for the vacant roster spot. And that´s because Stuckey is doing a pretty awesome job on the special teams; he keeps things stable. And I said a couple of times that I don´t want him to leave that unit in order to prevent unnecessary disturbance. Because we all know they already had some very bad plays in the second half of last season – guess no one here needs another special teams season like the one in 2010.

But after all it´s very surprising to me that almost nobody within the Bolt family is considering the 25-year old Charger (will turn 26 in a few days), as legit option to gain the starting job next to Eric Weddle. Maybe we should take a closer look at the former fourth round pick (in 2010) for the San Diego Chargers.

Stuckey attended the University of Kansas. He was an All-Big 12 First Team selection, and in 2008, the college safety was named one of twelve semi-finalists for the 2009 Jim Thorpe trophy. Two years later he received the Big 12 Sportsman of the Year award.

The devout Christian was considered to be one of top safeties going into the 2010 draft; the Chargers grabbed him at 110 overall. In 2011, he racked up 12 total tackles and in 2012 he was able to repeat this number. Last year he additionally recorded 2 forced fumbles as well as 2 fumble recoveries.

In college he was considered as the best player on an overall mediocre defense. But he wasn´t yet allowed to show his potential on the Chargers´ defensive unit. And again, I also wasn´t the one who stood up and yelled “Yes, he´s the guy to build a beast tandem with Weddle in the last line of the defense”. But I do think he could help the team at strong safety; at least until Brandon Taylor – for whom the Chargers gave up a sixth round pick last year – gets healthy again.

So in the end I´m a little bit confused Darrell Stuckey gets that little support from the Chargers fans base and the new Chargers´ brass.

BoltFam, you can prove me wrong now – is there support for Stuckey among the Bolt family or did I get it right that you´d rather like him to stay on the special teams. If he wants to take on a bigger role on the Bolts defense, then this could be his chance. Otherwise, he might be a special teamer for life (at least here in San Diego).

Thank you for reading and feel free to share your thoughts on the (soon to be) 26-year old Charger.


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  • 619chargers4life

    ive been a Stuckey supporter since day one, i thought he would get his shot this season. injuries are bound to happen, and maybe he still gets his shot this season. i would love for him to go beast mode during the preseason and be the week 1 starter, only time will tell.

    • MC Boltman

      Yeh, I really like him too…he´s a cool teammate and has great work ethic and was “the man” on ST last year. But now that they moving Gilchrist over to SS, I can´t see Stuckey as No. 1 there. I guess they want him to stay on ST…we´ll see

  • FitzWilly

    I say we Stickey with Stuckey :)
    Special Teams does matter
    he could be the next Kassim Osgood

    • MC Boltman

      Special Teams does matter right..*2010 flashback* Ugh!

  • Alter Ego

    Every player in the NFL was a star at some level. I think its really more like “Stuckey who ?” He obviously has ability. He needs to nail down a spot and get on the field more. Now is his chance. I wish him the best – if he doesn’t impress in practice…then I wish whoever does the best – want them to play and become a household name. Let Stuckey prove it on the gridiron – he has all the opportunity in the world. Until then…Stuckey who?

    • MC Boltman

      Lol…well, as you said “at some level” – Stuckey obviously was a star on his defense at a pretty high level…now that Gilchrist is making the transition and Taylor will be healthy again at some point…I can´t see they are considering Stuckey as legit option for the starting job – but of course, if he outplays them all in training camp..who knows..

  • Cgoodness13

    If gilchrist is beating him out of the job then he might not be a starter :/

    • MC Boltman

      I guess it will be that way…and I think they like Gilchrist more on defense (at SS) than Stuckey…we´ll see (Stuckey may will leave SD anyway next year…don´t think he wants to be a Special Teamer for life).

      • natelew

        I don’t think anyone does, but can you name a team that gives him a better opportunity to play safety? If he can’t crack our roster and at the very least be the 2nd SS behind 38 until Taylor’s back he should realize ST 4 life is how it will be.

        • Cgoodness13

          Well the patriots took what’s his name, and he was mediocre at best

  • Cgoodness13

    In Other news, just read somewhere that we are currently trying to extend butlers contract

    • MC Boltman

      Yes thats an important topic too…Butler will get a monster deal I guess – will be a fat cap hit, hope they´re able to get the deal done.

  • Rob Base

    He was solid for the Jayhawks in college. Stuckey brings depth at Safety and insurance in case of injury. To me he’s a Osgood 2.0 dependable with great leadership qualities. Either way ST or S he’s a solid contributor for our Bolts.

    • MC Boltman

      Yes he did very well in college. And he´s definitely dependable…but this is something other teams may have an eye too…he´s an UFA next year, and if he doesn´t get chances to prove himself on defense this year, I don´t know why he would decide to stay here in SD (provided that he gets a great offer elsewhere).

  • Jordan Denning

    I’ve heard that in nickel formations Gilchrist will move up and take the role of the “third corner” and stucky will come in at safety. If this is in fact true, then he should be on the field quite a bit

    • MC Boltman

      I think I read that on twitter too…but why did they draft Steve Williams then? Why not giving him playtime to develop into a starter one day? Those nickel formations would be perfect for him…Gilchrist is making the transition to safety for the first time in the NFL – he should learn to play that position on professional level first, before he has to switch between two positions…makes no sense to me at this point

  • Nate Lew

    The hilarious thing to me is I saw a youtube clip of him years ago leading up to the draft of him pursuing some break away play from like 30 yards away and hustling the runningback down just before the goal line. For some reason I commented that we would draft him and it happened, the only thing he’s ever done for us is hustle guys down hahahah.

    • MC Boltman

      Haha..I see visionary talent here..:)

  • ioane

    Stuckey is the type of player that would end up being a solid starting safety on another team. It always happens to us. We always have a player that we didn’t give a chance to, only for that player to leave and be something great for another team. I like Stuckey and wish they gave him a shot to compete for the spot.

    • MC Boltman

      Thats what I´m thinking too…I think there will be another team that will give him the chance, maybe already next year (UFA) – but we are moving Gilchrist over to safety who could be an awesome corner too. But after all I trust TT…Gilchrist will be good at SS, but CB depth scares me…

  • C.Steele

    OMG! Thank you Boltman!!! I have felt like I have been the lone voice shouting that exact same sentiment in the storm for almost 2 years!!! Norv is gone now, so lets find out if the kid can play! He’s certainly developing in to a special team stud, lets find out if that’s the case with his safety skills as well. As you pointed out in the article, he wasn’t exactly chopped liver in college! If we truly want the best players on the field let him compete with the other S in preseason, and let the best man win! Worst case scenario, he’s beat out, but upside we find out if we have viable back up until Taylor gets back. Love the Article! #GoBolts!

    • MC Boltman

      Hey Thanx very much! Yeh, carried the thought with me a while and it really surprised me that he obviously also doesn´t get too much attention by the new Chargers brass…but maybe we just have to wait how the things are developing in the OTAs, training camp etc. But he´s definitely worth a consideration IMO. Great you liked the article #GoBolts!

  • Bill Nichols

    Stuck is solid, we need him, and we must keep him. I think he is one of those die hard battlers, always practices hard, is never a problem, always giving all he has got. Perfect kind of team mate to take to the big dance. He has the skills, and will get his chances to shine this year. TT and MM aren’t letting this guy go anywhere.

    • MC Boltman

      Thats right…he deserves more consideration IMO: Hope he´s able to show what he can do in training camp…he could be an important factor in secondary situation right now.