Apr 26, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Chargers first round draft pick right tackle D.J. Fluker poses for a photo with executive vice president of football operations John Spanos (far left) general manager Tom Telesco (left) and head coach Mike McCoy (right) during a press conference at the Chargers Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Jody Gomez-USA TODAY Sports

Poll Position #3: Too soon?


When I look at the picture above.. except for Fluker… I think they kinda look like.. what do they look like Jimmy?


Before anyone gets all “WHY ARE THEY DORKS?!!!!” on me…  I am just poking a little fun. Mount Fluker looks MONSTEROUS in that picture! TT, McCoy, and Spanos look like the math squad next to him!

It Doesn’t matter whether you think these guys are dorks, or not. What DOES matter is how good of a job the organization is doing. How do you feel about things right now? We’ve had some setbacks, some nice signings, and we’ve had some vets walk out the door to divisional rivals. We have new coaches, new players, a new general manager, new trainers, new practice field, new roster (sort of), new uniforms, new new new new…. the only new thing we don’t have is a new stadium (DOH!). Hopefully, that will come later.

Some fans seem conflicted about what direction the team is going, and what the plan is to finish putting this team together. We’ve still got our key veterans in place, and some promising new talent. Yet, this is not a finished product. Most importantly, the Chargers are heading into the meat & potatoes of training camp. Additions will be acquired… cuts will be made. Tom Telesco is in the heart of the poker game, and it’s almost time to see the cards. Divisionally, he is sitting across from john “The Cowboy” Elway, Reggie “Straight Face” McKenzie, and Andy “The Walrus” Reed w/ KC’s GM John Dorsey calling the shots. Those are some tough hombres! It’s time to make some crucial signings! With our salary cap limitations, this is the most important phase of free agency, and we need to play our cards right. You have to throw your chips confidently, and wisely! So far, Tom Telesco has had a pretty darn good poker face. Let’s hope that continues. But, this isn’t just about Tom Telesco. It’s about Dean & John Spanos, and Mike McCoy, as well… the top of the organization, so to speak.

In poker terms, how would you grade the Charger’s hand, so far? I threw “Too Soon” in there, just for the people who still haven’t made up their mind, but I encourage you to not choose that, and rate what they have done so far.

Thanks for reading, and Keep Bolting Toward Excellence!

In poker terms, how would you grade the Charger's hand, so far?

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  • Stefanie Smith

    I am nervous a bit on how it is going, but the way you write it up, settles it down a little. Yeah, there is still time and it is a work in progress. What I really feel good about is Rivers’ relationship with McCoy and Whisenhunt. They are working closely with him so that he can have a comeback year. I mean, Whisehunt said Rivers reminded him of Kurt Warner in his prime and says Rivers is a ProBowl player. They are getting to the bottom of what bothered Rivers. Whisenhunt got very defensive and said that Rivers did not play in the vacuum (can’t blame him) when other parts of the offense didn’t play so hot.and did not help Rivers.

    And whoever made the call to shut down T’eo mania for awhile… they have my vote. This kid should not start thinking he is running the show, because he is not

    And great job on this article, Pete. I voted one pair. They have something going, just haven’t figured out what yet.

    • NativeSanDiegan

      MM was extremely upset on camera when asked if he had prior knowledge that Te’o was going to that big party and said very sternly that he’d spoken to Te’o & something like that will NOT happen again. He is the one that previously said Te’o well not be doing any press conferences and wouldn’t be talking to media. Then Te’o goes to that party where he’s guaranteed to be talking to the media. He must have been LIVID.

  • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

    three of a kind… confident… but i can’t go all in with it

    • Alter Ego

      Its a Flush ! I love what they have done. We were more competitive than last years record shows. I think this team would slap last years team arround. I think we can/will win the AFC West. I’m so excited about it I’m sporting solid wood months away from kickoff.

  • MC Boltman

    I´m confident too…hope that “Fluker struggles at right tackle” news is just crazy talk by Kevin Acee … But I´m all for our new Chargers brass! Something is happening here in San Diego – and I like it! #boltup

  • PakMaN

    I don’t know how to play poker, so I put too soon lol.

    • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

      LOL… Just look at it as the top is the best, and it goes down degrees from there. Just imagine it says “A, B, C, D, F”… and then “Too Soon” ; )

  • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

    If you don’t know how to play poker, just imagine it as a grade scale “A, B, C, D, F”… and then “Too Soon”. Royal Flush being the best hand, and One Pair being the worst hand.

  • IrishCarBomb

    I almost want to put a new option in there for a low four of a kind (would have voted for a full house immediately, your definitely asking to lose your money if you go in on a three of a kind). Very confident with his work done so far, but there are plenty of bad beats for a low 4 of a kind/full house.

  • IrishCarBomb

    Loved the way you set up this poll by the way, I was reading each commenter’s poker hand/face….lol

    • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

      Thanks. A lot of polls out there always go “A B C D F” when it comes to approval ratings. I thought it might be more fun to use poker terminology. Just to break the monotony.

  • IrishCarBomb

    On a side note, look at Fluker’s poker face! Depending on your environment, (i.e. a multitude of security guards), you may just let him win regardless of what you think he has.

