Dec 2, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Danario Alexander (right) talks to wide receiver Malcom Floyd (80) on the sideline during the fourth quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

How will the Chargers use their deep WR core, how will they split snaps?

With an offense that has continuously had Antonio Gates as its number 1 option, the realistic expectation has to be this team will carry 5 WR’s at the most 6, if you look at Richard Goodman as a WR and not as special teams player.

As it currently stands:

WR 1 Malcom Floyd
WR 2 Danario Alexander
WR 3 Vincent Brown
WR 4 Robert Meachem
WR 5 Keenan Allen
WR 6 Eddie Royal
WR 7 Richard Goodman

Looking at this depth chart we can easily make the argument that Eddie Royal’s days in a charger uniform are numbered, and the only reason Robert Meachem will make this team is that he’s very well paid and would figure a minimal cap relief if cut.

To make matters worse for Robert Meachem, the offense sure seems to be moving away from the vertical stretch role he had in New Orleans he had some success in.

A recent report from Peter King makes it quite clear the chargers are going to a short dink & dunk offense which has a high percentage of its throws near the line of scrimmage, from monday’s morning QB article: “McCoy said he thinks Philip Rivers, who has never completed more than 66 percent of his throws in seven starting seasons, can be a 70-percent passer in his new offense. ‘I’ve been blown away by his anticipation and willingness to learn,” McCoy said. That Rivers has 35 interceptions in the last two years is an indication to many who watch the Chargers that he can get too confident in his ability to fit balls downfield into small holes. McCoy will harp on trusting the system that has a myriad of answers, always including one short one — thus his belief the completion percentage can improve.

That type offense figures to help the more instinctive Allen & Brown get on the field, than the better athlete than player that Meachem has proven so far; plus should make the life of whoever play Left Tackle a whole lot easier than Norv’s love of 7 step drops.

By the end of the season barring injuries the active WR’s should be:

WR 1 Malcom Floyd
WR 2 Danario Alexander
WR 3 Vincent Brown
WR 4 Keenan Allen
WR 5 Richard Goodman (Kickoff returns)


WR 6 Robert Meachem

Cut in preseason or June 1:

WR 7 Eddie Royal

A.J. Smith horrible offseason of 2012 just keeps on tormenting this franchise, but I have true faith that both Vincent Brown & Keenan Allen will be stars soon for the Bolts. And they will be the starters on opening day of 2014 for the chargers.

So guys time to accept the modern offenses of 35-45 throws, high percentage get the ball out of your QB’s hand, and to say goodbye to the long throws we got under Norval.

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  • MC Boltman

    Yes, everybody is talkin about Alexander and Brown – they both will have a great season, there I´m sure (if Alexander´s knee lets him play enough games). But I think Keenan Allen will make an impact too – more in the second half of the season. Lookin at our WR corps makes me pretty confident for next season (my expectations aren´t too high tho).
    And for sure…Eddie Royal is expendable – cut him.
    And I don´t think we´ll never see long throws again, but I agree, they´ll get rare.

    • Sergio Quintero

      Clearly the new passing game is also being thought out as a function to raise Rivers confidence, and reduce the pressure/difficulty on the new OLine.

  • Rob Base

    We will probably see a lot of quick slant routs thrown to Brown and Allen.Floyd and DX can help with vertical threat from time to time just depends on double coverage. Which will also open lanes for Gates and Green. Who knows though I could be completely wrong! LMAO

    • Sergio Quintero

      I do know that the Oline in Indy was horrible for years, they just schemed around it, and Manning is Manning.

      Clearly Norv’s offense really loses punch if the Oline can’t overpower in the run game, and can’t hold blocks for 7 step drops.

  • Gunnar Martin

    Actually, the new offense could be much more beneficial to Meachem than last year.

    Here’s why:

    • Sergio Quintero

      I’m sold on Philip raising his completion %, and that Whiz will help him greatly, but Meachem becoming instinctive and savy, I haven’t seen anything in a charger uni to buy any stock in the guy.

      • Gunnar Martin

        Just saying the stack offense could help him immensely. He wouldn’t have to fight the jam by corner backs off the line, and it would be much more similar to what he did in New Orleans, contrary to common belief. Would probably be an easier offense for him to grasp.

        • Ernie Padaon

          I think Meach can do well, but he has to fight for playing time. He also still needs to learn how to fight for the football and philip needs to learn how to get the football put to him

          • Sergio Quintero

            Fighting for the ball, aka ball skills is what I think of when I see Vincent Brown, he’s a football player, beating other guys for the ball.
            And that super competitive nature got the poor guy injured, because he caught an impossible ball in a preseason game, and a Dallas scrub fell and broke his ankle, I see quite a bit of Victor Cruz in him.

          • Gunnar Martin

            True dat! Gotta love VB. He’s like the definition of a stud.

        • Sergio Quintero

          Hope for the best, I hope you’re right, I hope he earns his contract. And provide the deep threat that only him & Alexander seem to be, the others looking more like possession guys.

  • joerockt

    WR 8 Deion Butler

    • Sergio Quintero

      If he outplays Royal/Meachem I make no bones go ahead and play ahead of them.

  • tubbs45

    Royal is the weakest link! Sure hope Meachum can pick it up, those hands need to soften up! Allen makes the biggest splash this year… VB will be our solid number 2.

    • Sergio Quintero

      I was so impressed with the game V.Brown had against the Raiders (97 yards 1 TD); I’m hoping that’s a true expectation, and not just a flash in the pan, call me optimistic.

      • Gunnar Martin

        I remember that game well. He was all over the place, tearing up the Raiders’ D. And he woulda had two TDs if not for that stupid rule about the defender being out of bounds when he touched the ball! Oh, memories…

  • Peter Thompson

    Great to have you back, Sergio! Good article ; )

    • Sergio Quintero

      Thanks for the positive vibes Pete, and lets get big Starks signed up, if they can, I can easily see them being a 8-10 win team, the schedule is more than favorable.