  • Rob Base

    I don’t know how to play poker. I guess four of a kind. Hope that’s good?

  • Bill Nichols

    Full House baby…….. Okay, maybe we still need some O-line, and a running back. But, we’re only a couple cards away. So yeah, me too, 3 of a kind.

  • NativeSanDiegan

    I voted a flush. Real good, not great, & only need 1 card for sttaight-flush or only a few for Royal-flush. For me it all comes down to our top 2 (& 4th rd) draft picks. Will Fluker be a stud RT within a couple of years? Not a middle of the road RT. Will he get the quickness to handle speed rushers? If not then he should still be able to handle bull-rushers and run block. Could be a great RG, &/or transition to RT in a couple of years. Now for Te’o as our 2nd (& 4th) rd pick. MM keeps insisting that he is a 3 down LB as does TT. Others think he can’t cover, only in a limited zone. Most MLB or ILB can’t’ cover. He also missed tackles and even bounced right off Lacey’s thighs on one open-field tackle attempt in Title game vs Alabama. He does have great instincts but so do hundreds of other players. Is he even better than Brown (from K-State) or another ILB that were both still available at our original draft position before we gave up our 4th rd pick to trade up? Did we even need to make that trade or did TT panic after getting screwed out of the LT’s in 1st rd. (understandable in his first-ever draft where he calls the shots). BTW I’m still a huge fan of his. With the pressure of the clock in the draft did he panic a bit. Did he not study the other teams’ needs and draft histories to not accurately project others draft probabilities and possibilities; or was it a team effort and he trusted his top scouts too much (they were really AJ’s people, not his). Is that why some were replaced over the last few weeks?
    That’s a lot to think about (which I’ve done recently). I believe his handling of FA (including letting some of ours walk) has been brilliant, especially when he knew that he’d take a lot of criticism (see Stephanie) for it.
    I also believe our draft and UFA signings has been brilliant except for trading up for Te’o (I believe we should have kept our #4 and picked the best of the 3 ILB that fell to us-my personal choice was Brown, but he did know Te’o well). I also believe we should have traded up to Raiders (but they may not have traded with us) or Jaguars for our LT.
    I’m sure he’ll do better next year and get our franchise LT, along with other needs and depth. Happy to see him take BPA in 3rd rd especially. Our front office is much improved even since the draft, and I’m sure it’s a better working environment which will make AJ holdovers work that much better for TT. I also believe MM is doing a great job and hope they, and the new conditioning coach can coach up all of our young guys, ESPECIALLY Fluker and Te’o. Hope they prove me wrong about Te’o. Also, (& I may be wrong about this-it’s hard to see in photos) I THINK they may have been wearing long cleats in OTA’s until Melvin’s ACL tear. After that it looks like they’re either not wearing cleats at all, or are wearing soccer cleats or very short cleats.
    Some growing pains (in my opinion) for TT (1st 2 rounds of draft) and MM (if I’m right about the cleats), but they’ve learned from them (but a very hard lesson re: Melvin. They’ve made many brilliant moves and the entire organization is growing, learning, and energized thanks to TT and to Spanos for hiring him.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      With Te’o I had thought the same thing and had never shared on the site. I really like Te’o, but I also liked Arthur Brown, Minter and Alonso in the 2nd round. One of those things that we will have to wait around and see how it all plays out.

      • NativeSanDiegan


      • NativeSanDiegan

        Yup. I was actually thinking Alonso in 4th if not Brown or Minter in 2nd or 3rd. With the extra pick we’d save plus ours in 2,3,4,&5 I saw us getting a good cover corner who can tackle (which we got & I really like), a SS (which we already had on roster), ILB, G (I’m thinking Rinehart is still young and probably better than we think), rb-we didn’t draft but with BPA surprised with great wr prospect in 3rd, & OLB: maybe Tourek. There are bound to be rb,g, & even OT at cut rate prices after June 1

      • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

        I did not see the Te’O thing coming. Thought we could have gotten someone without blowing a 4th rounder.. but, like you said, we’ll have to see. We could possibly have a lethal combination over the middle, which would make us forget pretty quickly. No pressure, Manti ; )

    • Alter Ego

      Holy Crap ! Thats some outstanding comments Native. I like the post.
      I was a big Te’o fan from the get go and was (and am) estatic when TT traded up for him. I expect him to be huge – Deffensive Rookie of the Year. I believe TT / McCoy expect it as well. They are swinging for the fences with T’eo. The girlfriend thing was wierd – but I really don’t care if he is crazy and sleeps with sheep. I just want him to be a crazy bad ass MLB like he was before the ‘bama game. Thats gotta be one big friggin chip on his shoulder and I bet he goes all in to remove it grande style.
      I actually wanted to snatch up Vaccarro at safety in the 1st(he will be a stud) – I hadn’t even considered Fluker. Now however, Fluker was a good get – I think his single aquisition changed our O line into a soon to be displayed strength of the team and was an exellent pick.

  • NativeSanDiegan

    Sorry, I think I just wrote a novel.

    • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

      Ever read one of my articles? Lol…